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Humana rx plan cigna hsa vs ppo

Humana rx plan

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Humana charges coinsurance rather than copays for many drugs, which can get expensive. Low quality ratings. Humana gets below-average ratings on nine out of 12 Medicare Part D quality measures. Part D plans are sold by private insurance companies. Humana offers three stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans for [0] Humana.

View all sources :. Stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans from Humana are available in all 50 states, Washington, D. Humana offers all three of its Medicare Part D plan options in all U. Monthly premiums:. Annual deductible:. A formulary is a list of the prescription drugs covered by an insurance plan.

The plans often organize different kinds of drugs into tiers according to the cost of the drugs. Tier 1: Preferred generics. More common, lower-cost generic prescription drugs. Tier 2: Generics. Higher-cost generic prescription drugs and some lower-cost brand-name drugs. Tier 3: Preferred brand. Brand-name drugs with no generic drug equivalent. Tier 4: Non-preferred drug. Higher-priced brand-name and generic drugs with no preferred cost sharing.

Tier 5: Specialty tier. Each tier has copay or coinsurance requirements. For example, Humana plans sometimes have the lowest copays for prescriptions you fill through Humana-preferred mail-order pharmacies. For retail pharmacies, preferred in-network pharmacies can have significantly lower cost-sharing requirements than non-preferred pharmacies. Deductibles can also apply differently depending on the formulary tier. The Humana Basic Rx plan has a deductible for all tiers. Cost-sharing requirements for higher tiers can quickly get more expensive.

Coinsurance is a percentage of the price for your medications, so coinsurance requirements can be more unpredictable and more expensive. Humana starts charging coinsurance rather than copays at different formulary tiers for each of its plans:. Humana Basic Rx: Copays for Tiers from preferred mail-order pharmacies. Coinsurance for Tiers Average Part D star rating, weighted by enrollment: 3. These ratings use a 5-point scale, where 5 is the best and 1 is the worst.

Based on the most recent year of data, stand-alone Humana prescription drug plans get an average rating of 3. The average for all stand-alone Medicare Part D plans from all providers, weighted by enrollment, was 3.

Call center ó foreign language interpreter and TTY availability. Medication Therapy Management program completion rate for comprehensive medication review.

Members choosing to leave the plan a higher star rating means fewer members choose to leave. Medication adherence for diabetes medications. Medication adherence for hypertension. Medication adherence for cholesterol. Health Insurance. For comparison, the highest score was 75 and the health insurance industry average was AM Best is a credit rating agency that specializes in the insurance industry.

An A- rating in this category indicates that AM Best believes Humana has an excellent ability to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. Humana is a health insurance company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Its insurance offerings include Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance, employer-sponsored policies, Medicaid coverage and dental and vision plans.

As of June , Humana had about 8. Read the NerdWallet reviews of these other Humana Medicare offerings:. Humana Medicare Advantage. Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Medigap. Compare Medicare Part D prescription drug plan companies.

Average stand-alone Medicare Part D star rating, weighted by enrollment Aetna Medicare Part D. Cigna Medicare Part D. Humana Medicare Part D. Mutual of Omaha Medicare Part D. Wellcare Medicare Part D. You can also see if the drugs you take now are covered and what they'll cost based on your plan choice.

ZIP code. Shop plans. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits for additional information. In some areas, preferred cost-sharing pharmacies may be extremely limited. Members participating in the Insulin Savings Program may pay even lower copays for Select Insulins and the copay is the same for both vials and pens. Be sure to check the Drug Guide to see which insulins are covered.

Explore plans. Find a pharmacy in your plan's network Simply enter a pharmacy name or search by ZIP code to see preferred-cost-share and standard in-network pharmacies in your area.