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Live Chair Health is a culturally relevant community platform powered by tech-enabled services. Vaccines prepare your immune system to fight diseases without making you sick, so that when you're exposed to read article real thing, you carefirst my health save your days off of work for something more fun than lying in bed with a splitting click here and a burning throat. This partnership is centered on meeting people where they are, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey. Live Chair was a member of the first cohort. Heslth care for over conditions through an easy-to-use app. Specialist Doctor.

Denise chavis carefirst baltimore changes in technology in healthcare administsration

Denise chavis carefirst baltimore

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Cosmo Brown Debbie Reynolds. Kathy Selden Jean Hagen. Lina Lamont Millard Mitchell. Simpson Cyd Charisse. Dancer Douglas Fowley. Roscoe Dexter Rita Moreno. This season, Maestro Everly will conduct over 90 performances in more than 20 North American cities. These concerts attract hundreds of thousands of attendees on the lawn and the broadcasts reach millions of viewers and are some of the highest rated programming on PBS television.

Originally appointed by Mikhail Baryshnikov, Mr. Everly was music director of the American Ballet Theatre for 14 years. Hamlisch scored.

He conducted Carol Channing hundreds of times in Hello, Dolly! He is a proud resident of the Indianapolis community for over 12 years, and when not on the podium, Maestro Everly can be found at home with his family which includes Max the wonder dog. The concert will end at approximately p. Initially only a modest success with audiences and critics, it was nominated for two Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress for Jean Hagen and Best Score and astonishingly won neither.

Kaufman stage comedy Once in a Lifetime, itself made into a movie in The sets utilized whatever was hanging around the MGM lot from previous productions. Even that decision was made without much forethought Freed simply thought the period would match the era when his songs were composed. It revolves around Don Lockwood Gene Kelly , the dashing star of silent costume pictures; his co-star and strictly publicityengineered love interest, the blonde screen siren Lina Lamont Jean Hagen ; and his sidekick, hoofer Cosmo Brown Donald.

Trying to escape his voracious fans, Lockwood virtually falls into the lap of the pretty chorus girl with big aspirations Kathy Selden Debbie Reynolds , and they fall in love. In her first starring role, Debbie Reynolds was only 19 and a gymnast rather than a trained dancer; none other than Fred Astaire volunteered to coach her, producing a perkily graceful performance to match her fine singing.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Academy of St. Concerto highlights of the 15 season include a return to the U.

Adam Walker is making his BSO debut. In at the age of 21, Adam Walker was appointed principal flute of the London Symphony Orchestra and. Dmitri Shostakovich Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 25, ; died in Moscow, August 9, After the Soviet government in condemned him for the second time for writing difficult, modernist music that was deemed unhealthy for Soviet citizens, Dmitri Shostakovich adopted a protective covering for his work.

He used a simpler, more accessible idiom for his public music, while saving his more complex, dissonant style for personal works such as his string quartets.

Composed in November to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Festive Overture naturally was in his most accessible idiom: tonal, tuneful, and totally positive in spirit. The speed with which he wrote was truly astounding. Should we send a courier?

Dmitri Dmitriyevich sat there scribbling away, and the couriers came in turn to take away the pages while the ink was still wet first one, then a second, a third, and so on. I hurried down to the Theatre, and I heard this brilliant, effervescent work, with its vivacious energy spilling over like uncorked champagne. Though it was only his first work in this tremendously difficult form, it was a significant critical and popular success, so much so that it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

It has subsequently received productions throughout the U. I need a private place where I can express the spiritual,. My thought was that a single piece might suffice! I was reminded of it while listening to a recording of Adam Walker, the brilliant principal flutist of the London Symphony Orchestra and the soloist whom Maestra Alsop had invited to premiere the concerto.

Built on a simple three-note motive, the theme is lyrical and easy to remember, but somewhat rhythmically irregular at the same time. What Mozart could evoke, traversing all these different emotional territories, with a major chord repeated in triplets, a simple bass-line played pizzicato, and a melody floating above is mind-boggling and humbling to me.

