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All times will be in the Pacific time zone. Monday PM - AM. Box Reno, NV Phone: Automated Response System ARS Recipient eligibility, recent payments, claim status, and prior authorization information via phone Phone: Electronic Verification System EVS Recipient eligibility, claim status, prior authorization status, provider payments. If you do not know who is the provider administrator is in your office, call the Customer Service Center at Nevada Medicaid Web Site Web announcements, billing manual, billing guidelines, forms, pharmacy information.

EDIsupport gainwelltechnologies. Provider Customer Service for eligibility, claims and pre-certification Phone: Fax: except pre-certification. Box Virginia Beach, VA Box Las Vegas, NV Member Services Phone: Website: www.

Molina Healthcare of Nevada, Inc. Box Long Beach, CA Box Farmington, MO Vision: Attn: Claims Processing P. Box Rocky Mount, NC Providers are welcome to attend public hearings and voice their opinion on policy changes.

Call the number below to receive electronic or written notices of scheduled public hearings. If you believe a recipient's private insurance or Medicare Replacement records are incorrect, please contact Health Management Systems, Inc. HMS at:. Finding a nearby dentist that accepts Medicaid for adults can be an enormous challenge or as easy as pie depending on where you live, the types of oral care needed, and other factors. First, the health insurance element covers dental work across the country when medically necessary: connected to accidental injury or disease.

Second, the medical assistance is sometimes dental insurance, but the benefits vary widely in each state for oral care. Third, you need to find providers in your area that take your specific plan rather than what others might have. Finally, state offices outsource administration to outside companies, adding a layer of confusing names and acronyms.

Adults often face a stark reality when looking for nearby dental places that accept Medicaid patients for specific procedures. Dental assistance programs might prove more fruitful when three possible shortcomings apply to your situation.

Dental clinics for low-income families frequently take on adult Medicaid patients knowing that they cannot afford proper oral care otherwise.

These sliding-scale places often operate in the states with the weakest oral care benefits in their medical assistance programs. Dental charities offer pro bono services at clinics sprinkled countrywide.

Search for local non-profit organizations that treat adults. However, expect to pay a portion of the fees for more advanced treatment: gum surgery, dentures, etc. Dental schools run clinics and frequently take adult Medicaid recipients. Future dentists supervised by faculty often treat low-income patients at sharply reduced fees so the students can hone their craft before entering private practice. If you need dental work but have no money , you could get lucky and find affordable care at a school in your area especially if you live in a large urban area.

However, these clinics are not free. Neighborhood family dental offices throughout the nation are most likely to accept Medicaid patients because they provide the general treatments typically covered by your state insurance. Most states 41 out of 50 pay for preventive oral care that family dentists provide routinely: regular oral exams, cleanings, and X-rays.

Looking for pediatric dental offices that take Medicaid in your area is the most direct way to find a provider that takes adult patients. Medical assistance provides comprehensive and preventive oral care services for children under age 21 across the nation. Many of these offices also treat adults provided your state insurance supports the specialized service for patients older than Begin with their online dental office finder tool. Finding a local dentist that takes Medicare and Medicaid will prove incredibly challenging.

Adding an extra point of intersection narrows the list of places significantly. Dual eligible patients have both Medicare and Medicaid, but they are not doubling their dental benefits in most cases. For example, only oral surgeons might take Medicare and Medicaid because they sometimes perform operations covered under the healthcare components of both plans.

Specialists have additional training beyond dental school, making them more proficient when diagnosing and treating specific oral health problems. Your ability to find a specialist near you that accepts Medicaid for adults hinges on the dual nature of the public program.

The chances of finding a local emergency dentist that takes Medicaid for adults are highest because all fifty states cover urgent care under the dental and healthcare components. However, benefits might be limited depending on where you live. Medicaid covers medically necessary dental emergencies throughout the country: walk-in treatment for non-biting accidents that break, dislodge, or chip teeth and jaw structures.

For instance, you should easily find an emergency oral surgeon if you broke your mandible during a fall or auto wreck. The dental component also covers emergency care nationwide , but nine states limit claim payments to specific procedures stop bleeding, relieve pain, and prevent infection.

For instance, emergency tooth extraction could be covered benefit under these parameters, but little else. Finding an oral surgeon in your area that accepts Medicaid patients is typically most accessible because your plan is most likely to approve the claims they submit after treatment.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializes in treating diseases, injuries, and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws, and mouth. Your state insurance could pay for treatment for one of three reasons. Locating a local prosthodontist that accepts Medicaid for adults could prove relatively easy or extremely difficult depending on the type of treatment you want.

Prosthodontists specialize in the restoration of missing tooth and jaw structures. Patients with a gap in their smile will find that denture coverage surpasses implants across the nation because of the least costly alternative rule.

Adults countrywide are unlikely to find a prosthodontist that takes Medicaid for dental implants because this permanent tooth replacement option is never the least costly alternative. Free tooth implant programs for low-income patients might be a better way to go. However, be prepared to wait in a long line or switch to dentures to address your missing teeth more quickly. Prosthodontists that take Medicaid for dentures are more abundant. Still, you have to have realistic expectations about the quality of false teeth you might get because of the least expensive treatment rule.

For example, same-day dentures are not the least expensive treatment alternative. Even if you live in one of the twenty-six states that support benefits, your plan may not honor claims for immediate replacement teeth. Orthodontists accepting Medicaid for braces are more common.

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