juniper networks vpn disconnects
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Juniper networks vpn disconnects

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Here's my config:. Based on my understanding of the config, this should happen after 24 hours, not 6. Clearly I'm missing something here though. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

These lifetime values don't match the I have in the config, so I guess we can see why the VPN is being disconnected. If anyone has any insight about what I need to change I'll be thankful. It turns out that these values can be set on the NCP client, as well as in the Juniper, and the client values override those on the router. After changing the values to match the duration is now showing as Skip to main content Press Enter. Sign in.

Skip auxiliary navigation Press Enter. Contact Us Terms and Conditions. Skip main navigation Press Enter. Toggle navigation. Search Options. An KB was created for that on Juniper's website. This article describes the issue of Junos Pulse being frequently disconnected for multiple Junos Pulse Desktop users.

This issue can occur, if multiple users have the same guid string value for the local machine ID in the Connection Store configuration data file; which is created, when installing Junos Pulse for the first time. The issue is intermittent and can occur at any time during the session. At other times, the session is not affected and the Junos Pulse user stays connected, until they sign out.

Multiple users report frequent disconnects with the Junos Pulse desktop client that occur randomly. The following error message is generated on the desktop, when Junos Pulse is disconnected:.

When deploying Junos Pulse desktop to end-users, if the Junos Pulse client is pre-installed on Windows OS and an image is created from this, which is shared across multiple endpoints, then the local machine ID that gets stored in the Junos Pulse Connection Store configuration data file will be the same for every machine that the image is used on. The Junos Pulse Secure Access Gateway Series device identifies user sessions that connect with the Junos Pulse clients by the local machine identifier, which is sent to the server, when a connection is established via Junos Pulse.

To determine if Junos Pulse users in your environment are affected by this issue, collect the Junos Pulse logs and diagnostics logs from the Junos Pulse client, from each individual client PC.

Open the logs and Diagnostics folder from the user's PC and browse to the ConnectionStore folder, which will contain the connstore. Open this file with a text editor and locate the following parameter:.

When deploying Junos Pulse, which is pre-installed for a Windows OS image being shared across multiple endpoints, the guid value for the local machine should be removed from the Junos Pulse configuration file, after installing Junos Pulse; so that the Junos Pulse configuration data files in the root image do not contain a guid value that would be replicated on all machines. A new and unique guid value will be generated for each user, when Junos Pulse is launched and run for the first time.

Perform the following procedure to reset the guid for users, who have already installed Junos Pulse and have duplicate guid values in the Junos Pulse configuration file or the master image which is used to pre-image multiple PC's with an image that Junos Pulse has already been pre-installed on : 1. Remove the guid value from the parameter by deleting the entire second line. This will change the parameter setting to:.

Note: It may be necessary to edit the 'connstore. When the service is restarted and Junos Pulse has been launched again, a new and unique guid will be generated and stored in the user's connstore.

Note: The 'connstore. So, it is recommended that the above procedure be performed to modify only the portion of the 'connstore. If the connstore. Note: This script is the version found in the KB referenced in yagmoth's answer , but with one mistake fixed. KB - [Pulse] Pulse Secure Desktop client is intermittently disconnecting for multiple users at random intervals.

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If the server takes more than seconds to respond, the VPN tunnel closes and your client will disconnect. As a result, a slow or delayed internet connection can cause your VPN to drop. You can check your upload speeds, download speeds, and latency using an online speed testing tool. There Are Other Network Connection Issues Your internet connection relies on a series of devices in a long chain, and failures in any one of them could cause your VPN to disconnect.

If you have a weak connection to your WiFi network or mobile data signal, that can result in your VPN connection dropping. Most VPN services will automatically try to reconnect as your internet connection reestablishes, which can make it appear as if your VPN is randomly disconnecting and reconnecting. ExpressVPN has a connection limit of five devices.

If you have a lot of devices to protect, you can avoid the device limit by installing the VPN on your router or choosing a VPN like Surfshark , which offers unlimited simultaneous connections. If you have tried other VPN services previously and have not uninstalled them, they might be causing issues.

More commonly, firewalls and antivirus software can prevent your VPN from connecting to the internet. You may even find that your VPN kill switch stops working properly. Network firewalls can be set to blacklist certain IP ranges, to cut long-running connections to single IP addresses, or even to block all the ports a VPN would use.

If there are too many users connected to a single server, your connection may drop unexpectedly. For fast speeds and a more reliable connection, we recommend choosing a VPN with hundreds of servers in countries all over the world.

The more servers a VPN has in its network, the less likely it is that your chosen VPN server will be congested or overloaded. VPN applications usually run in the background, which means they may be candidates for battery-saving measures. You can find similar tips in our guide to Norton VPN not working. You will find these configuration options in the VPN application on your device.

By connecting to a more reliable VPN server, changing connection protocols, or reconfiguring your DNS settings, you can prevent unexpected disconnections due to issues with the VPN software. Changing your VPN server is the simplest way to improve the reliability of your connection.

The nearest server to your physical location will usually give you the fastest speeds and the most reliable connection. VPN protocols are the rules used to create an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server.

However, changing protocols can make your connection more reliable and prevent disconnections in the future. If you are in a country with a heavily-regulated internet, VPN traffic may be blocked or even outlawed. This stops censors from identifying your traffic as belonging to a VPN, which reduces the chance it will be blocked.

This can offer some privacy and security benefits, but they usually come at the expense of speed and reliability. Double VPN is unlikely to be enabled by default. We recommend enabling it only if you are handling highly sensitive information or you face the risk of targeted attacks. For most users, a standard VPN connection is enough for improved security and privacy, and enabling this feature may be the reason your VPN keeps disconnecting.

Your VPN will disconnect when you are using a trusted network. If you forget you have this feature enabled and you move within range of a trusted network, your VPN will disconnect unexpectedly. This may seem like an obvious first step, but restarting your router can help stabilize an unreliable connection. Turn off your router, leave it a few minutes, then turn it on again. Modern routers will often update their internal software firmware automatically. These updates can improve the stability of your connection.

If your router does not update automatically, try logging in to its dashboard to see if you can force it to update manually. You can log in to your router by entering its IP address in a web browser window.

To improve the reliability of your connection, you can try changing the port that your device uses to connect to the internet. Some power saving features can interfere with VPN connections. Try disabling them, but remember that your battery charge will not last as long:. Resetting your network settings means you will have to re-enter your passwords and set up your connections again. However, if nothing else works, it might help you stop your Android VPN disconnecting:.

Try These Fixes. What Is a VPN? Try connecting using a different device on the same network. Try connecting using a different network. If your VPN works on one network but not on another, that suggests the network is probably at fault. Try connecting using a different cable. Faulty cables can cause network connections to drop. Delete old VPN apps. If there are multiple VPN apps installed on your device, they may conflict with eachother and prevent your VPN from establishing a connection.

Check for conflicts with your firewall and antivirus. Check for data-hungry software. If your operating system updates or other data-intensive downloads are taking place, this could result in congestion on your network connection that causes your VPN connection to drop. Install a VPN on your router. Tap your account icon. Find your VPN app in the list, and tap Update. Test your VPN to see whether the issue is resolved.

Select Remove App. Open the App Store. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 8 Search Community member.

I have two new computers with Windows 8. Both have the same problem described above- computers work through ssl vpn leads to disconnection every 30 seconds or so. In several forums have noted that they found that uninstalling the printer network solves the problem, but the problem persists.

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In reply to ilan. User's post on September 8, Karthik Vengaloor , thank you i will. Hi Ilansh, You will will be able to fix the issue from TechNet forum. User's post on September 9,