Nevertheless, I decided to enter into this hallowed environment and, in a sense, to speak from within it in my own voice. The composer who sat down in May to create his Fifth had grown enormously in fame and confidence during this period. In , he was still recovering from his disastrous marriage and suicide attempt; in , he was world famous and had just returned to Russia from a highly successful European tour conducting programs of his works before cheering audiences from London to Berlin.

And yet Tchaikovsky was still plagued by doubts about his creativity and the morbid nervousness that was the dark side of his genius. Oh, never will I forget all that I have suffered here. The composer himself led the premiere in St. Petersburg on November 17, ; both the audience and the orchestra gave him a prolonged ovation.

Like the Fourth, the Fifth Symphony has a motto theme that appears in all movements and is also associated with the concept of Fate. Then the tempo accelerates for the sonata form proper. A duo of clarinet and bassoon introduce the rhythmically intricate first theme, a halting march.

After a short, intense development based mostly on the first theme, the solo bassoon ushers in the recapitulation. The lengthy coda is fascinating. Beginning with a sped-up, frenzied treatment of the halting-march theme, it descends into the orchestral basement for a surprisingly quiet ending, veiled in deepest black.

The Andante cantabile second movement is one of the most beautiful Tchaikovsky ever wrote, and the ardor and yearning of its two main themes seem to link it with romantic love. As a homosexual unreconciled with his nature, Tchaikovsky found love an ideal nearly always out of reach. On the contrary . You say that words are needed. No, words are not enough, and where they are powerless, comes full-armed a more eloquent language music. Soon violins pour out the passionate second theme: an upward-aspiring melody reminiscent of the music Tchaikovsky created for his most passionate balletic pas de deux.

A lighter middle section, featuring woodwind motives decorated with oriental arabesques, is suddenly smashed by the trumpets loudly proclaiming the Fate motto. The violins recover to sing the horn melody on their rich-toned Gstrings. But again Fate rudely intervenes, this time in the trombones, and the movement ends in very subdued tones. He wrote that the main theme was inspired by a tune sung by a street urchin in Florence, but that street song surely lacked the smoothly flowing sophistication we find here.

By contrast, the middle trio section is nervous, agitated music based on brusque string scales. The Fate motto makes a discreet appearance toward the end in the clarinets, but causes little disruption.

Fate is vanquished in the finale as the movement opens with a majestic statement low in the strings and now in E major, rather than minor. The Allegro vivace main section returns to the minor with an off-the-beat principal theme that seethes with aggressive energy Tchaikovsky mastering his fears with a vengeance.

A huge coda brings the Fate theme back again and again! Here Tchaikovsky perhaps overplays his triumph, but audiences happily succumb to his joy. Instrumentation: Three flutes, piccolo, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, four horns, two trumpets, three trombones, tuba, timpani and strings.

Scholarship as a playwright-lyricist. Didi Balle is also a published writer and journalist and worked as an editor for The New York Times for 13 years. Marin Alsop, Conductor. Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Steve Tague. Antonina Milyukova Tchaikovsky Laureen Smith. Look for him in the upcoming film Maggie Black. He is on the faculty at the University of Delaware. She was seen by Washington audiences as Mrs. She has directed in Canada and the U. Laureen hails from the Napa Valley in California.

Pictures at an Exhibition Friday, April 17, 8 p. Sunday, April 19, 3 p. Franz Joseph Haydn Symphony No. Peter Oundjian is celebrating 10 years as music director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and led the orchestra on a sixconcert tour of Europe in summer Oundjian is also in his third season as music director of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

As a regular guest conductor, his recent and future engagements include concerts with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic and Israel Philharmonic orchestras, as well as the Orchestre de Paris, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the RundfunkSinfonieorchester Berlin.

