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Juniper networks pod

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Alternatively, DC-1 can be from Juniper and DC-2 from a different vendor in this case EVPN Type 5 can be a good option for pure overlay connectivity of the workloads without the need to reprovision the existing core IP domains or ask other departments managing the core IP networks for additional tenant connectivity.

Therefore the other EVPN route types are not needed in order to have full communication between Host-1 and Host-2, as all the information is contained within the same route advertisement.

This service model is a simpler way of interacting between different vendors and is also the most scalable approach for the data center fabrics or DCI from the RIB and next-hop perspective. Juniper continues to invest in the development of advanced internetworking features in order to improve the way enterprise and telco DC network architects consume infrastructure resources.

Some of the recent features introduced in Junos on QFX and MX products for building optimized overlay network infrastructure include:. These use cases demonstrate how a deployed Juniper core edge network infrastructure can be re-used for deploying pure overlay network infrastructure with minimal disruption.

In Part 3 of this blog series, we will explore the interoperability testing with respect to Segment Routing. About me Nullam nec elit quis tortor aliquam venenatis a ac enim. Quisque iaculis orci ante, eu tincidunt arcu tempor vitae. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Suspendisse malesuada ante dictum, auctor elit semper, semper dui.

C-RAN sites are typically large sites owned by the carrier, much like 4G sites today. D-RAN sites, on the other hand, can number in the tens of thousands, are often small, leased spaces, such as cabinets underneath cell towers.

Using small, leased spaces keeps costs low for a CSP and maintains business flexibility but not without constraints. Typically, a D-RAN site has limited power, space and cooling. Therefore, all the compute and routing functions must be combined in a single 1U or 2U server. Furthermore, connectivity is often limited to leased lines for transit back to the mobile core.

In the cloud-native approach to software, functional blocks are decomposed into microservices which are deployed as containers on x86 or ARM platforms, orchestrated by Kubernetes K8s. K8s networking occurs via container network interface CNI plug-ins. But the networking capabilities of typical CNIs are rather rudimentary and not fit for purpose when the network functions that the CNI serves play pivotal roles within a telco network.

In other words, rather than the general compute platform being just an appendage to the network like a customer edge CE router, it can fit the role of a provider edge PE router. When deployed at a cell site, this solution reduces CapEx by reducing the number of boxes needed.

It also reduces OpEx through corresponding reductions in power consumption, space utilization and operational complexity. Every router has a control plane and a forwarding plane. The control plane participates in dynamic routing protocols and exchanges routing information with other routers in the network. This new deployment extends to multiple smaller sites to achieve denser coverage, higher bandwidth and lower latency.

The DU and the J-CNR can co-exist on the same 1U size x86 or ARM-based host, which is particularly attractive for sites with limited power and space because it eliminates a two-box solution in the form of a separate DU and router. Figure 2 shows the details of the J-CNR architecture. The cell site server is a K8s worker node, and the functional blocks in green are provided by Juniper Networks.

Although a single O-DU workload is shown in Figure 2 above, in practice, multiple O-DUs, or other workloads, can be attached to the same cloud-native router. These include the initial configuration of the router, including routing protocols and Layer 3 VPNs to support slices. As illustrated in Figure 3 below, ongoing configuration changes i.

Alternatively, SRv6 could be used to fulfil these requirements. A comprehensive routing capability is also necessary to implement network slicing. Usually, a transport network offers a variety of paths, each tuned to a particular cost function, such as minimum latency or high bandwidth.

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WebThis topic covers Contrail Networking in Kubernetes-orchestrated environments that are using Contrail Networking Release based releases. WebDec 1, Juniper Partner Advantage introduces new Elite Plus partner level, strengthens partner communities and empowers experience-led sales engagements . WebAug 21, Juniper CN2-Enable Pods with Multiple Network Interfaces CN2-Enable Pods with Multiple Network Interfaces. August 21, 16 minute read Learn more. Photo credit: Juniper Networks. Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2) Follow. Blog. Checkout other topics. Toggle Menu. Automation; Cloud; Kubernetes; Networking.