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How did a group of former squatters turn it into a place for both creative entrepreneurship and subversion?

And how could it happen that this countercultural project ended up attracting the attention of one of the largest property investors in the Netherlands? The authors show how the Volkskrant building came to be more than a space for creativity alone, as it opened up the possibility for a new infrastructure of citizenship.

About the authors: Boukje Cnossen is an academic researcher and art critic interested in the organization and spatial politics of artistic production. Sebastian Olma is an author, researcher and critic working at the interface between creativity and business.

He currently is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Network Cultures. Production: Miriam Rasch. The lowest price is what counts, used the website as a sales channel. The website during this period was mainly used as a much more than convenience and sustainability. In the last scenario, the thriving self-society, referral to the store opening times, location.

Online marketplaces are used to find unique products and services. As a consequence, these scenarios are less abstract. By more than two-thirds of the Dutch population were shopping online, and the amount of spending online and the average amount spent was increasing substantially. This period We can extrapolate the historical development outlined by Weltevreden to the present day and showed the mass emergence of smaller web-only firms, which resulted in a threefold increase to the future and can do so on the basis of the results of the Shopping research pro- in online sales.

However, the traditional retail sector lagged behind when it came to developing gramme. This research programme asked how consumers would be shopping in The product categories that have the largest share in this are environment, users can walk virtually through the supermarket and order their items. In this insurance, travel and ticket sales flight ticket, accommodation.

Fifty per cent of that 4. The store data is provided by Tesco, Amazon and eBay and by land. It is expected that the online share will increase substantially over the coming years. The fore- cast growth to does, however, depend on who one asks. An estimate that can also were still increasing, the rate of growth was levelling off.

The number of webshops operated by be found in a recent ING report on shopping domains Erich, The same pattern, but with retail chains and independent retailers was increasing. By longer be buying in a physical store in Telecom is the only exception; in this sector the number of online fashion. Fashion apps and fashion blogs are becoming more and more popular. Internet devices. Conversely, it applies that "Especially in sectors that are interesting.

These days, fashion blogs function as a central platform where fashion-re- such a system within them, but, what is more, the future perspectives outlined are often abstract lated news and information circulates Rocamora, Fashion blogs can inspire their readers. The choice of a limited number of uncertainties when developing scenarios also means ping behaviour.

These blogs have the ability to create a strong personal relationship with their a full description of all innovations can never be given. Advertisements viewed in such a personal and non-intrusive context can influence consumers in a more subtle way than traditional media can Halvorsen et al.

She also told her readers where she bought her other eight piercings, among which was a particular shop in Amsterdam. The first fundamental This is an example of how fashion blogs influence the shopping behaviour of consumers.

A taxonomy is a systematic classification of aspects based for retailers. A recent study by Maaike Driessen revealed some interesting results. A survey on observations. By observing multiple occurrences, many of their aspects can be classified into answered by fashion blog readers, showed that fashion blogs influence the shopping similarities and differences.

The result is often a hierarchical classification, such as the taxonomy behaviour of consumers. Apparently, 93 percent of fashion blog readers bought something of species in flora and fauna. Whilst a taxonomy starts on the basis of observed occurrences, a after they saw it in a fashion blog. Besides this, the results show that fashion blog readers typology starts on the basis of a concept.

The distinctive properties that potential occurrences are influenced by product reviews and they are more likely to buy something after they have could normally possess are devised and the actual occurrences are then classified in accor- seen it in a fashion blog.

One can say that taxonomies are created empirically or inductively and that typologies to do something beside their study, they wanted to share their style or were bored.

Fashion are created conceptually or by deduction. In order to make an inventory of the innovations in bloggers are becoming marketing tools since they work together with retailers and are paid fashion retail we have opted to work at the highest level using conceptual classification typol- for writing articles.

A lot of them do now, and all fashion bloggers are happy to work with re- of observations taxonomy. The decision to work at the highest level using a typology arises tailers.

But bloggers have a few terms and conditions. First, the retailer should suit their style from the framework that has been developed for examining new services by the cross-media and second they like to get something in return. Retailers are also eager to work with fashion bloggers but the research shows they do not really know how to use fashion bloggers for their marketing strategy. The website The second fundamental principle concerns the typology to be used for the innovations.