Louis Symphony orchestras. Since then, Ms. Needleman has also been. Highlights of her season include a performance of the Christopher Rouse Oboe Concerto with the Peabody Concert Orchestra and a solo recording with pianist Jennifer Lim. Salomon offered him a princely sum to come to London to write and perform symphonies and other works for his ambitious concert series.

Though Haydn spoke virtually no English and was at an age when most men were either dead or quietly retired, he accepted.

Symphony No. London, and it may have been premiered at his first concert there on March 11, However, this music is quite miraculous enough, for Haydn was exercising all his compositional brilliance to surprise and delight his new audience. The first movement opens with a moody Adagio introduction. Though the home key of D Major is forcefully proclaimed in unison at the beginning, it shifts on its repeat to D minor, a key that will haunt this symphony. A melancholy oboe solo bridges to the quick-tempo main section, whose infectious theme is built around pattering repeated notes.

The belated entrance of the trumpets and timpani intensify the music with whirling scales. The middle development section suddenly comes to a dramatic halt, which leads us to expect that the recapitulation of the opening section might be about to begin.

And when the recapitulation really does arrive, it is also full of exhilarating surprises, including a brief, stormy return of D minor. For music with such a graceful, innocent-sounding main theme, the Andante second movement in G Major is filled with an astonishing amount of drama, especially in its middle section,.

Movement three is a very grand minuet full of sweeping gestures. The finale is a merry rondo with an incessantly repeating theme. But as he did in the second movement, Haydn fills it with spectacularly dramatic outbursts in D minor and keeps his listeners continually primed to expect the unexpected. Instrumentation: Two flutes, two oboes, two bassoons, two horns, two trumpets, timpani and strings. Like Haydn, Ralph Vaughan Williams was a composer whose creativity flourished to an extraordinary degree in his later years; indeed, his last five symphonies were written after he was At the beginning of the century, he had tramped through the English countryside collecting traditional folksongs before they were lost in the onrush of the 20th century.

From their modal scales and characteristic alternation of duple and. One of his most beautifully lyrical works was his Fifth Symphony, bringing a vision of peace in in the midst of the terrors of the Blitz. Its mood and even some of its discarded music found its way into his next piece, the Concerto for Oboe and Strings of Vaughan Williams exploited that tone in his wonderful pastoral themes and chose an orchestra of strings only so the oboe would never be obscured.

Eventually, it moves from A minor to A Major and a livelier folklike dance theme for the oboe. Though labeled a Minuet, the second movement is actually a country waltz and despite its C-minor key, so often used for heroic tragedy, is very light and playful.

A second dance theme, a swaying Musette or bagpipe dance is dominated by the orchestra, the low strings providing the drone. It begins with gossamer, high-speed music of considerable contrapuntal intricacy. A sweeping romantic waltz makes a contrasting second theme. But as the. And it is that nostalgic mood that ultimately has the last word.

Instrumentation: Solo oboe and strings. Petersburg early the next year. Apparently, he had no plans to orchestrate his Pictures at an Exhibition, and the work was not even published until after his death.

It remained little known outside of Russia. All this changed in when Russian conductor Serge Koussevitzky commissioned Maurice Ravel, one of the greatest orchestrators of the 20th century, to score Pictures for his Paris ensemble. Low strings and bassoons depict the groaning of its wheels. Mussorgsky intended this to begin loudly, but Ravel gradually builds the volume, then lets it fade as the wagon rumbles toward us, then moves away. Others were dressed up as eggs.

A pile of skulls is heaped in one corner; Mussorgsky imagines that they begin to glow from within. Ringing with church bells and brass fanfares, the work climaxes in a blaze of Slavic glory. Instrumentation: Three flutes, two piccolos, three oboes, English horn, two clarinets, bass clarinet, two bassoons, contrabassoon, alto saxophone, four horns, three trumpets, three trombones, tenor tuba or baritone horn, tuba, timpani, percussion, two harps, celeste and strings.

The BSO is funded by an operating grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive.

