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Live Chair Health is a culturally relevant community platform powered by tech-enabled services. Vaccines prepare your immune system to fight diseases without making you sick, so that when you're exposed to read article real thing, you carefirst my health save your days off of work for something more fun than lying in bed with a splitting click here and a burning throat. This partnership is centered on meeting people where they are, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey. Live Chair was a member of the first cohort. Heslth care for over conditions through an easy-to-use app. Specialist Doctor.

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This practice endangers the health and well being of Michigan residents and must cease. If you know of specific persons or entities selling cosmetic contact lenses without a fitting by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, you may also report these establishments to the Bureau of Health Professions at: Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Health Professions Health Regulatory Division, Allegation Section P O Box , Lansing, MI The federal government is actively working on this important public health issue.

You can file a complaint with the FTC at www. The House and Senate have, for the most part, recessed until after the November elections. While there are tentative session days scheduled for the House in October, word on the street is they will not be returning until November 6, The Senate on the other hand has one session day remaining in October.

After that they too will recess until November. Now for the even better news: Prior to recessing, the House and Senate completed action on the long-awaited Capital Outlay budget SB , and the Governor has signed the bill into law now Public Act of This has been a long time coming and represents a major commitment by the state to our school of optometry.

In any effort such as this there are numerous heroes. For starters there is the President and faculty at the school itself who have tirelessly pursued funding for a new building for years. Secondly, there are the many optometrists across the state who answered the bell and lobbied vigorously for this project. And of course our association leadership, led for many years by Bill Dansby and most recently by Cindy Schnetzler.

Both of whom put many hours into this effort and kept it at the top of our legislative priority list. In the Legislature our two most ardent supporters were Rep.

Without their guidance and persistence this column would not be written. Also, a big thank you should go out to the Chair of the House Appropriations committee, Rep. George Cushingberry D-Detroit. Cushingberry realized the need for a new building and attempted several times to insert funding in various bills. Legislator of the Year Award last year. Many, many others have been working on this funding for several years and to all of you - thanks for a job well done.

These ranged from calling for a part-time legislature to recreational use of marijuana to the fair tax. In addition, a late arrival to the list was the so-called Reform Michigan Government Now! This very controversial measure would have changed or rewritten over 25 sections of the constitution and made over 36 changes to that document. It covered such things as eliminating Supreme Court Justices and Appeals Court Judges, reducing the size of the House and Senate, changing reapportionment, and a whole litany of other changes.

In fact, only two measures will appear in November. Those two proposals are: A measure to allow for the medical use of marijuana and a measure to permit stem cell research. For more information on these ballot issues go to www. Andy Dillon D-Redford Twp. Several recalls were undertaken in House districts across the state. None of those efforts were successful; in fact, the Dillon recall had failed, but proponents went to court and got the issue back on the ballot.

So it is possible the Speaker could be recalled for the remainder of his term November-December and re-elected for a new two-year term beginning in January of all on the same ballot! The event was held at I-5, where I, an O.

With the complete support of my partners, Drs. Now the update! Many of you are aware, through children who have come to Lansing with their school that I-5 serves all of Michigan and is a one-of-akind opportunity for districts to enhance their science education.

We cannot find another walk-in, anatomically correct eye anywhere in the world! This is truly a unique undertaking. Linda Angel previously joined us in the project as sponsors, and Rosenbaum Eye and Laser Center has recently committed their support. Currently, the model of the Giant Eye is being built. Impression Five Science Museum www. Sean Connolly Dr. Yvonne Kwapis Dr. Richard Melstrom Dr. Naomi Pack-Cunningham Dr.

Richard Roose Dr. Heather Burgess-Peterson Dr. Lori Comparoni Dr. Daniel Vargovick Dr. Penny Vizina Dr. William Waterbury Dr. Deborah Sheere-Gallatin Dr.

