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1st gen cummins dually

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When fitted with the 5. The first generation of Dodge Ram was in production until , with the Second Generation Dodge Ram being introduced for the model year.

Sell Your Car. Your Markets. Your Vehicles. Your Profile. LOG IN. Sign up - It's free! Forgot password? With your free account you can view the latest comps , save your favorite vehicles , and follow markets to get notified of new listings and sale prices. Confirm Password. Log in. The Ram was the successor to the Dodge D-Series, and was offered a Q: What is the top sale price of a Dodge Ram - 1st Gen?

Q: What was the lowest recorded sale price for a Dodge Ram - 1st Gen? Q: What is the average sale price of a Dodge Ram - 1st Gen? Let us know. Learn more at Wikipedia. Model years for Dodge Ram - 1st Gen to Related Submarkets. Dodge Ram to For Sale Sales Count Loading Market Chart data Worldwide Vintage Autos Fixed-price.

Jan 10, Updated 7 days ago. Streetside Classics Fixed-price. Jan 8, Updated 9 days ago. Dec 22, Updated 26 days ago. GR Auto Gallery Fixed-price. Dec 20, Updated 28 days ago. Dec 17, Updated 1 month ago. Gateway Classic Cars Fixed-price. As I learn through research over the last few years, there was a shop doing these conversions in northern Alberta and did from what I can find, close to of these trucks.

Seems they would take a diesel truck as well as a V8 crew cab, swap the entire diesel driveline, cross members, interior, doors, box, as well as dash wiring and all other diesel specific items onto the crew cab frame. In the case of my truck, they took a W and mated it with a D cid dually. The extent that this company went to I would come to appreciate as I progressed with my trucks restoration. But I am getting ahead of myself as usual…. So on that Saturday morning, I made a call to the dealer in Campbell River BC and after many questions, some back and forth, and some funds being sent their way; I became the new owner of the truck.

My plan was to use the truck as my daily driver and eventually part ways with the snow plow truck. The trucks history is a little unknown but from the receipts I found in the glove box, the truck had an eventful life traveling all over Alberta, and BC and even a trip up to Alaska. From my understandings, it was used as part of a fishing camp or something along those lines So after a few weeks, the truck arrived by rail to me in Ontario.

These pics were taken the first day I had the truck. For the next year and a half, the truck served as my daily transportation but not without its own list of issues, the biggest being a fried Getrag G tranny. The thought as to keep the old truck until I fixed the issues with the new truck. So on Dec 24, ; I made the first step in what would forever change the direction of my life: I pulled off the door panel to see why the window would not open.

I had planned to work on it for the remainder of the winter working the little bugs out anyways, but little did I know that this would be a bit longer than a few weeks or months. Another item to look into was the fact the motor was gutless. It would take close to half a mile of wide open speed shifting to get it up to 90 MPH as I learnt after, the speedo in the truck was out of a salvage yard and the , KM was actually closer to , miles…. So work progressed and a rebuilt G was located for the truck.

PW motors and PDL motors were also sourced. But this is where I got out of hand. See, when it comes to vehicles, I am picky. Add to that I am a perfectionist. Really, it all started with the tranny. See, after speaking with a family member who is a class 8 mechanic as well as the original owner of a factory ordered W Cummins he spent the time to explain why he had moved on from the G to a more robust tranny.

After several hours of research after the conversation, it became apparent that if I wanted decent towing power and reliability for long distance hauling, the Getrag was not the right way to go. After a few weeks of research, it was determined that a NV 6 speed from a truck was the way to go.

So the search started, and a 4, mile tranny was found from a wrecked But then I had the next issue. The engine. The engine was a bit tired and also would be limited on top end power due to the Bosch VE injection pump.

After looking into a Bosch P injection pump swap, I determined it was better to go with a motor swap as it would give me a complete system that worked together, as well as the fact that it was not far off the same price as just swapping the pump and its related components needed for the install. Although it had the HP pump meaning was from an automatic instead of the wanted CPL pump from a stick , the mileage was hard to pass up.

That solved the engine question but then I had the next weak link of my system — the Dana 70 rear end. If I wanted power, the rear axle would need attention as the D70s did not hold up as well to higher tq numbers not to mention the fact that the rear axle was a non dually axle. Now that I had changed the rear axle, I had one more item that required attention: the front axle.

See, with a DRW rim now being used on the rear but a single wheel rim on the front, I would have to carry two spares and would also still have a front end that did not look right. So the search started for a DRW hubbed Dana 60 front as it was simpler and cheaper than just swapping hubs and a , mile unit was located in OR.

That was the basic components that I needed to get the truck reliable and get it into the HP range I calculated as needed for what I wanted to do with the truck. So the prep of the truck began for the driveline swap. First was to remove the fenders and front end for the engine removal, followed by the tranny and rear.

Somewhere in this another issue came up. My father was assessing the truck and said if you are going to do the driveline, you should do a repaint. I said no way I was not going down that road. Conversation sounded like this:. Dad — Needs a repaint. Me — No its just fine. Dad — You have gone this far, should repaint it. Me — No, its just fine. Dad — There is a hold in the bed floor from a kingpin that missed the good neck hitch at some point, there is some rust on the body, there is scratches in a few places, the truck has stains on it; you should repaint it.

Me — Its just fine. Dad — Well think about it. Me — Sure. I stood strong with my thoughts and opinions as this was just a daily driver. Issue was the seed was planted. Every time I looked at the body, I could hear dads voice like a little critter on my shoulder. I would tell it to buzz off but it would keep nagging and nagging like Fran Dresher. But back to the story…. So I continued to pull body panels and eventually decided it would be better to pull cab and box for ease of driveline removal.

This way I could do it like they did on the assembly line and drop the components in from the top. So cab and box were pulled and then I got my next surprise.

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WebAug 1,  · Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum A forum community dedicated to Dodge Cummins Diesel truck owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about reviews, . WebThis truck is in near perfect condition with just over K original miles. First gen straight 6 Cummins Diesel with automatic transmission. Runs absolutely perfectly. Truck sits on . Web 1st Gen 12v Cummins Dually Dream Truck Tour. , views Feb 5, Follow me on Instagram: elegancegroupe-49.com?h more. more. K Dislike .