DeFontes, Jr. Willard Hackerman. Battye Charitable Trust in honor of Kenneth S. Kingdon Gould, Jr. Benjamin H. Griswold, IV Mr. Markland Kelly, Jr. Memorial Foundation Mr. Stephen M. Alan M. Schuh Mr. Stephen D. Ellen Yankellow and Mr. Bill Chapman. Michael G. Hansen and Nancy E. Randa Joel and Liz Helke Dr. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent Mr. Hudson Myers, Jr. Judy and Scott Phares Mr.

Michael P. George A. Charles I. Shubin Richard C. Emile A. Bendit and Diane Abeloff Mr. Ed Bernard Mr. Mary Catherine Bunting Ms. Kathleen A. Chagnon Mr. Chace Davis, Jr. Coplin Linwood and Ellen Dame Mr. James L. Dunbar Doris T. Riva and Marc Kahn Mrs. Barbara Kines. Yuan C. Miller Drs.

Mark and Virginia Myerson Mr. Bill Nerenberg Dr. James T. Smith, Jr. Gideon N. Stieff, Jr. Harriet Stulman The Louis B. Thalheimer and Juliet A. Solomon H. Snyder Ellen W. George L. Bunting, Jr. Charlotte A. Margery Dannenberg Rosalee C. Douglas Hamilton. Jeremiah is the third in a series of Bernstein Symphony recordings underwritten by donor Sandra Levi Gerstung.

Thomas E. Allen Dr. Mandell Bellmore Deborah and Howard M. Shirley Brandman and Mr. Mary Catherine Bunting Mr. Albert R. William H. Cowie, Jr. Faith and Marvin Dean Ronald E. Dencker Drs. Sonia and Myrna Estruch Ms. Philip Goelet Betty E. Golombek Mr. Woodford Howard, Jr. Harry Kaplan Mr. William La Cholter Dr. David Leckrone and Marlene Berlin Dr. Kenneth A. Moravec Elizabeth Moser Mr.

Peter Muncie Mrs. Harry Oleynick Dr. Scott and Frances Rifkin Mr. Ruther Dr. Marvin M. Sager M. Sigmund and Barbara K. Shapiro Philanthropic Fund Mr. Mark Schapiro Jacob S. Harris J. Silverstone Melissa and Philip Spevak Ms. Peter Van Dyke and Ms. Judy Van Dyke Ms. Loren Western Dr. Brian Woolf and Ms. Amy Webb Woolf Mr. Edward J. Thomas H. Bailliere, Jr. Susan and David Balderson Ms.

Penny Bank Donald L. Bartling Dr. Theodore M. Mordecai P. Blaustein Dr. Paul Z. Bodnar Ms. John M. Bond, Jr. Helene Breazeale Dr. Rudiger and Robin Breitenecker Dr. Nancy D. Bridges Mr. Broadus, III Dr. Donald D. Brown Number Ten Foundation Mr. James N. Campbell, M. Michael and Kathy Carducci Ms. Harvey L.

Cohen and Ms. Elizabeth H. Collier Mr. John W. Conrad, Jr. David and Ellen Cooper Robert A. Corrigan Mrs. Rebecca M. Edward A.

Dahlka, Jr. Cornelius Darcy Mr. William F. Dausch Dr. Karlotta M. Davis Kari Peterson, Benito R. Daniel Drachman Mr. Larry D. Droppa Bill and Louise Duncan Mr. Laurence Dusold Dr.

Sylwester J. Dziuba Donna Z. Marietta Ethier J. Maurice R. Jerome L. Fleg Ms. Lois Flowers Mr. John C. Robert Gillison and Ms. Laura L. Gamble Mrs. Ellen Bruce Gibbs Mr. Joseph S. Gillespie, Jr. Helaine and Louis Gitomer Ms. Jean M. Suda and Mr. Kim Z. Golden Dr.