Heidi Skelley Bauer Dr. Eric Valiquette Dr. Lynne Unger Dr. Sherry Dustman - Staniszewski Dr. Steven Ellinger Dr. Harold Schiff Dr. Melissa David Dr. Chad Jackson Dr. William Shouldice Dr. Stacy Beute Dr. Virginia Gilmore Dr. Anthony Hall Dr. Gregory Kalkofen Dr. Ann Kautz-Markley Dr. John Muir Dr. Peter Oppermann Dr. Kimberly Phipps Dr. Deana Platz Dr. Andrew Roubos Dr.

Kristin Sansburn Dr. Eric Siesel Dr. Elizabeth Yates Dr. Michael Curcione Dr. Angela Giannobile Dr. Jeffrey Varanelli Dr. Gary Fowle Dr. Arlie Vanderhoof Dr. Stephan Jankowski Dr. David Moore Dr. Steven Bathje Dr.

Larry Olson Dr. William Hooker Dr. Jeffrey Lozen Dr. Robert Marquard Dr. Lawrence Barowski Dr. Paul Douglas Dr. Robert Davis Dr. Henry Garfield Dr. Terry Johnson Dr. Dan Dibble Dr. John Dunn Dr. Below are some tips on how to make a connection with reporters and establish yourself as a thought leader and resource on issues pertaining to vision care and eye health. Indicate you are a member of the Michigan Optometric Association and you would like the reporter to cover issues that are relevant to eye health and good vision care.

Feel free to use the topics we are promoting each month with our news releases. Let them know you are following their reporting and appreciate their efforts to educate the public about health-related issues.

Here is our contact information: Susan Ferraro ferraro franco. The MOA Board of Directors and AOA rep- resentatives dined with students before taking part in roundtable discussions on a variety of optometric topics. Special guests included Andrea Thau, O. Volunteer guest topic leaders included Drs. Barbara Horn, Gregory Dotson, B. Maki, David Cook, J. Thank you to MCO faculty for their continued support of this program.

A great turnout of students and professionals led to great discussion and educational experiences. MOA President Dr. ODs and other providers enrolling or re-enrolling as DMEPOS suppliers were required to complete a lengthy accreditation process, which included the payment of a substantial accreditation fee and standards appropriate for commercial businesses not physicians.

In addition, physicians who were already enrolled as suppliers were required to obtain certification by Sept. In late July, the AOA was joined in the fight by a number of concerned members of Congress who voted to provide relief for ODs and other Medicare physicians by adding an AOA-backed provision to the Medicare physician payment correction bill. Suppliers reactivating a deactivated number, however, should be able to retroactively bill to the date of deactivation once the reactivation is complete, stated CMS officials.

AOA members with questions or concerns may direct them to Kelly Hipp at khipp aoa. Claims processing contractors utilize these edits to assure that providers and suppliers do not report excessive services. The edits are applied during the electronic processing of all claims. These edits check the number of times a service is reported by a provider or supplier for the same patient on the same date of service.

Prior studies, including one by the U. These errors may be caused by numerous factors, including clerical errors and coding errors. There have been quarterly updates adding additional codes. MUEs are cumulative for each quarter. CMS has not yet determined if there have been any savings in the MUE program since it was implemented.

The edits were developed by CMS with the cooperation and participation of national health care organizations representing physicians, hospitals, nonphysician practitioners, laboratories, and durable medical equipment suppliers. The edits will be published on the CMS Web site at www.

Although the October 1, , publication will contain most MUEs, additional ones will be published on January 1, CMS is not able to publish all active MUEs because some are primarily designed to detect and deter questionable payments rather than billing errors.

Publishing those MUEs would diminish their effectiveness. More than 46 million low-income, working people in the United States cannot afford the cost of routine eye care or the health insurance that covers such ex- ams.

As income earners, they typically do not qualify for government aid and private health-care assistance. VISION USA assists by providing basic eye health and vision care services free of charge for many uninsured lowincome individuals and their families who have no other means of obtaining care. According to program statistics, the average age of the patient is The Department of Community Health is advising all Michigan colleges and universities that offer healthrelated curriculum, as well as the health professional associations, of this requirement.

