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In June , he goes sailing with the owner of Palgrave Academy, a private juvenile detention facility in Cook County, and arranges a kickback for kids he sends to the facility. It is at this time that Baxter's sentencing pattern changed to become overly harsh. In the words of Will, Baxter is "sending kids to prison to make money.

Alicia came before Judge Baxter to make a routine plea bargain for her client Terence Ramsey, a young black child who threw a book at his school bully who recieved nineteen stiches and a cracked eye socket. When Alicia passes Terence his glasses presumably to present an more positive image to the Judge , Baxter becomes suspicious. Baxter questions Terence, who says he does not need his glasses to see Baxter, and orders that Terence take them off.

Baxter objects to the plea bargain that Alicia agreed on with the prosecutor: one year probation, hours community service and a admission of guilt and responsibility. Baxter imposes a harsher sentence of nine months detention. Even before the plea bargain was reached, the prosecution wanted on six months of detention.

Alicia confronts the prosecutor who reveals that a complaint had previously been filed against Judge Baxter, and starts investigating his cases. The firm discovers a sentencing pattern that began in June of , and concludes that Baxter might be targeting black defendants for harsher sentences. Alicia filed a motion against Baxter and others, to avoid being to blatant citing racial patterns in sentencing, hoping that he would get the message. During a court recess, Baxter speaks with Alicia in his chambers.

Alice notices some photos of African American children, while Baxter indicates photos of him with President Obama and Senator Burris and cities education, family structure, community services and quality of representation as other factors he uses in sentencing. At a basketball game, Judge Baxter questions if Will Gardner is sleeping with Alicia and tells him to tell Alicia to "move on. Though not shown, Baxter presumably would be arrested and removed from the bench.

Darrah have been reported at the Camp, partially full. He was wounded severely in the abdomen during the Seven Days Battles. During the Battle of Antietam , as lieutenant colonel of his regiment, he was wounded again in the right leg as his regiment was decimated along with the rest of Maj. John Sedgwick 's division during an ambush.

He left for Michigan to recuperate, and was promoted to command of the regiment prior to the Battle of Fredericksburg.

His regiment was selected to make an amphibious assault to drive Confederate sharpshooters out of the town, and they were successful, although Baxter was again wounded, this time in the left shoulder. When he returned to duty, he was appointed brigadier general on March 12, Robert Rodes 's 8, man division began to appear on Oak Hill.

Baxter's brigade advanced far beyond the nearest Federal brigade on the right flank of the line and deployed in a V shaped formation along the Mummasburg Road. Rodes's division attacked piecemeal, and scores of Colonel Edward A. O'Neal 's men were mowed down. Shortly afterward, a Confederate brigade under BG Alfred Iverson advanced without skirmishers and moved past Baxter's men, who were hidden behind a stone wall.

Suddenly, the men of Baxter's brigade rose up and delivered a lethal fire into the North Carolinians. In one of the most one-sided exchanges during the war, Baxter's surprise attack killed, wounded and captured of men in Confederate Iverson's brigade and eliminated it as an effective fighting force in under ten minutes. Running low on ammunition, Baxter's men withdrew to the north end of Cemetery Ridge , having lost all of the officers on Baxter's staff and close to half the brigade in defense of the I Corps right flank.

John C. Robinson , and a subordinate wrote that, "I wish to say one word outside of my regiment in regard to Generals Baxter and Robinson. They were on every part of the field, encouraging and stimulating the men by their presence and bravery. Baxter retained command of his brigade during the reorganization of the Army of the Potomac in March , a sign that he held the confidence of his superiors.

His brigade was assigned to the 2nd Division, V Corps , under Maj. At the Battle of the Wilderness , he was shot in the left leg, the bullet also killing his horse. After recuperating, he led a brigade in the 3rd Division, V Corps, during later stages of the siege of Richmond and Petersburg. He was mustered out of the volunteers on August 24, Senate confirmed the award on July 23, He returned home in and became active in the lumber business before dying from pneumonia in He died in Jonesville and is buried in Jonesville Cemetery.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry Baxter. Civil War High Commands. ISBN Gettysburg figures. Lee Alexander R. Anderson G. Jones W. Lee W. Steuart J.

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Henry Baxter: 7th Michigan Infantry - Civil War veteran story