humane society guinea pigs
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Humane society guinea pigs

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The best guinea pig cages are usually wire cages with a solid bottom metal or plastic that are easily removed for cleaning. Add a small house inside the cage so the guinea pig has a private refuge when stressed or tired. This can be a small cardboard box or a small animal house available at your local pet supplies store. Aquariums and plastic tubs are not recommended. They are usually not large enough, do not offer proper ventilation, and isolate the guinea pig from its surroundings by inhibiting sight, sound and smell.

To ensure the good health of your guinea pig, bedding must be kept clean. Aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings are good, inexpensive bedding. The recycled pelleted beddings on the market are very nice but more expensive. Cedar bedding and pine bedding are not acceptable as the oils in the wood pose health risks to guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs require unlimited amounts of fresh green grass hay usually Timothy. Most guinea pig pellets are alfalfa based, which is fairly high in calcium. Feed pellets made specifically for guinea pigs. Use a heavy bowl that cannot be tipped. Avoid brands that contain lots of seeds and nuts, because the fat content of these foods is often too high for adult guinea pigs and they make choke on large or whole seeds.

Fresh water must always be available, preferably in an easy-to-reach water bottle. Food bowls and water bottles should be cleaned and refilled with fresh food and water daily. Guinea pigs require vitamin C on a daily basis. Fresh greens and vegetables can be fed in moderation. Too large a quantity or variety can cause diarrhea or other digestive or nutritional problems.

Guinea pigs can be given: parsley, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, live wheatgrass, carrot tops, celery leaves, clover, spinach, green alfalfa, chemical-free dandelion leaves and fresh grass, carrots, grapes, apple, cranberry also dried cranberry and a little citrus fruit. Vegetables belonging to the cabbage family kale, broccoli, cauliflower should also be very limited or avoided as they can cause bloat, a serious condition.

Fresh foods should always be thoroughly rinsed. When picking up your guinea pig, be sure to support his entire body with two hands. They love to interact and be held by their owners. However, infrequent holding can result in animals become territorial and unsocial.

Guinea pigs are unable to produce their own Vitamin C. Pellets infused with vitamins are essential. Also, offering select fruits high in Vitamin C will help prevent the onset of scurvy.

Guinea pigs are very noisy animals, producing a variety of vocalizations. Common sounds that can be heard include purring, teeth clatter, cooing and whistling. These animals are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. Be consistent with your day-night cycles, as well as your feeding schedule, as this will eliminate many unwanted behaviors. Chewing and digging are natural behaviors and unfortunately cannot be controlled, but can be redirected into positive outlets.

Enrichment will help keep various behaviors in check, while providing stimulation for your cavy. Boredom is the main reason behind most behavior problems in these animals. Various enrichment items include:. You are the answer to providing homeless pets a second chance.

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