Diana Griffiths Ms. Fraser Smith Mr. Gary C. Healy Mr. Himeles, Sr. Bruce and Caren Beth Hoffberger Ms. Marilyn J. Governing Members enjoy a trip to Mt. Betsy and Len Homer Donald W. Wendy M. Jachman In memory of John T. Ricketts, III Dr. Richard T. Richard A. Morton D. Kramer Miss Dorothy B. Krug Marc E. Ley Mr. Vernon L. Lidtke Dr.

Frances and Mr. Diana Locke and Mr. Robert E. Toense Mr. James Lynch Ms. Louise E. Lynch Louise D. Macks Family Foundation, Inc. Marilyn Maze and Dr. Holland Ford Drs. Edward and Lucille McCarthy Mr. Scott A. Humayun Mirza Ms. Patricia J. Mitchell Drs. Dalia and Alan Mitnick Mr. Charles O. Monk, II Dr. Mellasenah Y.

Morris Dr. William W. Norton and Charles O. Erol and Julianne Oktay Mrs. Bodil Ottesen Frank W. Diane M. Perin Dr. Quint Dr. Stephen Shepard Dr. Ronald F. Frederick Sieber Drs. Joseph and Barbara Skillman Ms.

Leslie J. Smith Ms. Nancy E. Smith Patricia Smith and Dr. Lee M. Snyder Dr. John Sorkin Dr. Charles S. James Sutherlin Mr. Robert Taubman Mr. Terence Taylor Dr.

Ronald J. Taylor Sonia and Carl Tendler Dr. Carvel Tiekert Mr. Paul G. Tolzman Dr. Jean Townsend and Mr. Liss, Dr. Henry Tyrangiel Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation. Enjoy an Exclusive Maestra Circle event at a very special location. Support the BSO and make a donation today! Email membership BSO music. Matthew R. Weir Mr. David Weisenfreund Ms. Beverly Wendland and Mr. Michael McCaffery Mr. Christopher West Ms. Camille B.

Wheeler and Mr. William B. Marshall Dr. Edward Whitman Ms. Louise S. Widdup In Memory of Carole L. Maier, Artist Mr.

Barry F. Williams Mr. Winstead, Jr. Laura and Thomas Witt Mr. Richard Wolven Drs. Michael Young Dr. Robert J. Adams George and Frances Alderson Mr. Arthur W. Robert P. Walter B. Nancy S. Elson Kenneth R. Feinberg Mr. Arthur Flach. Donald S. Gann Constance A. Himeles Barbara and Sam Himmelrich Mr. Hubbard, Jr. Helmut Jenkner and Ms. Rhea I. Arnot Mr. Max Jordan Dr. Phyllis R. Kaplan Mr. Robert C. Neiman Thomas P. Perkins, III Dr. Jonathan D. Philipson Mr. John Brentnall Powell Dr.

Thomas Powell Mrs. Randall S. Robinson Bill and Shirley Rooker Mr. Nathan G. Sean Wharry Mr. Stephen Wilcoxson Dr. Shaw Wilgis Ms. Anthony Abell. Attman Mr. William J.

Baer and Ms. Nancy H. Hendry Mrs. Jean Baker Dr. Bruce Barnett Caroline W. Franca B. Barton and Mr. George G. Clark Karl Becker Mr. Beckley Arthur and Carole Bell Mrs. Elaine Belman Mr. Alan and Lynn Berkeley Mr. Charles Berry, Jr. Edward Bersbach Mr. Albert Biondo Roy Birk Drs. Lawrence and Deborah Blank Mr. John Blodgett Stephen F. Bono Mr. Charles R. Booth Honorable and Mrs. Anthony Borwick Elizabeth W. Botzler David E. Brainerd Drs. Joanna and Harry Brandt Dr. Mark J. Brenner Mr. Richard H.

Karen E. Daly Gordon F. Brown Jean B. Brown Robert and Patricia Brown Ms. Elizabeth J. Bruen Mrs. Edward D. Burger Frances and Leonard Burka Dr. Arthur L. Burnett Charles and Judy Cahn Mr. David Callahan Marla Caplan Mr. John Carey. Join us for an evening of cocktails and appetizers, an elegant dinner of food and wine pairings, and your wonderful BSO musicians prior to the performance of Haydn and Ravel.