The informational letter and related forms are attached for your reference. Additional information can also be found at www. Articles are subject for review by the editorial committee. Osgerby: Mark themoa. All articles received by the deadline date for a specific issue will be reviewed by the editorial committee and considered for that issue or possibly a later issue.

Do you have photos of your office, staff, equipment or other optometric subjects that could be used in future Michigan Optometrist magazines? Please forward to the MOA. If photos are provided electronically we need to receive them at dpi. If photos have a photographers copyright or feature people, please be sure to send us permission for publishing or a credit line to include.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our organization and outline our activities for this year. Our year has actually already begun. The high percentage of our members in attendance was largely due to the location that was so easy to navigate from Grand Rapids. Mapquest directed me to take N and turn left. Pretty simple, even for someone as directionally compromised as I am. Friday kicked off with four hours of contact lens related continuing education presented by Jason Jedlicka, OD.

The speaker was easy to listen to and had some great RGP updates to present. Saturday began with two more hours of continuing education. For this session, actual patients were fit with the corneal—scleral lenses. We were able to view the fitting process on the overhead. Saturday events included the Awards Luncheon and the Presidential Banquet.

That evening there was also a popular Michigan musical artist performing at Boyne Mountain. I have been to many summer MOA conventions and this location was my favorite. There really was something for everyone—great restaurants, beautiful scenery, the water park and pools for kids, the spa at the resort and shopping close by, golf, hiking and biking trails.

The good news is that the annual meeting will be held at Boyne Mountain in Boyne Falls, again next year. The West Michigan Optometric Association has some exciting events planned for Our first regular meeting was held September 16th. Local optometrists had a chance to meet and support our local representatives. We are very excited about our November meeting. This meeting will be held on November 11 th. Mike DeSanto will be speaking on Managed Care.

Guests will be welcome to tour the museum from to 9 pm. Mark your calendars for the meetings held on January 20th, February 17th, March 17 th and April 21 st. There will be more information to follow on these meetings. We will wrap up with our Annual Golf Scramble in May. If you are interested in membership or have any questions regarding the WMOA please contact us at thewmoa gmail.

May - Golf Scramble Contact thewmoa gmail. Fitzmaurice, O. Douglas, O. Alan Mannik, O. Baker, O. No special event schedule until fall. Fisher, O. Lintz, O. Goodfellow Robert A. Hohendorf Robert Huizenga Matthew J. Seelye Teresa M. Seim Brenda Smoke Mark E.

Agnone Jr. Cunningham William Dansby Mark C. Dohr Gregory D. Dotson Joseph K. Douglas Howard Dubin David E. Marston-Foucher Gregory B. France Lee H. Hass Douglas N. Heinze John P. Hemming Paul A. Hodge Barbara L. Johnson Christina T. Lakin Barry K. Maystead Ronald J. Racki Andrew D. Shick, Jr. Suppes Mark E. Walton Mark Williams Terri A.

Wolf Daniel N. Wrube Sean G. Goodfellow Lorne Gottesman Martin F. Hohendorf Rachel G. Hollenbeck Patrick J. Holser William R. Johnson Gregory G. Keating Paul Kennedy Jeffrey J. Kenzie Jodi Kordyzon Chris M. Lee Lemon Jeffrey W. Mathews Deanna L. Nesom Lee C. Nielsen David W. Rigel Karisa Ritter Frederick W. Scarpace Mark H. Schultz Robert J. He does not have a strong Catholic background, but I actually viewed that as an asset, not a hindrance.

It was a great collaboration, and I would do it again the very same way. I was constantly surprised by his reactions every time he came down here to my studio, which was at least five or six times during the project.

They are gorgeous and occupy a perfect setting for our students and staff to draw nearer to Christ by contemplating and meditating on each station. The Melissa Kozyra Greenhouse and Botany Learning Lab has been designed to be a powerful environmental education tool for Notre Dame students of all ages.

The facility also provides students with the unique opportunity to explore hydroponic growing systems, providing a new way to develop efficient food sources. We are proud to recognize the following individuals and organizations for supporting the March on to Victory campaign between January 1, , and March 31, Leon Olszamowski, s. Athletic department and student-athletes benefit from philanthropy, technology, hard work and devotion to mission. The ceremony included a hospitality tent with food and refreshments, introductions of alumni, former coaches and administrators, remarks by school and athletic administrators, and a formal blessing of the new fields by Notre Dame Corporate President Fr.

