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Accenture retail

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The Store of Tomorrow concept promises to radically simplify the omnichannel customer journey, while providing shoppers with greater choice and convenience. In fact, the model supports both revenue growth and cost optimization. To find out more, read our full report here. Ray works with retailers on digital transformation and innovation of the retail customer experience in stores.

Jill leads the Accenture global Retail practice and helps retail clients transform into responsible and resilient enterprises. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Store of Tomorrow.

View Other Articles. In brief. Retailers have long known that their future lies in a different kind of retail experience—more digital, integrated, personalized and sustainable. The pandemic brought that future forward—but few retailers were fully prepared for the scale of the digital shift and its impact on the bottom line. Now is the time for retailers to commit to fully integrating online and offline—and resetting the purpose, function and operating model of stores.

Welcome to the Store of Tomorrow—a new reality for stores across all sectors that aligns to local customer needs, reduces costs and drives profit. The future retail experience is here. Store of Tomorrow—the retail future is here Read our report to discover a new integrated reality for the near future of retail. Introducing the Store of Tomorrow. View Transcript. Integrated customer experience A rich understanding of local customer needs via data, which informs a fully integrated model that speeds up the deployment of CX across channels.

Optimized supply chain operations A retail supply chain optimized for resilience and responsibility, as well as cost and service, at the local level. Purposeful and skilled workforce An inclusive culture that includes investment from retailers into retraining and reskilling for a diverse and adaptable workforce.

Real-time data on the edge Distributed edge computing that enables automated decision-making in real time, such as personalized product recommendations as customers shop. Enhanced sustainability and social responsibility Embedded ESG principles across all functions from sourcing, to store experience and fulfillment, and to drive resource efficiency.

Data-driven decision making Positioning customers at the heart of the business—by using data, AI and machine learning to generate insights and fuel decisions. Offering consumers greater choice and convenience. Ray Marciano.

Follow Me:. And what may be surprising is that people of all income levels and generations are interested in shopping for real-life products in virtual worlds. Of consumers have had a consultation in a virtual or augmented reality environment on topics from health and wellness to DIY projects. The metaverse has arrived , and the best thing that retailers can do today is start to experiment.

Rather than waiting and watching, retailers should be exploring how—and at what pace—they will get into the metaverse. So much has happened in our lives in recent times. And who we are as consumers continues to evolve.

While there is uncertainty everywhere, retailers can manage through it by staying close to consumer trends and evolving fast to respond to them. Read full report. To thrive in an uncertain future, retailers must reset and reinvent responsibly to drive profitable growth. Bringing AI-powered solutions to transform marketing, merchandising and supply chain for retailers.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. Reset Responsibly. How retail consumers are thinking, spending and living. Discover retail consumer trends on what, how, where and why people buy. Three retail industry trends. The anxiety pivot Economic worries have eclipsed health concerns.

The spending shuffle Spending patterns have shifted dramatically. The virtual reality check Physical and virtual worlds are blurring and blending.

Trend 1—The anxiety pivot. Of global consumers are concerned about their personal health. Trend 2—The spending shuffle. Trend 3—The virtual reality check. Of consumers have bought clothing or accessories for an avatar or for themselves.

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Nuances synonym Retail See more Futureproof your technology with cloud and develop ecosystem partnerships to enable consumer experiences with speed and agility. Store of Tomorrow The contains many advanced data-driven capabilities that are accenture retail new to physical retail. Skip to main retal Skip to footer. Ray works with retailers on digital transformation and innovation of the retail customer experience in stores. Jill Standish.
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