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Nuance dragon naturallyspeaking features carefirst dental insurance

Nuance dragon naturallyspeaking features

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Save time and create command shortcuts for a single action or a series of actions. For example, when you say "New Client" Dragon Professional can open your existing sales lead management tool, log in for you and build a new blank record for you to fill in with your voice. You can import words that are not already part of Dragon's vocabulary, such as industry specific terms and acronyms.

You can also export custom words to share with other Dragon users. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium and Professional Editions let you dictate on-the-go for later transcription when you sync back to your PC. Using a digital voice recorder or the free Dragon Recorder app, you can capture it allóeven on-the-go. With Dragon 13 Legal Edition seamlessly turn around document case and client information, contracts, briefs and other legal materials with your voice rather than typing.

This demo outlines key features, including accurate transcription of dictation with legal terminology as a result of Dragon Legal's built-in legal language model, examples for formatting citations as well as built-in and Custom Voice Commands.

Dragon for PC demo videos. Watch and Learn See how Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 13 works and learn how you can quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to get more done at work, home, and beyondójust by talking. The Microphone Play a video. Creating Your Profile Play a video. Dictation Play a video. Improving Accuracy Play a video. Voice Commands Play a video. Custom Commands Play a video. Custom Word Lists Play a video. Transcription Play a video. Dragon 13 Legal in Action Play a video.

Dragon does not support dictating to background windows. The software has three primary areas of functionality: voice recognition in dictation with speech transcribed as written text, recognition of spoken commands, and text-to-speech : speaking text content of a document.

Voice profiles can be accessed by different computers in a networked environment, although the audio hardware and configuration must be identical to those of the machine generating the configuration.

The Professional version allows creation of custom commands to control programs or functions not built into NaturallySpeaking. Janet M. Baker , his wife, founded Dragon Systems to release products centered around their voice recognition prototype. DragonDictate was first released for DOS , and utilized hidden Markov models , a probabilistic method for temporal pattern recognition. At the time, the hardware was not powerful enough to address the problem of word segmentation , and DragonDictate was unable to determine the boundaries of words during continuous speech input.

Users were forced to enunciate one word at a time, clearly separated by a small pause after each word. DragonDictate was based on a trigram model, and is known as a discrete utterance speech recognition engine.

Dragon Systems released NaturallySpeaking 1. Joel Gould was the director of emerging technologies at Dragon Systems. Gould was the principal architect and lead engineer for the development of Dragon NaturallyOrganized 1. The deal was not originally supposed to be all stock and the unavailability of the Goldman Sachs team to advise concerning the change in terms was one of the grounds of the Bakers' subsequent lawsuit.

The Bakers had received stock worth hundreds of millions of US dollars, but were only able to sell a few million dollars' worth before the stock lost all its value as a result of the accounting fraud. The Bakers sued Goldman Sachs for negligence, intentional misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty, which in January led to a day trial in Boston.

The jury cleared Goldman Sachs of all charges. In ScanSoft launched a de facto acquisition of Nuance Communications , and rebranded itself as Nuance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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