cummins isx oil change interval
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Cummins isx oil change interval alcon vision care products

Cummins isx oil change interval

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Not on my truck any-ways, so I gave up trying to figure it out. A truck running very well combined with good custom tuning can easily keep the oil much cleaner all on its own.

This can be so much so, that the oil does not really even turn dark any more. I have seen many trucks that the oil stays the same color as the bottle light yellow for at much as 15, miles or more. No amount of bypass filters can make up for this. I have always done this for every vehicle I have owned since back in the 80's when I got my first car. When I purchased my truck it was brand new , I could change the oil and it would be black as soon as it cranked up.

I absolutely hated this, and set out to solve it by various methods including bypass oil filters. One of the biggest problem was soot getting into the oil all the time. I tried to purchase a gulf-coast filter system, but there was no where on my truck for it to mount easily. I also looked into a few other brands, and ended up getting one of the cheaper Amsoil filter systems. Even this less expensive system dropped my soot levels tremendously.

My soot ratings from sampling went from 2. The bypass filter certainly knocked the soot out of my motor, so yes, it helped a ton, but it did not keep my oil from looking black in color all the time. It was a lot of fine tuning. Many of the lobes are just starting change color, some not even showing signs of polishing yet. Because of this, I do use a gallon of good gear lube in my oil at every oil change to help lower turbo temps and thicken the oil slightly.

I do this to raise the hydraulic pressure rating of the oil, and take up any excess gap between the components due to the age of the engine. I use no other oil additives in my engine, and I do not believe Lucas is good for my motor because it dilutes the engine oils already precious additives. At least some gear oil has additives, unlike Lucas. For those blind optimists reading this who think there is no engine life penalty associated with extended oil change intervals, the best data available disagrees strongly.

In a study performed by the Cummins Inc. Diesel road tractor engines have very large sump capacities, and their oil change intervals are naturally longer than for other consumer vehicles, so optimum intervals needed to be tested.

Here are their results Also the overall parasitic friction loss is lower, which raises the available power at high rpms. Do the right thing,.. Here is what I would recommend to others based on what I have seen.. If your average fuel mileage every 10, miles is These recommendations are based on more than just engine wear alone. They are based on getting the most engine life vs the cost of oil changes themselves, and the fact that soot and other deposits are going to keep building up in your engine more rapidly than you can flush them out.

A bypass oil filter system can extend this, but not by the claims they are making. You would be good to get an extra 8, - 10, miles on your oil before having to change it anyways. That is my experience on it, and is what I tell others that ask about these types of systems, etc. Maybe this article helps others out there, your own experiences may differ.

You bring up several very good points. There is absolutely 0 reason to dump good oil out if the sample comes back from a reputable lab clean. Besides every owner should run samples anyways regardless of if you are running extended drain intervals or not. Could save you a motor if you have an injector go and you are washing your cylinders and bearing with excess fuel.

Samples will also tell you if your head gasket or other gaskets are going long before you see visual signs in the oil. It will also tell you how much of those minute particles are in your oil, letting you know if you have premature wear.

Darn good insurance if you ask me, and for bucks you can't go wrong, only save money. Cummins, cat etc are both great labs with a few other aftermarket companies, Polaris and black stone being two that I have used. Thanks for the info. I am leaning toward the Amsoil bypass as it is easy to get the spin on filters and hopefully not make a mess changing them.

Did you loose any oil pressure after installation? Where did you get the oil pressure hoses to hook it up? How hard is the installation? Thanks again for the Help. Not trying to convince people against other ideas or views, I can only go by what I have seen so far, so I will elaborate why I feel the way I do on this subject I lost faith in oil analysis to tell when to change your oil many years ago.

Every single company that was trying to extend oil drains and replacement that had premature warranty claims was doing just that.

They were relying on sampling to tell them that their oil was perfect all the time,.. The problem is that oil analysis cannot detect separation very well, and that is exactly what was happening. While recommended change intervals have remained the same since , engine makers are optimistic they still may be increased.

Volvo also has maintained its recommended oil change interval from its EPA engines. While Cummins also recommends the same intervals in as beforehand, some favorable factors affect and later engines, such as lower soot levels and the two to three more quarts of oil that drain out and can be replaced because the injector cam and its oil-retaining bushings have been removed. No further extensions are being considered, says Tim Shick, director of marketing and field support, Big Bore engine business.

The Cummins ISX has a smaller exhaust gas recirculation system because the engine uses selective catalytic reduction. Related Stories. Wired to Roll. Partner Insights. Top Stories. Economic trends. Rates end on a high note, signaling 'bottoming process' underway While market conditions remain broadly loose, there are increasingly signs of slowing supply a key to the bottoming process, according to experts.

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Visit www. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Cummins Newsroom: Company Spotlight. Feb 27, Lexington, KY. TM Trademark, Valvoline or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries SM Service mark, Valvoline or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries. Newsroom Home. Related Stories. Cummins, Inc. Redirecting to cummins. For example, fleets desiring an 80,mile oil change interval will be required to submit samples every 10, miles.

Once the results are received, Cummins will present the findings, identifying the vehicles and duty cycles eligible for a longer oil-drain interval. The optimized drain interval will then become the required maintenance for warranty coverage. Periodic follow-up testing may be requested by Cummins for verification that no changes in operation or maintenance practices have taken place that might impact the approved oil drain interval.

Cummins will provide sample kits, prepaid mailers and the oil analysis free of charge to every customer participating in the program. The Cummins OilGuard program is currently available for and newer X15 engines; however, it is anticipated that it could be extended to other engines in the near future. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA Cummins currently employs approximately 55, people worldwide and serves customers in approximately countries and territories through a network of approximately company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 7, dealer locations.

Press releases can be found on the Web at cummins. Follow Cummins on Twitter at twitter. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Cummins Newsroom: Company Spotlight.