ross heitkamp juniper networks
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Ross heitkamp juniper networks

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Outgoing Payments This individual has not disclosed any outgoing payments to lobbying groups. Need Password Help? Heitkamp, Ross Suydam United States.

Documents 0. Dockets 0. Attorneys 0. Markets 0. Related 0. Patents 5. Trademarks 0. Payments 0. Add a document. Document Source. If you would like to be credited for contributing this document, make sure to sign in or sign up first. Date Recorded. Document Type. Document No. Invention Title. A master control processor on one of the circuit boards controls which of the other circuit boards are active on the serial bus. Each of the non-master circuit boards includes a series of switches that electrically isolate or connect portions of the two wire serial bus from one another.

Through the series of switches, both the master control processor and processors local to each of the other circuit boards may simultaneously access different portions of the serial bus. Filed: January 2, Date of Patent: December 27, Reliable and redundant control signals in a multi-master system. Abstract: A network device includes redundant buses, redundant master controllers, and slave controllers. Each of the master controllers connects to a corresponding one of the buses.

One of the master controllers acts as an active master and the other master controllers act as standby masters. The active master commences a bus cycle that includes an address interval and a data interval, provides a destination address on the corresponding bus during the address interval, and transmits or receives a command or data during the data interval. The slave controllers connect to the bus, detect commencement of the bus cycle, sample the destination address from the bus a predetermined amount of time after commencement of the address interval, and transmit or receive a command or data during the data interval.

Date of Patent: November 29, Diagnostic access to processors in a complex electrical system. Abstract: A debugging and diagnostic system allows a developer to receive low-level diagnostic information from multiple processors in a complex electrical system.

Date of Patent: November 30, Abstract: A network router includes hot-swappable physical interface cards that allow the router to communicate using a variety of network technologies.

Power to the interface cards is sequentially ramped to avoid disruptive power surges. Date of Patent: November 9, Inventors: Mike M. Wu, Ross Heitkamp. Voltage sequencing circuit for powering-up sensitive electrical components. Abstract: A voltage sequencing circuit powers-up electrical systems by sequentially enabling a series of power supply lines to the electrical system.

After each power supply line is enabled, the voltage sequencing circuit waits a pre-programmed delay time before enabling the next power supply line. The delay time allows the newly enabled power supply line to settle. Additionally, the voltage sequencing circuit constantly monitors previously enabled power supply lines while continuing to enable the remaining power supply lines. If any of the previously enabled lines fail, the voltage sequencing circuit disables the power supply line before reinitiating a complete power-up sequence.

Filed: October 24, Date of Patent: August 6, Inventors: Dilip A.