New backstops were added as were new bullpens and batting cages. In addition, the softball dugouts were replaced and the baseball dugouts were upgraded. A permanent press box is expected to be added at the baseball field. As spring sports now are running at full speed, the athletic department of Notre Dame was again looking forward to finishing another great season of sports for the Fighting Irish.

The department also can look back at a school year full of accolades and accomplishments that to date include a team state championship in girls ski and individual state championships for Danielle Staskowski in girls golf and Rhianna Hensler in girls swimming, plus Miss Volleyball honors for Maddy Chinn, who helped her team finish this latest season as the state runner-up. When it finally wraps up in early June, the school sports season at NDPMA likely will be one for the ages as its athletic department continues to manage one of the busiest school programs in the state.

In fact, I believe we offer more than some of the other independent schools in the area, including many of the larger schools. Adding up some facts published recently by the department, for the last full year of athletic activities at NDPMA , the school oversaw almost 1, contests, at home, away. In addition to their NDPMA responsibilities, the department is very involved in professional development on both the learning and teaching side. Even though they manage one of the largest non-university sports programs, the three NDPMA athletic administrators actually slowed down enough to reflect on what makes them proud of their school and its sports program, as well as what they might see as any challenges.

Ron Nikodem, s. I am just super-proud of our coaches and how they relate to the kids. Like Maureen, I also am proud that our coaches go above and beyond to make sure they are doing right by our kids. But many of our kids decide to specialize in only one sport, which sometimes drives overall athletics participation at the school down.

I also know that we hardly are alone in dealing with this issue, as I hear it from many of my colleagues all over the state. So we have competing forces with us at school on the one hand talking up educational athletics and the benefits of playing multiple sports and playing with your friends versus those outside for-profit entities that are pushing the kids in a different direction.

Now, as he heads into the busy homestretch of his year journey through NDPMA—which will formally end May 19 at graduation—Blakeslee finds a little time to reflect on what the school has meant to him as well as what he might tell younger versions of himself who may be considering a Notre Dame education.

Also, we do a lot of things on a regular basis that other schools simply do not do, period. I will put up our great facilities against most any school in the area. This system will use computer-vision technology to seamlessly follow the actions and capture and produce games without the need for a video crew. Game footage is automatically streamed to the portal, where it can be watched live or on demand. He also plays soccer for Notre Dame.

She remembers Blakeslee as a kind and considerate young man. He was that one student who all the teachers enjoyed having in class. In my classroom, he always put forth effort and care in his work, and above all was polite.

He plans to attend Michigan State University in the fall School Heisman Award, which goes to student-ath- and is considering business or journalism as a major. An early sign of spring around campus comes with Irish Week each year.

Once again the senior class dominated the games and brought home the trophy. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Irish Week Challenge. As the school year winds down, summer planning for the alumni association is in full swing. We hope you will find a way to stay connected through one of our events or other alumni programming. We are excited to reignite our class captain program! The rebranded Alumni Ambassador program will help keep classes connected.

We are looking for two or three volunteers per class from all our heritage schools to serve on behalf of their class. Last fall, many of our Notre Dame Preparatory School alumni completed a survey about their student experience. Our national consulting firm for independent schools, ISM, compared what you told us with feedback from current students and parents. Some of your highlights include feeling well-prepared for college, having the positive influence.

Check out the article to the right for more details. A big thank you to the alumni who participated in this survey! Petoskey and Chicago up next!

We look forward to seeing you on campus! I always look forward to seeing our alumni return to campus and to get a chance to meet more and more of you each year. If you are stopping by to see a teacher or visit a team or activity you were once part of, do not hesitate to stop by the Fr.

Colin House and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you! ISM, a national consulting firm for independent schools, which conducted the survey, compared what alumni told us with feedback from current students and parents. More than alumni responded with accolades as well as recommendations to improve our academic community.

