cummins diesel dodge ram
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Cummins diesel dodge ram

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The information you are looking for is on cummins. Cummins 6. Power - hp - kW. Certification EPA Click Here to Contact Sales.

Applications Pickup Truck. Overview: HD pickup buyers can get an impressive 1, lb-ft of torque. Note: Under no circumstances should oil change intervals exceed 15, miles 24, km or 12 months or hours, whichever comes first. It is recommended that every 3, miles 4, km , check the engine oil level at least 30 minutes after a fully warmed engine is shut off.

Checking the oil level while the vehicle is on level ground will improve the accuracy of the oil level reading. Severe service high ambient temperature, short trips, heavy loading, trailer towing, off-road, or law enforcement use may reduce oil change intervals. To access our complete brochure library, click here.

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