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Internship at kaiser permanente

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Share Email Text message Facebook Copy link. The program lasts for seven weeks and provides weekly workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities. ADA accessible. US citizen only, Documented US residents only. Eligibility description. Eligible to work in the US. What to do next. Call Call for more information about the program. Kaiser Permanente Northern California. View website.

What I wish was different Nothing. Advice Ask for additional assignments or responsibilities to help out. You never know what else you can be doing. Be the first to mark this as helpful. What I liked - Some of the nicest people I've ever met - Internship cohort programs were fun - Lots of networking opportunities - Great exposure to both a major healthcare system and the business side - Internship program gives you exposure to the COO, President of the Region, and even the national CEO - Traveled by car to different offices.

What I wish was different - For some interns, there is no set plan at the beginning of the internship. It's best to get assigned a project at first and build off that - Had a lot of idle time.

Advice Make sure you set a clear plan with your supervisor at first for what your summer will consist of deliverables. What I liked One thing I enjoyed greatly was having the opportunity to see different parts of large healthcare company. What I wish was different Because of where I was in my experience in research, I really did not have the opportunity to be fully exposed to all of the projects that were being done. Also, because research projects take some time to get off the ground, I really did not have time to fully invest into the projects in development.

Advice Once you're in your internship or job, keep the same energy you had when you were trying to get the job and apply it to the work you do everyday. What I liked Helping children and seeing a smile on their face. What I wish was different Nothing, everything is great.

Advice Be patient and ready to work. What I liked I learned a lot! I was working with a bunch of really cool although slightly old technology.

It was great experience, and I learned way more than I would have in any class. They had SVPs and other higher ups give weekly talks to just interns, which were great to listen to. Overall, every level of leadership at KP was very involved with everyone even us lowly interns and had a clear direction of where they wanted to lead the company.

What I wish was different I wish I had worked in a team-based environment. I was on a team, but I was working on a separate project with only one other developer who was off-shore.

The project was created to help the main team so it felt good helping, but it would've been much better if I had been working with everyone around me. Advice Programming isn't just coding.

The lead developer I was working with would give me an article to read everyday to boost my knowledge about what was going on in the programs I was working on that I wouldn't have picked up by myself.

Also, talk to your manager about areas of improvement. Ask and you will receive! I was given so many responsibilities and tasks that I never thought I would have during my undergrad.

I also had a great mentor and supervisor during my internship who took me under their wings and taught me the ins and outs of Kaiser. I was also able to network with not only other KP Launch interns, but also with several Kaiser employees who took genuine interest in what I wanted to do in my future career. What I wish was different I ended up having to split my internship into two offices, one in Oakland and the other in Pleasanton, which made networking with Kaiser employees difficult in the beginning.

Advice I would advise every student, business major or not, to take on an internship during at least two of your summers as an undergraduate student. You are learning so much material and gaining the experience that you would never get inside of a classroom. This is also not only an awesome resume builder, but you get to expand your network at such a young age when people want to reach out and help in any way they can.

Take advantages of the resources offered to you and learn about careers that you never thought about. What I liked Friendly. What I wish was different More pay. Advice Pay raise. What I liked I was able to receive the maximum amount of on-hand volunteer work as I was able to as a volunteer.

I learned a lot about drugs and which classifications are which as well as a general layout of various outpatient pharmacy settings. What I wish was different I wish I would have been able to be an intern so that I would be able to get more hands on experience with the profession.

Advice I would recommend to get as much experience in the field of your interest as possible to see if it really is the right profession for you.

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WebAug 14, аи Kaiser Permanente is a non-profit healthcare organization that provides medical care to more than 9 million people across the country. They offer internships in . WebIntern (Former Employee) - San Francisco Bay Area, CA - November 9, During the summer of , I worked at Kaiser Permanente through the program called Kaiser . WebJul 13, аи Internships and graduate programs at Kaiser Permanente. Insights about management, building your network, and the benefits of starting your career here. .