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Does cigna cover paragard highmark h1b

Does cigna cover paragard

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If your medical insurance says that Paragard is not covered as a medical benefit, then it may be covered as a pharmacy benefit. Biologics by McKesson Phone: I would like to receive important news, updates and promotions from Paragard and its business partners together, "CooperSurgical". By clicking Submit, I agree to the above and certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

Get custom tips and the facts you want about birth control—delivered right to your inbox starting today! Tell us a little about yourself so we can send resources that fit your needs. You may be interested in visiting our Resources page. Does my insurance cover the Paragard IUD? If you have health insurance: Paragard is fully covered under most insurance plans—this may mean no co-pay, deductible or out-of-pocket costs. Plans are required to cover all of the types of methods [1] but not necessarily every brand.

In fact, plans can elect to only cover generic or low-cost versions of these products there are currently no generic equivalents for IUDs and implants, but likely will be in the near future. And, evidence suggests that some plans have neglected to follow the law. Anecdotal information from women suggests that violations continue to occur.

We decided to do some quick research to find out how a woman could identify her covered contraceptive benefits. There was good news many of the plans cover most IUD and implant products. In order to research what a specific plan covers, one must first develop an understanding of how IUDs and implants actually get into the hands of the clinicians, and subsequently, to women.

The device must be ordered from a pharmacy with orders from a healthcare provider for delivery to the clinic prior to insertion, or in some cases, women must pick up their own device and bring it in to their appointments another barrier! As a result, in order to try to find out what specific products each plan covers, we had to seek out their drug formularies, which are long lists of the prescription drugs that indicate what a plan covers.

In some cases, IUDs and the implant may be listed as a covered medical benefit, rather than a pharmacy benefit, however this is inconsistent from company to company yet another complexity. As most contraceptive options are listed as a pharmacy benefit including pills, patches, rings, and injectables , this exception may lead some women to believe that their IUD or implant is not covered, when, in fact, it may be.

Consumers often must contact their insurance company directly to find out about covered medical benefits, as these vary significantly from plan to plan. As a result, it was more difficulty to gather information on covered medical benefits; however, we did receive this information about some plans. It was more difficult to gather information on covered medical benefits, however we did receive this information about some plans. The results were mixed.

While several companies had every product clearly listed as covered in their formularies kudos! To start, the formularies were hard to find and difficult to navigate.

For example, one of the plans provides three separate links that define the covered pharmaceutical benefits — one for drugs that require prior authorization, one for maintenance drugs, and another preferred drug list, or PDL. Each list includes dozens of drug names.

Even as a researcher who is accustomed to sometimes tedious work, I grew discouraged trying to navigate and understand the formularies. Many women would no doubt feel similarly defeated and confused.

And, as mentioned above, there are inconsistencies among companies as to whether the product is listed as a medical benefit or a pharmacy benefit, which can be misleading.

While phone calls to insurance providers to discuss covered benefits are often an option, woman must first understand what specifically to ask for. And, who has time for phone calls? As Health Savings Accounts HSAs and high-deductible plans are becoming increasingly commonplace, more people are forced to make decisions on their own about health care options. Overcomplicated formularies and vague information on covered contraceptive benefits create major challenges and unnecessary work, and could act as a barrier to receiving care and making informed decisions about contraception.

Giving women simple and easy-to-find information on covered benefits reduces these barriers, and empowers women to make informed decisions using the available information. We did find that many of these plans have the implant and IUDs included as a medical benefit, however a lack of a standard method for classifying the coverage is problematic for women.

Plans should make certain that they are staying true to the law and covering all FDA-approved methods of birth control, including IUDs and the implant, and work make sure this information is easily-accessible for women. Furthermore, prior authorization is required for some products under some plans, which means that your medical provider must obtain permission from your health plan to confirm that it will cover the device prior to insertion.

This creates yet another barrier, and a time-lag, which can prohibit same-day insertion.

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