We have www. This website allows retailers opted for the STOF model as it is a well-founded framework in business model innovation re- to get to know more about fashion bloggers as a marketing communication tool. The STOF model describes business models on the basis of four associated domains: the Service THE FUTURE IN domain the added value of the service , the Technology domain the technical functionality and What is missing among all of these extrapolated numbers is a more qualitative picture of architecture required in the service , the Organisation domain the network of parties involved the changes that will take place: What will the innovations be that will ensure that more is and the processes for delivering the service and the Financial domain the method of income sold online or that consumers still go to stores?

It is true that all of the Shopping reports generation and the sharing of risks, investments and income amongst the various actors in the are interspersed with examples of innovations, from a more science fiction type character the network. It is from these four domains that the methodology derives its name Haaker, However, the examples are used for illustrative purposes only.

There is no systematic For the time being, these fundamental principles have resulted in the following classifications for inventory of the changes currently taking place in the retail sector, and that can be regarded as the innovations that have been found Table 1.

The actual inventory of innovations in fashion re- tail is published on the website www. The regularly updated inventory.

The paper era is blowing its last breath. In the end, you want to remain profitable. Paper advertising is a tradition of ours, but it is hard to tell conversion rates. Adding the right text, and the right links. So if we have a new collection, Personalised products Shopping walls Affiliates Coupons I make sure that I announce it well, that everybody knows about it when searching for it.

Other retailers confirm this chal- Experiences Customer tracking Logistics Crowd funding The shop as an event 3D body scans Smart integrated inventory lenge: if people look for certain brands or fashion items, they want to make sure they are found Atmospherics Smart hangers Smart inventory management C2C quickly. But how to do that, remains a big task, especially when marketing budgets are limited. Some because they want to make sure that they have an online presence, while others really see it as a way of increasing sales.

However, most retailers struggle with how to handle this effectively: making sure that people find your website and are seduced to buy your products on it. And after doing so, they said that it was unclear to them whether or not they could actually buy a pair of jeans on our website.

So for them, it was a website, not a webshop. This really triggered me; it is so easy to become blind in this business. So I drastically lowered the amount of clicks to get to the point of purchase and gave more information about our terms in relation to online sales. A great deal is expected of personalisation, in other words, the customising of the service or product for a particular individual so that a more or less unique service or product is created.

The most literal interpretation of this is tailor-made clothes and the independent creation of, for example, a Louis Vuitton bespoke handbag from The Haute Maroquinerie in Bond Street in London. Personalisation is not just about creating a unique product or service; it also relates to finding an appropriate or unique product or service for an individual.

Recommendations for you, the customer, based on your previous purchases or based on preferences of people with similar tastes can be found in many webshops.

Another example is Buyosphere where you can obtain personal fashion advice from other visitors. Personalisation is also about customising the infor- mation about the service or product by taking into account the specific moment morning rush hour, Wednesday afternoon, during Sunday opening hours, et cetera and the precise location in-store, en route, at home, et cetera.

This personalisation can be improved by gathering as much information as possible about the customer: from buying trends via store cards and on- line click and buy patterns on PC, tablet, Smartphone and Smart-TV to personal information zip code, e-mail address and all kinds of sensor information how you move around the store, what you look at, what products you pick up or take to the fitting room, et cetera.

This combination of data can then be used to persuade the customer with targeted special offers or by adapting advertisements on TV, online, in magazines or on billboards in real time, as depicted in a scene in the film Minority Report released in Ter Haar talks about the 'total retail experience'. This digital share these items with their personal network. Becoming an editor an active member who experience is achieved by using and combining technological developments such as mobile is, for instance, able to create style guides that can function as an inspiration to others was devices, augmented reality, video wall holograms.

What is striking is that new tech- also one of the options Buyosphere offered. The failure Examples are the Burberry store with large screens and magic mirrors that respond to RFID of Buyosphere proves that not all new interactive communities are a guarantee for success. Still, all too often experience is seen as a key to success without stating precisely 26 what constitutes that experience.

