network connect juniper ports
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Network connect juniper ports

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I have even tried just setting up the end user ports as a trunk with both vlans but still only getting data and not voice. First some basic config - specifically configure the spanning tree priority on each switch so the existing cisco core is the lowest both vlans.

On the both switches make sure the voice vlan is trunked on the port to the other switch on cisco 'switchport mode trunk' juniper 'interface-mode trunk' by default all vlans are allowed. Check the voice vlan is working between them - on the cisco do "show spanning-tree vlan xx" where xx is the voice vlan ID.

Then on the juniper test a phone in a port set to the voice vlan not trunk. Usually ports for phones with PCs connected are set to the data vlan and have the voice vlan enabled on them - then the switch and the phone communicate and if a phone is recognized the voice vlan is trunked. Yiou need to specify the vlan as a 'voice vlan' and lldp-med is probably required. It definitely needs to be a trunk port on the Juniper if the Cisco is trunked, that way the packets will be tagged.

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Here is my Is there anything out there that You need to hear Online Events. Skip auxiliary navigation Press Enter. Contact Us Terms and Conditions. Skip main navigation Press Enter. Toggle navigation. Search Options. Blog Viewer. By Erdem posted Steps to Channelize Ports by Using Network Director Network Director helps you channelize a port or ports of a single device or multiple devices with options for various port speeds as per device specifications.

Optional Review the summary of the changes made in a single device or multiple devices by selecting the device or devices as shown below.

All ports with the converted speeds are listed against the corresponding devices. Deploy the changes to the devices.

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Configuring Juniper Secure Connect J-Web

WebJun 16, On the both switches make sure the voice vlan is trunked on the port to the other switch (on cisco 'switchport mode trunk' juniper 'interface-mode trunk' by default all . WebDec 15, Any of the 40GbE ports can also be configured as regular Ethernet ports, so two 40GbE ports can be used for uplinks while the other two are used for Virtual . WebConfiguring Port-Channel and VLAN in Juniper. Objective: To configure port-channel and associate it to vlan. Servers will use Juniper-Router as their gateway and uplink to .