More than half the members of the Notre Dame Alumni Association are very satisfied or extremely satisfied with the content and frequency of communications from the school. Six-outof said they are pleased with invitations to alumni events, including a growing interest in hosting reunions.

A few gave high marks for how Notre Dame helps its alumni with professional networking. The results were clear that an Irish education prepares its graduates for college. You can see some highlights from the survey in the graphic at the bottom of this page. The comments we received ranged from praise to constructive criticism. One of the themes we read from alumni—and current students in another survey—was how to strike the balance between academic excellence and opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom.

Head of School Andy Guest has made the health and wellbeing of students as. The new schedule announced for the academic year is a good example of the changes we are making to benefit students and families.

Academic preparation 2. Class size 3. Size of school 4. Faculty expertise 5. Faculty care and concern How did Notre Dame prepare you for college and beyond? Write effectively 2. Think and solve problems logically and analytically 3. Pursue excellence 4. Communicate orally 5. Independently manage time and responsibilities 6.

Think and solve problems creatively and originally. Notre Dame homecoming Notre Dame Alumni Association announces that September 20 is the date for homecoming tailgate, football game. A Friday evening full of activities will be hosted across campus beginning with a pre-game tailgate for alumni at the Fr. Colin House at 5 p. Frederick, to get together, exchange great memories and make new ones. The Irish posted a record in , but look forward to an improved season. I am also very excited about playing Berkley at homecoming, and one of our longtime rivals, Divine Child, during the season.

Plus, our schedule includes a really talented Linden club as well. For more information, contact the Notre Dame Alumni Association at , ext. Check out the NDAA web page at ndpma. Medicine was the topic of conversation between Notre Dame students and alumni working in the healthcare field at latest alumni career event.

This session, the 10th such event, revolved around careers in medicine. The Alumni Career Speaker Series, which was first initiated with an engineering event in September of by Beth Campbell, director of alumni and donor relations, is an effort to match current NDP students with alumni professionals across a range of disciplines. We also encourage all our alumni to consider participating in future career events, which we hope to begin planning after our association board meeting in May.

The first Alumni Speaker Series event was held in September of at Notre Dame Prep and featured alumni working in the engineering fields. He was in the homestretch of a college career that began—like many new college students—with a major that eventually got switched to a different one. Hopefully I can overlap all those interests into one job in the future. Major marketer Notre Dame alum makes a u-turn with university major and soon will graduate with a degree in marketing was taking steps to become a broadcaster.

I saw everything he was doing, and that inspired me to change my career path. Although sports is my true. During each episode, he interviews different LMU athletes and highlights their lives with a focus on what they do outside of sports.

In addition to his job at The Loyolan, Johnson serves as a resident advisor and student assistant in admissions, and has worked as a new student orientation leader.

During each episode of the show, he interviews different LMU athletes and highlights their lives with a focus on what they do outside of sports. Ever the optimist, Johnson still is a Detroit Lions fan even though he currently lives and attends school in California.

Maybe both? Obviously a busy student, Johnson credits Notre Dame Prep with helping to get him ready for university academics and the sometimes hectic life on campus. While occasionally there were times when I struggled because LMU is such a super-challenging school, I always felt, thanks to NDP, that I always had the right tools necessary to succeed. For one Notre Dame alum, aside from those funding woes, there never is any debate on what it takes to get some of those projects done, especially those in Wayne County.

He also says the seeds of that engineering expertise were planted at his high school. I eventually advanced up to Engineer 7, deputy director and then director of engineering. The bridge was heavily damaged and remained in the upright position blocking traffic in both directions on Jefferson Avenue for nearly three years due to the complexity of the work involved in its eventual repair.

He cited the amount of force that severed steel parts during the accident and the workload involved in rebuilding it. Agacinski was a member of the design team for the bridge carrying the runway and taxiway over John D.