John Carr Mr. Cavanaugh, III Ms. Jennifer Cawthra David P. Doreen Kelly Mary D. Cohen Mr. Harvey A. Cohen and Mr. Michael R. Tardif Jane E. Jonas M. Sally Craig Mr. Jeffrey Crooks James Daily Mr. Thomas Darr Richard A. Davis and Edith Wolpoff-Davis Mr. William C. Dee Rev. DeGarmo Dr. Thomas DeKornfeld Nicholas F.

Diliello Mr. Driscoll Dr. Jeanne A. Dussault and Mr. Mark A. Woodworth Mr. Edward Finn Mr. Anthony Fitzpatrick Mr. Arthur P. Floor Dr. William Fox Virginia K. Adams and Neal M. Friedlander, M. Roberto B. Friedman Mr. Stanford Gann, Sr. Mary Martin Gant Mr. George Garmer Mr. Austin George Dr. Frank A. Giargiana, Jr. Mary and Bill Gibb Mr. Price and Dr. Harvey R. Gold Joanne and Alan Goldberg Dr.

Morton Goldberg Drs. Joseph Gootenberg and Susan Leibenhaut Mr. Wajeed Khan, MD M. Ochaney, M. Medic-Aire Medical Equipment, Inc. Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates, P. Khanna, M. Kango, M. Norman G. Barbera Md. Pediatric Associates - Montgomery County, P.

Limpuangthip, M. Chu, M. Agwuna, M. Savinder K. Seasons Medical Group of Delaware, P. Sharma, M. Osman, M. Heiligman, M. Paul Place Specialists St. Pauls Place Specialists, Inc. Hochuli, M. Glaser, M. Day, MD Thomas E. Kasper, M. Thomas E. Sivan, M. Vaid, M. McGann, M. LLC William D. Clifford, D. Gender All F M.

Primary Care Physicians? Accepts New Patients? Accepting Patient Age. Use this form to search for providers by specialty, location, or name.

You may narrow your search results by entering information in multiple search fields. For example you may search for all pediatricians within a certain zip code if you fill out both the specialty and zip code fields. If you do not enter any information at all and just press the "Search the Directory" button, you will receive a list of all the providers.

Always call in case of emergency. Medical Specialty The type of care that a practitioner is trained to provide. Hospital Affiliation The hospital s where a practitioner sends his or her patients for services more appropriately provided in a hospital setting. Medical Group Affiliation A practitioner may work with other practitioners within a group practice. Board Certification Practitioners who are board certified are nationally recognized as skilled within their chosen medical specialty.

Accepting New Patients Practitioners accepting new patients are willing to see new members even if they have not seen them previously. If someone within the practice besides physician speaks the language that individual will serve as a translator. Hospital Accreditation Status Hospitals are regularly visited by an organization known as the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission certifies that hospitals meet its standards of providing quality, safe care to patients. Members can use this service to decide which hospital will best meet their needs.

Rachel Gerardy Physician Assistant. Dale Gomez Physician Assistant. Robert Greenwell Jr Nephrology. Christina Harvell Physician Assistant. Henry A. Sarah Hobart Orthopaedic Surgery.

Mary Jo Holloran Nurse Practitioner. Stephanie Horrocks Nurse Practitioner. Image Recovery Center Mastectomy Fitter.

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Denise Chavis in Baltimore, MD Denise Chavis may also have lived outside of Baltimore, such as Gwynn Oak, Parkville and 2 other cities in Maryland. Refine Your Search Results. All . View FREE Public Profile & Reputation for Denise Chavis in Baltimore, MD - See Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Number | Personal Review | $40 - $49, Income & Net . Baltimore; Denise Chavis; Denise Chavis. Current Address: RBMB E Redwood St, Baltimore, MD. Past Addresses: See available information. Phone Number: See available information. .