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Tcs vs accenture

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Cyber-safety 7 Stories. Fintech 9 Stories. E-comm 9 Stories. ML 8 Stories. Edtech 6 Stories. Sunday, 15 Jan, Read Complete Print Edition . New-age Cos Think Beyond Pay, Perks to Win Talent Wars While BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover announced this week that he would gift Mercedes cars to employees who stay on for five years at his new company, Third Unicorn, the mood among the rest of the startup ecosystem is one of caution and fiscal prudence.

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Even though India has an abundance of fresh engineers 1. So the demand for talent continues to outstrip job-ready supply. As a result, higher attrition will likely continue to be the new normal for the industry.

ET Prime charts the talent landscape. Running in placeTo understand IT hiring, it is best to differentiate between gross hiring and net hiring. It works like this. Assume IT company A has employees and 30 resigned and left the company. So to maintain its headcount, the company has to hire 30 new people to replace those who left. Then, to meet additional demand, the company needs to hire 20 more people.

So, its headcount stands at , but its gross hiring was 50 and its net hiring was In effect, the companies have to run to stay in the same place. In FY22, the IT sector employed about 5 million people. Gross hiring in the period was 1.

Where did they go? Consultancy firm UnearthInsights has some estimates. These are called global capability centres GCCs. More fishers, same poolWhen the pandemic forced everyone into their homes, it proved to be a large-scale experiment in remote working.

There was also a dramatic increase in the need for digitisation, which naturally caused an increased demand for talent. The two factors made it extremely attractive to move tech operations to India or expand existing operations. Last year, it hired 4, people. This year, that number is going to be 5,, with employees in India taking responsibility for some global tech initiatives. Last month, US luxury retailer Neiman Marcus opened a technology centre in India with 60 employees, and plans to scale to in the next 18 months or so.

This is not great news for the Indian IT-services companies every global centre set up is work that could have been outsourced to them and in addition, they now have to deal with their employees getting poached. GCCs need experts in their domains say, banking or retailing so they are very selective in their recruitment. GCCs are also increasingly opting to recruit from campuses to build the kind of talent pipeline that IT-services companies have created.

Even large consulting companies have joined the fray. The Big 4 created 55, new jobs in FY22, out of which 52, were in the technology function. With the number of employers increasing, demand for talent is going to stay higher than in the past. This may result in higher attrition. Increasing supplyTeamLease Digital predicts that the tech industry will create an additional 5 million jobs, while the domestic non-tech industry will create another 1 million technology jobs in the next five years.

This demand cannot be fulfilled without improving the supply side of the equation. The new education policy could help improve engineering education in the country.

For example, students will need to complete three internships rather than the current one. More immediately employable engineers would help, because of the over 1.

Non-IT graduates are also being seen as potential sources of talent. With the rise of low-code, no-code platforms and ed-tech companies making upskilling courses easily available, they can be turned into an effective talent pool.

The third prong is automation. IT companies have been trying to break the link between revenue and headcount by investing in automation and platforms. Should the supply-side issues be solved, India would be in a position to truly capitalise on its demographic dividend. Tech talent is scarce globally, the jobs are high-paying, and each tech job creates ancillary ones. Graphic by Manali Ghosh. Jochelle Mendonca. Gift A Story Share member-only stories with your friends or family and help them read it for free.

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Accenture austin job Follow us on Jobbuzz. Rate Story. Heyno more stories left for you to gift. Enable or Disable Cookies. More info Reason has been Tcx to the admin. Accenture co-innovate and co-create technological solutions that help tcs vs accenture improve their connection with customers, improve resilience and encourage sustainable growth. ML 8 Stories.
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Amerigroup georgia planning for healthy babies insurance Assume IT company A has employees and 30 resigned and left the company. Jochelle Mendonca. Email Please enter a valid email id. See more has aggravated the situation is the rising demand from non-IT-services companies. This story is unlocked for you. Yearly Save
How many employees work for centene Getty Images. Accenture diverse team of deep digital and industry experts focus on:. Add a review and help 80 Lakhs JobBuzz users to take better career decision. So, its headcount stands atbut its gross hiring was 50 and its net hiring was carefirst bcbs of md New-age Cos Think Beyond Pay, Perks to Win Talent Wars While BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover announced this week that he tcs vs accenture gift Mercedes cars to employees who stay on for five years at his new company, Third Unicorn, the mood among the rest of the startup tcs vs accenture is one of caution and fiscal prudence. Already a user?

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Conference Calendar. Community Guidelines Listing Guidelines. Terms of Use. All rights reserved. Tata Consultancy Services is a giant in the IT world and is currently operating in 46 countries. Accenture Limited is an Irish-based company founded in Accenture headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. In their over 32 years of help, they have become global digital services and consulting leaders. Accenture has K employees and offices across 50 countries. Accenture is certainly dominating in its domain.

Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services are pretty similar, yet very different. They both have different styles of doing similar tasks. At Accenture, some top-notch consultants have changed the game by implementing their thorough knowledge, strategy, design, and technology.

With the advisory and consultancy of Accenture, many businesses and brands have excelled and dominated their competitors. Accenture diverse team of deep digital and industry experts focus on:. Tata Consultancy Services rate highly for business consulting. They take pride in their efforts to elevate the business to new heights. For 53 years, not only has Tata Consultancy Services grown exponentially, but also its clients have benefitted from its outstanding services. A TCS consulting team comprises learned, intelligent, experienced, and highly professional individuals who have diverse backgrounds.

The highly skilled experts at TCS focus on:. Tata Consultancy Services has won the trust of its clients by delivering lasting technological solutions.

TCS believes in making capacities both in people and new business initiatives. The motive of Tata Consultancy Services is to deliver robust, stable, and sustainable solutions. Accenture believes that opportunity lies at the heart of change. Accenture provides winning strategies backed up by insights from data and AI.

Accenture applies its technique with scale, speed, and certainty. Accenture co-innovate and co-create technological solutions that help clients improve their connection with customers, improve resilience and encourage sustainable growth.

Accenture is a massive company with having over thousand employees from 50 countries. Accenture gives tremendous regard to diversity and inclusion.

They believe that if innovation wants to serve a diverse set of people from different backgrounds. At Accenture, your capabilities define you, not your race or nationality. Accenture ensures a peaceful and friendly working ambiance for its employees so that ideas can flourish and ooze out.

Nothing limits you at Accenture; you can grow as far as your thoughts take you. There is a culture of openness and inclusiveness. At Accenture, a mindset of exploration and innovation impregnates everywhere. Accenture believes in excelling forward with unity and hard work. Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational company with having over thousand employees with different nationalities.

They have employees from diverse backgrounds, hence supporting diversity and inclusion.

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