Dingell Drive at Metro Airport. A longtime member of the Grosse Pointe community, Agacinski and his wife, Patricia, a retired pediatric nurse, have been married for 35 years. He is currently posted in Anchorage, Alaska, after being in Germany for the past five years. Katherine, our middle child, is currently working at Grosse Pointe South High School as a paraprofessional in special education.

She was born in El Salvador, and was adopted by us at 9 months of age. She was just married and lives with her husband in Grosse Pointe Woods. Finally, Brian, who is our youngest, is a chef, specializing in sushi along with Japanese and Korean cuisine.

He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted by us at 6 months of age. He also lives in Grosse Pointe Woods. Guest also said that Dennis Lynch was a nice, easy-going person who loved life and his family and was a true gentleman. Dolores is survived by her sister, Kathy. Dennis is survived by his siblings, Margaret, Tom and the late Aileen.

A relatively recent project that Agacinski worked on began with a freak accident in River Rouge in , when a drawbridge was accidentally lowered by an operator later found out to be drunk and damaged by a freighter that was passing on the Rouge River. Married with two children. Currently resides in Beverly Hills, Calif. Working as an optometrist part time in Lake Orion, Mich.

Married almost 14 years, with three boys aged 9, 7 and 4. Currently a stay-at-home mom. Married for almost 13 years with four kids: Ella 10, Sophie 9, Grace 7 and Stephen 5. Currently resides in Lapeer, Mich. Went to medical school in Glendale, Ariz. Residency in obstetrics and gynecologic surgery at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland. Moved to the Port Huron area in and joined a private practice. Married for almost 11 years to Roberto.

Proud mom of two daughters, aged 7 and 3. Currently the executive director and co-founder of a nonprofit animal rescue that works out of the Oakland County Animal shelter. Married with two kids, aged 12 and 5. Designs corporate, mixed-use and educational environments. Working as a creative director producing. Frederick: SF ; St. Michael: SM. Passion project is the ongoing development of a creative space in Detroit. Lived in Arkansas for nine years, working with large animals and have been back in Michigan for six years, working with small ones.

Happily married for two years. Working as a nurse practitioner with a cardiology practice. Mother of three children: a 4-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter and another girl on the way. Married for six years and live in Quad Cities, Iowa. Started a company, Make It Happen Properties, that offers high-end rental properties, and residential redevelopment in Michigan. Married with three boys, aged 4, 8 Living in Oxford, Mich.

Responsible for four transportation control towers and more than associates. Clients are Fortune 50 companies. Married to wife, Dana, for 10 years and living in Farmington, Mich. Living in West. Prayers May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Bloomfield with husband of eight years and two daughters: Kaylee 6 and Brooklyn 2. Living in Lawrenceville, Ga.

Married with three kids. Living in Farmington Hills, Mich. Currently managing Canyonero Consulting, a computer repair company focusing on residential and small business technology needs. Married for 12 years and living in Rochester Hills with 7-year-old daughter. Currently a high school teacher for Walled Lake schools.

Married for 10 years with three beautiful children. Received a second degree in in early childhood education. Currently a lead teacher for preschool at St.

Mary Catholic School, and also teach elementary art and computer class. Happily married with two children. Currently living in Alma, Mich. Married for two-plus years to wife, Adrienne. Living in Macomb Twp. Living in Novi with two daughters: Keegan 11 and Paige Marketing consultant and account executive at. Living in Grand Rapids, Mich. Recently started own LLC and is completing first book.

Mother of a 5-year-old boy. Currently residing in Orange County, Calif. Married three years, with one child. Regional director for a nonprofit that houses homeless veterans in Detroit.

Mother of three children, aged 6, 3, and 2. Married to husband, Brent, for 11 years and have two beautiful children: Aiden 10 and Addison 7. Sixteen years working as an educator, currently as a middle school principal. Living in Oakland Township with husband.

Living in the San Francisco Bay area with husband, Francisco. Happily married with a stepson, 18, and a daughter, 5. Living in Orange County, Calif. Recently moved. Now living in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. The older boys attend Marist Academy. Married for 14 years to wife, Autumn.

