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Conduent charlotte

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When I started working for the company Condent as a Retention Specialist on my typical day work would consist of working with customers on their Sprint account for example i worked with customers if they had any service issue on the account or any billing questions or issues, also offered solutions to solve their issue, offers sprint services to retain the customer from leaving the company services and as well helped with activating devices using a system provided by sprint, educated customers about sprint products and service plan that will be benefit the customer.

Working for Condent taught me how to work with customers under pressure and remain claim , as well taught me how to handle customers issues without me diva-gating or to overturn on a customer because of their problem as well taught me how to dis-escalate a call from previous service representative or long period of wait time over the phone.

One of the enjoyable part of my job was I had the opportunity to met such a helpful group of people that helped and guided me to get the job done. Trainer Charlotte, NC May 12, As an agent you are able to make a decent amount of money with base, OT and Bonus with some effort.

Once you move up in management there is a short ceiling with no plans in sight on it ever moving. Since the new Management took over there have been no raises in over 2 years, there are no recognition for good work being done at agent or management level, there are no incentives other than being employed.

We have rules the agents are supposed to follow but then we cannot take any action against them to prevent it from the future so the agent feel as if they can get away with anything without any repercussions. You can definitely learn a lot about how to deal with upset customers with unrealistic resolutions. This is not a cookie cutter job which is what some agent believe. This is a job where you do have to think outside the box in order to come up with the best resolution for the customer. This was an enjoyable company to work for which is why I lasted for the many years but it is a ship which is slowly sinking and it is my time to get off this vessel before everyone drowns.

Pros Great for agents. Agent bonuses. I worked at this job for almost a year, before differences with management and I was let go. They have a no rehire policy which is ridiculous. The 11 months I worked there I had 6 different managers. One was fired, and the other quit that says a lot. But they weren't just handing out raises they were giving you more and more work. The call que was ridiculous partially due to covid. I worked for a client who was basically a cell phone company. Taking calls all day and all night, and I do mean ALL.

Dealing with customers some good some bad. If you have kids or have other obligations this isn't the job for you. I worked various shifts and only got a "good schedule" about 8 months in.

They will micro manage and everything is based on metrics and surveys. Other than this it's just a regular call center job. Pros Hour Lunch. Cons Micro Management, Terrible Hours.

There is no dress code enforcement there, the management is unprofessional, the restrooms stay nasty with fecal matter left in the toilets and other bodily wastes left on the toilets and floors. The place needs to be cleaned and the lack of professionalism is ridiculous. Management freely talk about employees in front of other employees, they hire gang related people, there have been fights about to break out on the call center floor, the floor support is not as knowledgeable as they should be, the systems in training barely work, they are highly unorganized.

This is not the company for someone looking for long term employment. They expect the most and put in the least. I actually heard two trainers talking about the mental health of a trainee in the hallway. This place needs a whole makeover. Pros Its a job if you don't have one. Cons working there is the con. The schedules are horrible, they are made to meet labor but not with the employees lives in mind.

You can barely go to the the bathroom without someone questioning where you are. The breaks are too short and You never wanna come back. Customers are rude and it takes a mental toll eventually on you being yelled at through the phone all day. You will gain weight working here. Rules change every week and management just goes along with it. Pros Pay. Cons Schedules, supervisors, no freedom. The Sprint call center is an entry level place to start at if you want the experience first hand.

You really need to have tough skin to work there because the customers will drive you insane if you don't sound confident on the phone and they will also be a little bit stubborn when you've provided them the solution to their issues and they're not satisfied. Training in the class is 4 weeks and lab training live calls is 3 weeks. The 4 weeks of training felt rushed and I feel like they need to train longer and better so that new employees can get a better understanding of the systems, terms, and policy's they use to help out customers.

Until they train better and pay more money people will continue to quit, and will stay hiring people every single month. The job description was not a accurate representation of the actual job. In my class they hired about 30 people.

As we began chatting with each we realized that Half of us were told one thing about a raise after the training period and half of us were told there was not raise after training..

Sorry for spelling errors this app is freezing Long story short. They threw us to the wolves in a very faced paced call center and had the gall to get mad at us for not moving quickly. The team Supervisors lack soft skills. Working from home Answered Jul 2, How often do you get a raise at Conduent? When you get a promotion Answered Jan 14, Retail and Customer Service.

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