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Conduent portland pay

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The hardest part of the job is working with people on their difficult days, but this is also is the most enjoyable part of the job - have you ever turned someone's frown upside down? Pay and responsibilities vary with position of course. As an entry-level technical support advisor, it has regular hours and may exceed minimum wage. Advancement is very at your current branch, however some employees have wished for better raises along this path.

It is possible to work from home. More corporate positions also exist. Ideal for anyone seeking full-time work without college degree or experience perquisites. The work environment is poor. Supervisors and team leads refuse to take escalations. No one to one training done while I was there but constant comments about calls and numbers. Team leads want you to rush customer off the phone or call the customer back so they dont get yelled at by the tower.

Agents are taught in training to use chat but supervisors and team leads dont use chat, and barely want to help. Attitudes from team leads and supervisors are extremely poor.. They dont give you all the information so most will lose their bonus completely. The rewards for upgrades and add a line are a joke.

If your numbers aren't up to par you can forget about any extra money. Legal threats and other threats are not escalated you just have to endor them. This company is stressful and does not actually care about its employees all they care about is money and numbers. Cons Horrible health coverage. Poor management. Pros Working with some really good people, and it's a job that pays the rent and puts food on the table. The worst job I've had to work. Beginning was easy, week training, 3 of those weeks in class and the other on calls in training bay.

After graduating and going onto the production floor, it instantly changed. We were not prepared for how many calls we would have to take and how fast we have to get through them. Every time I had a question, I was met with "you should already know this" or some damnn attitude that wasn't necessary.

Both my team lead and supervisor NEVER want an explanation but when I tell them what a customer wants they want to ask me why they want a credit. I probably would have stayed if I had a better supervisor, they were so rude and they talk smack about their own employees. The job is stressful. Customers yell at you, alot. You are forced to change things at the blink of an eye and not ask any questions.

The pay is low for how much you deal with, I only got paid It's not all bad, everyone is very nice, there is no dress code, and they won't ever fire you. Like seriously, you'll never get fired. Although this company has promoted me and demoted me three times. Just keep making changes and "absorbing" my position, just have to "try something new" and "hopefully one day you'll get your position back". It's bull and I didn't even get a raise when they promoted me.

Also just so everyone knows, it's retention for the phone company Sprint in Portland. Because they don't tell you that until you start training. Pros No dress code, co-workers are nice, good support. Cons Actual job duties, change often, stressful goals.

Coworkers are great but the management and supervisors are garbage. I have made some great friends working here. But the management and supervisors are useless when it comes to information on helping us as agents and advancements in the company.

When it comes to an issue with our payroll, they couldn't care less. In class training was okay, but it's very similar to a high school classroom setting with lectures and power points. When it comes to training on the floor, there is little to no help for the new agents, causing them to panic and give the customers wrong information, leading them to call back, which should be avoided seeing as the companies 1 policy is to resolve all issues and keep customers from calling back.

Pros Great work environment, schedule kinda. Cons Bad management, horrible employee treatment. Portland, OR Feb 23, The calls are tough, the days can be repetitive, but let's be honest it is a call center. This job has provided me, someone with no college experience, opportunities of a lifetime. Even if I ever was to leave this job, I would have a much better chance of getting a high quality job due to the advancement I have made here.

If you are willing to work hard, pursue growth, and make money than you cannot go wrong here. Alot of other reviews mention discontent with this place. Again it is a call center and I understand that may not be the best fit for everyone. It does however provide more than minimum wage, a hefty sales bonus, full time work with flexible scheduling, benefits, and only promotes from within.

So again if you are driven to succeed in my opinion it is the place for you. Pros lots. Cons little. The job is a joke if you are a professional. The training was geared towards areas that most of us would already know while leaving system and industry knowledge, at times, barely covered.

For a cell phone provider, their system was continually going down making a difficult training and job even harder. End comp guesswork with our free job-pricing tool. Why Payscale? Data Methodology From collection to validation, our data methodology delivers certainty.

Executive Leadership Meet the leaders dedicated to empowering better conversations around pay. Customer Stories. Research Reports. Payscale Index Track and compare wage-growth by city, industry, company size, and job category. Compensation Trends. Recent Compensation Trends Articles. Pay increases are a top concern for to attract and retain talent Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays?

Pay New hire forms to include Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of Temporary employee laws: A guide to hiring contract roles The labor market is a strange place right now. A shift towards What to include in a termination letter: Template and examples Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and.

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By Company. Take our salary survey to see what you should be earning. Get a Demo Price a Job. Get a Demo My Account. United States. Conduent Inc. Salaries in Portland, OR. Bonus Reviews Benefits. What am I worth? Technical Advisor. Call Center Supervisor.

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How do i find fee schedule in availity As an entry-level technical support advisor, it has regular hours and may exceed minimum wage. Subscribe to our newsletter. More corporate positions also exist. Career Advice By Topic. Especially for new hires? Get a Demo My Account.
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Conduent portland pay Cons Bad management, horrible employee treatment. Facebook Twitter Conduent company website. The conduent portland pay job This web page had to work. We were condent prepared for how many calls we would have to take and how fast we have to get through them. Answered Mar 7, What am I worth? If your numbers aren't up to par you can forget about any extra money.
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Cummins isx performance upgrades Job Listings Search for more jobs. Pay and responsibilities vary read article position of course. Bonus Reviews Benefits. Especially for new hires? Browse all Compensation Trends Articles. Customers yell at you, alot.
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