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Salma hayek nuance lipstick management consulting accenture salary

Salma hayek nuance lipstick

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We want to purchase Nuance products, please let us know how or where we can do so, please. I have found it on Amazon and ebay — but as noted above- way too expensive. I hope the Nuance company updates their site so we can access these products again! Loved the hair care products. Really upset that CVS discontinued. Would like information if other store will pick up the line.

Pls keep us updated if this product ends up at a different retailer. Love her products and at a loss of what to turn to! I hope Salma finds a new home!

Really wish Selma Hayak could be informed of how many people want to use this line so it could be marketed elsewhere. So disappointed. If someone has a chance, maybe they could write to Salma at her fan mail Google itt and telll her how upset we are. A bunch of people are contacting Ulta Beauty and making a request that they carry the line. They are putting in formal requests to their corporate. Please call and email them. I just discovered the serums a few months ago.

I have seen such an improvement in the texture of my skin especially the shrinking of my enlarged pores. No product has ever done that! Very disappointed in CVS for discontinuing. Ask them to reach out to Salma Hyack!

I contacted Ulta too, I have my fingers crossed they come through! HI Ladies, I just contacted Ulta too. I was so happy to find this forum. I am desparate to have these products back in action!!! I contacted Ulta today via email. Hope we all can flood Ulta with the request for the Nuance line!!!! I just called Alta Beauty Supply they have online and brick and mortor and requested they get the Salma Hyack products.

I told them her contract with CVS ended. Customer service said they would send it up to corporate. I just went to get my favorite lipstick and found out at that time that CVS has stopped carrying the line. I just picked up one for a gift about a month back. There are a few comments were people, including myself, are calling Ulta to make the request that they carry it. They are very nice about it, and if they get enough requests they might just do it!!!

Just went to CVS to replenish my creams and was sooo disappointed that the product was discontinued. I found a few creams but NOT at a discount. We all need to all call and email Ulta Beauty and request that they carry it.

OMG, I am going to call ulta every day now. Just discovered this website…SO happy to see all of you as upset as I am. I also will contact them. Anyone happen to magically find ANY of her products anywhere not mentioned in above comments??

Too bad Salma lives in Paris tho lucky for her! I have been trying to find an alternative for the cleansing oil and so far nothing. I am very disappointed that the product is not available anywhere else.

Has anyone found a similar product somewhere else? They were each 4. I left a comment here a year ago, but just found yours, Nina. Thanks for the tip on finding Nuance products at Grocery Outlet! Every time I find a product that I love and works, they discontinue it!!!!!! I loved the anti-aging eye cream….. Then why does she have a website up on all the products, the whole thing makes no sense, there has to be a way to find out what the heck is going on with this product line.

I bought Nuance shampoo online and realized that I bought the wrong kind. I really think it would behoove Nuance to choose another vendor to sell their products- whether it is through Target, Ulta, etc.

Do they have a publicist or contact person? Thanks for this thread. They were excellent products-I especially loved the hair care products and skin moisturizers. Truly fine products… Cannot find comparable replacements. I rjust went to CVS.

Hope others here will do the same. Fingers crossed! That was my favorite too! Along with the eye serum. Made those puffy bags disappear within a few minutes. I love it too!!!! None of the scrubs are close enough to it.

Did you find it? Had moved from CA and now in Utah. When I searched I thought I saw that Walmart carried it. So sad that Salma has let go of the line. If anybody has any updates please let me know. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Read full bio. Comments Thank you for your post. What a shame! I love the Nuance cream for under my makeup!!! Does any other store carry it?

I miss the facial oil!!!! Anywhere I can get it still…. I neeeeed the leave in conditioner! Is there anywhere other than amazon to purchase? Her products in comparison to other brands are very good. She should try another store. If you find it anywhere else, please reply to this! I love her leave in conditioner! That is an excellent question. I am trying to find out more info if any is available….

My first impressions were that the packaging is pretty and simple. I like that you can see the This is a semi-matte, non drying warm red that does not pull pink or coral on me. I have a lot of trouble finding reds that can work for me.

This is one of them. It is not long-lasting. This is a flattering warm red that is not matte. For some reason I thought it was matte. It wore off pretty fast but left a slight tint for a few hours. I like the subtle vanilla scent. This is I really liked this lipstick because it had great pigment, creamy moisturizing consistency, and slight gloss sheen. I sometimes use it lightly as a stain and it makes my lips look naturally pretty I bought this color on an impulse, and was pleasantly surprised.

Again an aptly named color. Paprika is a beautiful dark warm red. I absolutely loved this color. It would work probably work

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