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Live Chair Health is a culturally relevant community platform powered by tech-enabled services. Vaccines prepare your immune system to fight diseases without making you sick, so that when you're exposed to read article real thing, you carefirst my health save your days off of work for something more fun than lying in bed with a splitting click here and a burning throat. This partnership is centered on meeting people where they are, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey. Live Chair was a member of the first cohort. Heslth care for over conditions through an easy-to-use app. Specialist Doctor.

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Carefirst glenwood avenue

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Saturday: a. Contact: Phone: glenwood carefirstanimalhospital. Customer Care Hours: Monday - Friday: a. Sunday: p. View Holiday Hours. Services Offered at our Glenwood Location Our team offers many different services so that you can rest easy knowing any health problems your pet has will be taken care of. Artboard 1. I always receive great service at this location.

As always, our visit was a positive one. Very friendly and professional staff. Waited only maybe 5 minutes. Quick in and out! Thank you! Very good staff and willing to work me in at the last minute. Butler has been caring for our 14 year old Pugsy for over a year. She is the most caring doctor and happy we found her. So blessed to have her taking care of Pugsy to keep him going and keeping him comfortable during his late years.

You guys are the best! Paul B. We have been taking our dogs and cats to Care First at Glenwood for 8 years, and they have been fantastic. Even during the height of Covid they managed to provide excellent care to our fur Rated 2. Melinda W.

I have been coming here for 10 plus years and have brought numerous pets here, however, I am planning to leave this practice.

I had a appt and I arrived on-time with my 2 dogs. I have been a long time client at Care First two pups and a rescue cat and recommend them highly - they are caring, efficient and provide personal attention.

I came to CareFirst via Carolina Pet services. I had never been to the practice before and had to make an appointment to put my cat to sleep. The staff here was just incredibly kind to me on a Margo A. I have not used their vet services, but when my Giles, a little guy, died on Christmas day I called Steve at Carolina Pet Cremation and he uses their facilities.

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Ruby got very, very sick and had to have surgery. We get excellent care here, and also they hold your hand through some tough times. Wonderful experience. The staff are incredibly professional, caring, and detail oriented. Our daughter's cat is traveling to her overseas and they ensured that the cat was well taken care of, and also researched and ensured all paperwork was filled out and prepared.

Thank you very much! All of your providers, from the greeting at the front desk all the way to the doctors, are so amazing. Everyone truly cares about my dog's health and well being. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our sweet little guy! My experience is consistently excellent. I consistently recommend Care First to my friends seeking veterinary care for their beloved animals. You guys always take such great care of my dogs, thanks SO much.

I especially appreciate that you have always been able to fit Jessie into the schedule whenever her skin issues have acted up so much that she needed to be seen. McConnell and team are the best. They have always treated my dogs like family. I would recommend Care First at Tryon to any new pet owner or anyone looking for personalized care.

We had an unusual situation with Rocky and all of the staff couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. I can't think of a single way our experience could have been better. My cat is not a fan of going to the vet, but this visit did not seem to bother him at all. I was already very happy with this veterinary practice before this visit, but if possible I think like them even more! Mailing List.

Constant Contact Use. Please leave this field blank. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from CareFirst Animal Hospital. I have now dedicated my life to helping individuals find the strength and resiliency to move towards healing. I can help you find your path forward as well. Having a place to share your story while feeling safe, supported, understood and affirmed in navigating those curveballs can be healing in itself.

Sometimes life can be difficult and getting help from a professional can be beneficial. I approach therapy as a collaborative process aimed at helping clients find their own way to the changes they desire. Within the context of each person's life, I seek to help clients integrate various aspects of mind and body to heal and enrich their lives.

I create an environment where you will feel emotionally safe to talk freely about all aspects of your life. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons and at various times throughout their life. Whatever the reason, I see psychotherapy as an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better and work towards leading a more meaningful life. I provide counseling services for adults and couples. It is my goal to support each person through this journey.

I work hard to establish and safe and supportive environment. Counseling services are offered via Telehealth only. View Email. Not accepting new clients. I specialize in helping those ages 16 and older recover from trauma using integrative treatment approaches, including EMDR. My clients typically come to me feeling anxious, depressed, stuck, trapped, hopeless, or helpless.

Usually, it's adverse, traumatic experiences and uncomfortable memories from our past that lead us to feel these ways in the present. Trauma might occur from one life-defining experience such as a life-threatening assault, car accident, or sudden loss. Trauma might also stem from lots of small experiences that add up over time like ongoing bullying, emotional abuse, rejection, or criticism.

Olney, MD Kendall Douville is a Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience in the health care setting, helping clients navigate the emotional and psychosocial challenges of various medical events. She specializes in depression, anxiety, mood disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress management, adjustment disorders, grief and loss, and mindfulness. With a strengths-based perspective, Kendall has also served clients and their loved ones as they address and cope with age-related transitions.

It is important to have a safe space to express your true feelings and process your experiences in life. Therapy is a perfect space to do that without judgment and at your own pace. There are many different approaches to therapy for each client, and one size does not fit all. I like to use a client-centered approach as I believe in giving the client the agency to feel in control of their therapeutic experience.

I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy and reach their full potential. Life is filled with obstacles, struggles and difficult times from which we can learn. I offer a safe, nurturing and confidential environment to help you reframe your issues, move beyond your emotional pain and gently confront your challenges.

I work with your individual beliefs and strengths to meet your needs, where you are in your emotional development. Everyone has their own challenges in life. Whether you are going through stressful life transitions, would like to work on communication, or managing symptoms related to anxiety and depression; you don't have to do it alone. Together, we will work to get through these hard times and accomplish your goals. Our relationships suffer, conflicts can occur, communication may shut down, and we become more isolated and feel alone.

When this happens, you become overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and mentally-emotionally paralyzed at times. You question all your decisions, big and small, and even simple things in life feel hard. You feel numb and stuck, blocked by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, when all you really want is to enjoy life, get balanced again and be at peace.

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WebA new patient-centric, virtual-first primary care practice. Compassionate care for over conditions through an easy-to-use app. 24/7/ CloseKnit's care teams offer . WebAddress: Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC, United States Phone:? Website: Web[Maryland and WDC] Offers healthcare insurance to residents of Maryland and Washington, DC. Information for Brokers, employers, and providers, as well as links to consumer Missing: glenwood avenue.