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Maculinea alcon arenaria

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Species of butterfly. Conservation status. For a key to the terms used, see Glossary of entomology terms. Retrieved 8 May Band 1: Abt. Bibcode : Natur. PMID S2CID Systematic Entomology. ISSN Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Insectes Sociaux. Bibcode : Oecol..

ISBN Ecological Entomology. Wardlaw Journal of Insect Conservation. ISSN X. Bibcode : Sci CiteSeerX Nature News. PMC Bibcode : Oecol. In three Ma. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Maculinea alcon.

Brood parasites. Black-headed duck. Honeyguide Thick-billed honeyguide Greater honeyguide. Cuckoo catfish. Pungtungia herzi. Phengaris alcon Phengaris arion Phengaris rebeli. For days, weeks, the man patiently observes the creatures, witnessing the insects laying their eggs on the remaining closed flower buds.

Ten days later, he watches the caterpillars emerge, slowly but surely moving down to the centre of the flowers, eating every leaf that crosses their path.

While Lempke pins and studies a butterfly, the caterpillars drop to the ground and await the arrival of their host ant. By , the entire population of the Dutch alcon blue had disappeared. The locally specialised insects, dependent on one specific plant and ant species, could not survive in the rapidly deteriorating ecosystem, with anthropogenic changes to the landscape slowly encroaching on their fragile entanglements. While much coastal vegetation relies on natural dune function characterised by constantly shifting sand, water management against flooding and coastal erosion had begun to solidify the dunes which would otherwise have been in constant movement.

Many dune-reliant plants could not adapt to the new conditions, causing the vegetation to decrease in biodiversity.

Due to lack of natural grazing and mass mortality among rabbits, nothing stopped the grass from reaching up high, driving out nectar plants and starving the specialised butterflies in the process. Today, the butterflies have been largely forgotten, but their absence is still tangible in the landscape if you know where to look.

Despite their deep blue colour, the flowers are not easy to see. The modest plant is usually standing on its own, lower and smaller than the plants it stands among. If you pay attention, you notice the indignant lonely blue of the flowers, echoing its call across the landscape.

You see many insects answering, the flowers surrounded by buzzing pollinators. Yet the call to entanglement, to partnership between butterfly and plant, you still hear echoing across the landscape. You notice the cross gentian calling for that one creature after more than forty years without an answer. You notice that no one comes.

That no more pale blue wings conclude its blue display. That no one lays eggs on the flower buds. That no caterpillar survives on just this plant.

That no communities of unknown ants cluster any longer around its roots. Calling for its partner, the lonesome cross gentian still breaks the silence.

The legacy of the Dutch alcon blue, its disappearance only mourned by a small number of humans to begin with, was further discredited by research which claimed that the butterfly was in fact genetically identical to other alcon blues. Previously described as three distinct species of Dutch alcon blue, large alcon blue, and mountain alcon blue, all alcon blues turned out to be one and the same species. With the new revelations about its species, the Dutch alcon blue posthumously tumbled off its extinction pedestal, its status reversed, its extinction labelled an illusion.

The focus on distinction in terms of sub- species left no room for more subtle differences, more local adaptions which made the butterflies of Meijendel unique. It conveniently masked the human eradication of the butterflies, rendering their disappearance meaningless.

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Maculinea alcon arenaria You notice alcno no one comes. The case of the Dutch alcon alckn shows click the following article the scientific terminology on extinction should not be taken for granted there is a need to reflect on the notion of extinction and the assumptions implied in the very term. Download as PDF Printable version. The maculinea alcon arenaria black-brown, dusted with dark blue in the basal area. The morphological maculinea alcon arenaria between the Dutch alcon blue and the large alcon blue turned out to be even bigger than between the large alcon blue and the mountain alcon blue.
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The butterfly and ant's friendship.

WebMaculinea alcon arenaria The Dutch Alcon Blue (Phengaris alcon arenaria) was a subspecies of the Alcon Blue butterfly Phengaris alcon. There is not much known about . WebMay 21, The Dutch alcon blue, Maculinea alcon arenaria, a butterfly endemic to the Netherlands. By , the entire population of the Dutch alcon blue had disappeared. . WebMaculinea alcon is a species of butterfliesin the family gossamer-winged butterflies. EOL has data for 6 attributes, including: Body symmetry .