He tried to devise a number of design principles for adding experience to shopping areas so that their distinctive ca- pacity would increase. In his study, Erdman examined the wish to be identified when entering a store in order to be presented with a personal shopping extent to which these could be used in the context of shopping areas and in so doing allowed experience. One possible explanation for this is fear amongst consumers about what happens himself to be guided by 12 experts.

In the end, he devised four principles. Their strength is that with their data. That makes it difficult to create an overall profile of a person and personalisation 1.

Achieve harmony, in other words harmonise all variables within a shopping area with therefore remains restricted to a brand, store, social media platform, app or webshop despite each other. Musical preference iTunes downloads, Spotify and quality of catering. Avoid negative impressions that can affect the experience such as dirty and unsafe envi- related to all kinds of preferences. Activate the senses to create stimuli that feed the experience: light, smell, sounds, climate tain leisure activities.

It control, sight lines and visual aspects. A theme that is just as important as personalisation is the provision of experiences.

Piet Zoomers One final remark on experiences is necessary. Veenstra regards 'experience' as an important weapon in combat- step in the escape from the 'commodity trap'.

The few historical examples that were referred to ing inner-city property vacancy. In the s, Carl W. Dipman described a number of future visions on the necessarily linked to the store as such.

Examples can also be found of self-service digital stores development of food retail, in which recurring aspects are self-service and "shopping is to be in public spaces such as airports an example of which is Tesco at London Gatwick Airport and an experience, not just a job to be done" in Bowlby, , p. Furthermore: "In the late eigh- in metro stations the next generation of vending machines. Even more important Technology is not always visible to the customer, there is increasingly more in-store technology than a vision and an illustrative example is that particular experiences were 'produced' and sensors, cameras, WiFi-tracking, iBeacons for monitoring customer patterns such as the route perceived around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, the most iconic example of these being taken and items of clothing picked up, to cameras in mannequins that follow the eye move- department stores.

Department stores were more than just a place for doing your shopping; ments of the customers. Department stores were 'fantasy smart mirror can take pictures that shoppers can email, tweet or post to whomever they palaces', luxuriously built from marble, iron ornaments, large open staircases, parquet flooring want. With this new technology, it is perhaps a little less difficult for the brides to choose the and silk and leather furniture.

They were the first public places that used electric lighting, and not dress of their dreams. Everything was configured for service and considered choice about her wedding dress. One can use the Tweet Mirror by simply stand- 29 having fun whilst shopping, supported by unique spaces for children, restaurants, roof terraces, ing in front of it.

You can use the virtual buttons on the screen to take and save pictures. This zoological gardens, ice-skating rinks, libraries, galleries, travel agencies, banks and all manner allows customers to see all of the dresses that they tried on and compare them with each of services for delivering your purchases to your home. There were live orchestras in the restaurants and tea rooms and goods, from glasses, wigs, jewellery to make-up.

Complete 3D shops can also be found online even, occasionally, in the grocery departments. Dress shows and pageants were regular events. These can also 'Spectacular oriental extravaganzas', which included live tableaux of Turkish harems, Cairo mar- be personalised so that you do not have to spend an endless amount of time looking for that kets or Hindu temples, with live performers, dance, music and of course oriental products, were one particular product.

Because sizes are a significant bottleneck when ordering clothing online, also held frequently. Users of the displayed on the basis of an RFID chip in the item of clothing magic mirror or where a picture Tesco feature were invited to upload a photo of their face to create the face of the virtual is taken of the clothing that you are trying on and you have the possibility to share it via social model. After some small adjustments, such as entering some identification points to calcu- media tweet mirror , to gesture-based browsing through a collection where a selected item of late face measurements and adding a hairstyle, one could start creating the body by giving clothing is projected on top of your image in the mirror and you can also move to see whether information about height, weight, and hip measurements or by uploading a body photo.

There are plenty of examples of in-store touch-screens: After the avatar was created, the consumer could start the shopping and fitting process. After from iPads to large video walls, which can be used by the staff or the consumer to search, select the consumer created a model, s he could start adding clothes and see how the garments and order. Screens also appear increasingly in store windows interactive storefronts , making fitted. This is not tops, without having to pay a visit to the actual store.

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