Currently living in Rose Twp. Living in Macomb, Mich. Clinical pharmacist for more than 10 years, most recently at St John Hospital in Detroit. Currently working part-time while raising three kids, ages 7, 5 and 3.

While there worked as an intern at a local cyber-security company, Nuspire, and was hired full-time after graduation. Recently promoted to chief strategy officer. Working towards becoming a certified ethical hacker. Engaged to be married in the fall. Currently a customer success manager for Shoppertrak, supporting retailers in leveraging technology and data analytics to evolve with the changing retail landscape. Living in Chicago since Served as director of a preschool for many years before starting a family.

Currently a stayat-home mom with two sets of twins. Resides in Spartanburg, S. Living in Shelby Twp. Living on 40 acres, raising turkeys, chickens, and running a subsistence farm.

Married for 12 years. Four kids, aged 11, 9, 6 and 2. Stay-at-home mom, homeschooling four children. Living in Buffalo, N. Completed three study-abroad programs to Israel, Spain and Scotland. Living in Colo. Did residency at Rush University in Chicago, and now practice obstetrics and gynecology in Ann Arbor.

Married for nine years with two daughters, ages 4 and 16 months. Getting married this May in Italy. Moved from Grand Haven, Mich. Currently working at NSF International as a senior business analyst.

Married for six years and has a beautiful 4-year-old boy, Atticus. Currently lives in Novi, Mich. MBA from Walsh College. More than 10 years human resources experience. Currently a talent acquisition specialist for Ford Motor Company. Started professional career as a technical recruiter in Southern California.

Traveling enthusiast with husband and friends on the weekends. Currently employed as director of health care services at Molina Health Care. Live in Romeo, Mich. Living the Midwest dream in Ferndale, Mich.

Lives in Troy with husband married in and kids: Sophia 3 and Luca 1. Moved to Tega Cay, S. Worked for Ford Motor Co. Currently working on the retail side for the last six years. Married Kristy with two kids: Samantha and Quinn. Living in Omaha, Neb. Living in Rochester, Mich. Living in Los Angeles, Calif. Working in New York City as an abstract expressionist painter.

Preparing for first painting show in NYC. Leading the agency expansion into London, Milan and Paris. Responsible for creating longlasting partnerships with leading fashion, art, entertainment and technology brands across the globe. Engaged to Ariel Grey Watson. Wedding planned for Love traveling the world, seeing amazing art, and meeting new people.

Changed careers and has now been an occupational therapist for three years. Currently working in a chronic pain clinic as well as with children in Holland, Mich. Currently writing and running a boutique firm, Two20 Consulting, providing services to purpose-driven clients govt.

Also started Rogue Wave, an eco-minded business making products sustainable. Currently prototyping compostable beach toys made from bio-based plants plastics, petroleum-free.

Two kids, two rescue dogs, five rescue bunnies. Living in Hawaii. Living in Boulder, Colo. Living in St. Jacob, Ill. Married for seven years, now with three kids.

Now living in Lakeland, Fla. Currently works for a top-ranked Fortune company in Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Rachel Catherine, and 1-year old son, Thomas.

Married to Brandon, and has one son, Beckett born Feb. Married for two years, residing in Denver, Colo. Currently living in DeWitt, Mich. Currently living in Brighton, Mich. Currently living in Lake Orion, MIch. Currently working for Analog Devices as an automotive functional safety engineering manager. Living in Metamora, Mich. Landon attends Marist Academy. Has two daughters: Cecelia 7 and Scarlett 3.

Currently living in Hawaii. Currently an assistant professor at Colorado State University in the human development and family studies department. Married to Jake for 10 years. Has two kids: Isabel 6 and Hazel 2. Special events manager at the Inn at St. Living in Clarkston and married with two children: Kaiden 8 and Annabelle 3.

ICU RN for four-plus years. Living and working in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Married to a Marine for three years, with a little one, joining the family this July. Stayed for a few years and worked as a trauma ICU nurse for many years across multiple states. After moving back to Michigan, started a position as a cosmetic nurse. Currently living in Rochester, Mich. Travels to assist with projects and opening new MGM properties. Married with two kids. More than 20 new items in stock, including Nike and Holloway brand clothing to name a few.

