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Centene careers great falls mt tribune

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My position changed from the time I was hired until the time I had enough and quit 6 times in 8 months. It was always the we need you over here to help speech. Translation we are understaffed, are not actively recruiting and have fired a third of our staff over call scores.

The management team is also extremely unprofessional, rude and plays favorites. You are micro-managed and treated like a ten year old. Especially if you are not constantly logged into the phone system and ready to take incoming calls. Pros Salary. I was vocal about being forced to use my personal cell in an environment with PHI and huge privacy concerns.

I was assured by supervisor and by HSS recruiter that I'd have work phone. Not true and this caused huge connectivity issue with network system.. I was not even given a chance to be the SC and member advocate I could be.

I was learning and would have succeeded. Pros some good caring staff. Cons personal cells should not be used in PHI work, privacy issue that I am going to report. Unfortunately the micromanaging and management were so awful and very nature of a call center allowed zero deviation from your schedule or you were docked points for your day. You were docked points for using the bathroom if you were not scheduled for a formal break. They promise to bring contracted staff on within 3 months during the interview but once you spend 4 weeks in training the management tells new hires that nobody gets benefits until 6 months of being a temporary employee.

All of the employees confirmed they were not hired as full time with benefits until after 6 months. Beware of the temp agency's that say anything to sign you on and then try to get you to pay for their benefit package after 3 months.

Culture is bad, pay brings some unsavory people. Management brings everyone on as the Resolutions Team which is nightmare position dealing with all angry and upset people. Management did not promote from within to new department's and brought new hires on who were allowed to go to better teams like authorization and home modification teams.

Coordinator Pittsburgh, PA Nov 16, There is no opportunity for advancement. Turnover is so high that they have new employees training other new employees.

Leadership has no clue what they are doing or how to treat people. If you do your job well, you are rewarded by being made to do twice the work of your underachieving coworkers and then being scolded for working overtime. You can work hours per week for a year and you will still be treated like you could be replaced by a stranger off the street. I leave this job off my resume because the plan I worked for was the worst in my state and it is an embarrassment. The employee insurance offering is laughable considering you work for a health insurance company!

There is no reward for going above and beyond. If you are interested in a health insurance job, try the competitors first.

Pros Some jobs are remote. Cons Benefits, low pay, toxic culture, work life balance, chaos, poor leadership, layoffs. The Management is utterly clueless. Underlings basically running the company because the Supervisors are just dense. And there's a lot of reverse racism and sexism there as well.

There's a lot of good people there who work for complete morons and get crapped on. Theye so disorganized there's no attendance policy or dress code in writing.

It's like they're making it all up on the fly. Providers and participants are leaving them in droves because they're so disorganized claims aren't being paid.

Stay away from them. Stay far away from them. Pros The coworkers are nice. Cons Inept disorganized management who are not to be trusted. The teams usually work together due to multiple projects but we are not fully compensated for the job we do.

Also the titles are not the best for what the jobs may entail for example if you start in resolutions your title is program coordinator and if you move to another team your title is still program coordinator even though you do significantly more work and are open to more projects but the compensation stays the same as well as your title.

This is the set up specifically with PA Health and Wellness. Coordinator Pittsburgh, PA Aug 5, It's hit or miss if you will actually get that opportunity based on whether you're a favorite or not.

The culture is toxic and many people stab each other in the back while smiling in your face. It least it pays well, I guess. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with a variety of participants to address theirs needs and helping them in getting linked to services to better their lives. I enjoyed working independently and remotely in addition to working with my team to complete projects and meet deadlines.

The hardest part of the job was when projects were being implemented by upper management without any thought to the people it would effect and the timing to complete the projects was always during a peak time for assessments.

A so called managed care organization.. The women that are to act as supervisors are nothing more than a bunch of unqualified ,uneducated people that run the departments based upon their own insecurities with other women amongst them..

Extremely lacking any managed or structured environment --Would be hard to believe this MCO extends past its original time line of 1 year as functional in the business sector for a state medicaid program that Pennsylvania offers to folks.. Yearly Answered Nov 13, Every year.

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Centene Salaries trends. 34 salaries for 22 jobs at Centene in Great Falls, MT. Salaries posted anonymously by Centene employees in Great Falls, MT. WebJobs and Classifieds in Great Falls, MT | Great Falls Tribune Find a Job Powered by No matter what position you are hiring, we can locate the right talent for you. Post Online + . WebCMR boys cruise to Eastern AA win over Belgrade Eric Fowell to take over Great Falls High girls’ soccer Veteran CMR golf coach Brian Halverson steps down More in Sports State .