cummins isx valve adjustment
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Cummins isx valve adjustment adventist health medical center selma ca jobs

Cummins isx valve adjustment

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Page 7 Torque Value: 9. Page 8 Torque Value: 9. Install the anti-drain back valve 1 into the housing and tighten. Page 9 Use three capscrews 1 to mount each actuator to the housing and tighten the capscrews.

Page 10 Place the solenoid 7 over the shutoff valve shield 6 taking care to align the holes and not pinch any seals. Orient the terminal facing the gear pump. Use four capscrews 8 to attach the assembly to the housing. Page 11 Install the o-ring 3 onto the fuel gear pump 2. Install the gasket 4 onto the gear fuel pump. Use four capscrews 1 to install the pump to the IFSM housing. Page 12 IFSM housing and tighten. Install the fuel pressure sensor 1 into the IFSM housing and tighten. Page 13 Install the anti-drain back valve 1 for the fuel filter into the housing and tighten.

Install the actuator gasket 3 onto each actuator, making sure to align each properly. Page 15 Orient the terminal facing the gear pump. Torque Value: 5. Page 16 Install the lift pump to the housing using three capscrews 3. Note : Some early engines were not equipped with a lift pump. These engines use a hand priming pump or they have been fitted with an auxilary lift pump. Page 17 Install a new gasket onto the guide pins. To prevent serious personal injury, be sure to have assistance or use appropriate lifting equipment to lift this component or assembly.

Install the IFSM on the guide pins. Install and tighten the capscrews. Remove the guide pins. Install and tighten the remaining capscrews. Page 18 Procedure in Section 6.

To reduce the possibility of personal injury, always ventilate the compartment before servicing the batteries.

This manual is also suitable for: Signature qsx Print page 1 Print document 20 pages. Rename the bookmark. Adrenaline Diesel has extended service hours to ensure you get the best appointment time possible. Sourcing parts for complex jobs is our specialty. We always aim for the fastest turnaround possible. Search By Engine Manufacturer. Detroit Diesel. Simple specs. Superior performance. Flattened Camshafts Notoriously, every model and rendition of the ISX has had issues with the camshaft.

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