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The stiffening bands are said to resist torsional forces and enable further lightening of the caliper body. AP Racing appealed in respect of two of the non-infringing calipers. Judge Hacon's view of the patent was that it was unsatisfactorily imprecise as to how one can visually determine that a peripheral stiffening band is present as claimed, but that it was "just about workable". The Court of Appeal, led by Lord Justice Lewison, dismissed the appeal in its entirety for the following reasons:.

The Court of Appeal confirms that retrial is not permitted. Author s : Nick Cunningham. Information made available on this website in any form is for information purposes only. Brembo, AP Racing, Alcon and others are the go-to guys when a manufacturer wants to prove how serious it is about the stopping equipment on its new model. As a consequence, the aftermarket is having to adhere to mainstream rules and regulations.

Some of these, such as those for particulate emissions containing copper from brake pads, are industry-wide anyway, but an association with a major car maker is an encouragement to meet new standards sooner rather than later.

This article originally appeared at evo. Categories: Opinion. Feb 6, Brett Fraser. We cannot display this gallery Stopping. But improved safety legislation and higher customer expectations have raised the OEM game. The more switched-on marketing departments are even promoting their own trackdays for owners, so a very high standard of braking in extreme conditions has become more desirable and therefore fiscally acceptable.

Brett Fraser.