Check it out online at ndpma. Store hours: a. If you would like to order items listed online, or if you have questions or suggestions, e-mail Larry Jack at ljack ndpma.

Teaches 2nd grade in the area. Married to high school sweetheart, Michael Phillips. Living in Pinckney, Mich. Working at Avondale Middle School. Currently living in Troy with husband of 12 years, and two sons: Andrew 7 and Henry 2. Commissioned as an officer in the Army. Currently working at Notre Dame as the theatre program director and drama teacher. Married Mark Scott on July 20, Live in Oxford with Mary, wife of two years, and 1-year-old son, Huxley. Expecting second child in July. Married to Scott Shields since , and has a daughter, 6, and a son, 4.

Has a 3-month-old son, Bennett. Currently resides in Beverly Hills, Mich. Married to husband, Tom, since Has two children: son Luka 4, and daughter, Mila 1. Currently living in Oakland Twp. Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, for the next three years, practicing dentistry with wife, Mia. Currently works as director of product for a tech startup in Royal Oak called Powerley, focused on energy management and innovation. Both live in Royal Oak with two kids: Brady 5 and Morgan 2.

Married for eight years and has three little girls. Married to Army veteran Luke Carter. Has two girls: ages 4 and one 2 months. Just moved from Okinawa, Japan, to Missouri. Married for four years and expecting third child this summer. Lives in Walnut Creek, Calif. Married to Paria, and has a son, Isaac. Enjoys being a dad and looks forward to becoming an uncle.

Started working right out of college for Trent Creative for nine years. Now working at Quicken Loans as a senior designer on the marketing team concentrating on recruiting and internships. Currently living in downtown Detroit. Currently a postdoctoral fellow with the Institute for Social Research and School of Education at U-M, working on social justice efforts and school reform.

Married in and loving everything about this stage of life. Started own PEMF business and works with manufacturers to train people all over the world on the use of the technology and as a sales rep.

Engaged to be married. Earned two gold records and several Grammy nominations. Currently running own company called www. Completing fellowship training through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

Engaged to Laurie Lysak. Living in Auburn. Hills, Mich. Human resource business partner for Sysco Kansas City. Currently in the process of relocating from Canton, Mich. Married with two girls: Kai and Lennick.

Moving to Petoskey with wife, Chelsea, and three kids. Living locally with two children and one on the way. Married with a toddler daughter, Keira. Owner of M1 Craft Co. New dad and resides in Royal Oak. Married with two boys. Graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a doctorate in dental medicine.

Dentist in Atlanta. Married to wife, Robin, for eight years, and has a 1-year-old daughter. Living in Arizona. Married with two kids and one more due any day now. Worked with notable clients, such as Meijer, Target and Victoria Secret. Currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, with wife, Stephanie, and 3-year-old son Ethan.

Married in , and has three children. Responsible for field-based education and engagement of physician thought leaders across Wis. Living in Chicago with husband and 2-year-old son. Recently opened solo practice. Living in Petoskey, Mich. Currently working as a digital marketing specialist for General RV Center. Married with two daughters. Married for one and a half years to Kevin.

Currently living and working in Scottsdale, Ariz. Living in Ferndale with wife, Jennifer, and son, Anthony 1. Married with three boys. Currently living in Fort Worth, Tex. Also serves as the head volleyball coach. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Served for nearly 10 years in the Marines. Currently stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, N.

Married with two girls and a third baby on the way. Currently working as a senior retail operations business advisor at True Value Company where she has been for 10 years.

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WebMark F. Lozen - Sterling Heights MI, John W. Duddles - Clarkston MI, Frederick K. Miller - Water Valley MI, Kevin C. Goldstein - Eastpointe MI, Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. - Auburn Hills MI. International Classification: B21D/16 F02D/08 F16K/ US . WebHow to say Mr. Mark Lozen in Polish? Pronunciation of Mr. Mark Lozen with and more for Mr. Mark Lozen. WebView Mark Lozen's record in Swartz Creek, MI including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages.