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Live Chair Health is a culturally relevant community platform powered by tech-enabled services. Vaccines prepare your immune system to fight diseases without making you sick, so that when you're exposed to read article real thing, you carefirst my health save your days off of work for something more fun than lying in bed with a splitting click here and a burning throat. This partnership is centered on meeting people where they are, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey. Live Chair was a member of the first cohort. Heslth care for over conditions through an easy-to-use app. Specialist Doctor.

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Tacie platt conduent

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Carter, George System and method of marksmanship training utilizing an optical system Cl. Carter, James; and Daughtrey, Rodney S. Dai, Hongli; Padhi, Akshaya K. Carter, Miles Elliott Event organizing systems, software applications, and methods Cl. Hannah, Stephen E. Hall, Jonathan L. Formon, John; Brickl, Jeffrey J. Malik, Daniel J. Casebolt, Eric; and Obsharksy, Stephen M. Caselli, Claudio; and Patki, Rahul, to Dal-Tile Corporation Floor element for forming a floor covering, a floor covering, and a method for manufacturing a floor element Cl.

Erharter, Nikolaus; and Casetta, Alberto Cl. Horst, David L. Cash, Phillip Protective bubble Cl. Miyamoto, Naotomo Cl. Shisha, heat-not-burn, or combustion casing with active ingredient, product and casing with active ingredient, and method of making the same Cl. Methods of treating Fabry patients having renal impairment Cl. Methods of treating fabry patients having renal impairment Cl. Souza, Marcelo I.

Wirick, Kevin S. Castro, Alfredo C. Indole AHR inhibitors and uses thereof Cl. Catalano, Donald J. Non-contact, infrared sensing temperature-activated controller for abatement of effects of hot flashes in a human body Cl. Catalano, Pasquale A. Jayasankaran, Karthik; Annin, Joshua T. Kuras, Brian D.

Miller, Tad W. Svensson, Kenth I. Heim, Daniel; and Hirman, Colton Cl. Kwaczala, Andrea T. Cavenagh, Ryan J. Chen, Ke; Haller, John L. Pino, Jr. Hansort, Marinus Cl. Dennison, Roger E. Guthrie, Jeremy; and Owens, Jason Cl. Enforcing mask synthesis consistency across random areas of integrated circuit chips Cl. Drummond, Alexander H. Ho, Ritchie; and Svendsen, Clive Cl. Mason, Karen; and Mason, John Cl. Celestica Technology Consultancy Shanghai Co. Ltd: See Li, Wenjin Cl. Celiesius, Kazimieras; to Peakstar Technologies Inc.

System and method for decentralized internet traffic filtering policy reporting Cl. Celik, Cem E. System for pre-purification of a feed gas stream Cl. Bramson, Carol E. Cella, Charles Howard; Duffy, Jr. Wen, Ben; Boitano, Anthony E. Balasubramanian, Srinivasan Cl. Paulsen, Alexander J. McDonald, Thomas C. Nagatomo, Masakiyo; and Yao, Akifumi Cl.

Sprenger, Michael D. Bachelder, Bradley G. Cerino, Joseph N. McNair, Douglas S. Systems and methods for queue control based on client-specific protocols Cl. Composite package Cl. Roure, Benjamin Cl. Window substrate integrated with polarizing plate and method of preparing the same Cl. Doran, Bruce; and Chabot, Marc Cl. Liang, Yichen; Chacko, Andrea M. Chacko, Antony; Hahn, Randolph S. Crystalline forms of psilacetin Cl. Electronic apparatus for controlling availability of memory for processes loading data into the memory and control method thereof Cl.

Optical imaging system and camera module Cl. Patel, Dharmesh M. Ribble, David L. Kamiya, Norifumi; and Chaki, Prakash Cl. Norris, Andrew J. System and method of patient monitoring and signal quality analysis Cl. Machine-learning-assisted self-improving object-identification system and method Cl.

Furniture with integrated acoustical system Cl. Greiner, Jeffrey H. Chamoun, Teffy R. Lock mechanism Cl. Asymmetric aerial vehicle Cl. Chan, Shihwen Multi-configuration belt tensioner Cl. Chan, Winston K. Kish, William S.

Kaufman, Jonathan H. Chancey, Mark Alan; Supel, John Andrew; Miller, John Matthew; Schuetz, Nicholas Norbert Lee; and Turjanica, Jerry Carson, to United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, The Hardware in the loop simulation and test system that includes a phased array antenna simulation system providing dynamic range and angle of arrival signals simulation for input into a device under test DUT that includes a phased array signal processing system along with related methods Cl.

Matyas, Aaron J. Brisbin, Ryan P. Tracking marker D Cl. Socket storage device Cl. Photonic semiconductor device and method Cl. Antenna selection method and device Cl. Crossbow with an effort-saving safety element Cl.

Low height PCIe riser bracket for computing device Cl. Kalhan, Amit; and Chang, Henry Cl. Method for hearing test and hearing test system Cl.

Shared-content session user interfaces Cl. Dual-shaft hinge with alternative rotation Cl. Camera module and electronic device Cl.

Morales, Javier A. Contact arrangement, circuit board, and electronic assembly Cl. Baron, Charles; and Chang, Sherry S. High aspect ratio Bosch deep etch Cl. Liu, Jianjun; and Huang, Zheyang Cl. Memory scrub system Cl. Young, Vincent Z. Chappalli, Mahesh B. Burn-in statistics and burn-in compensation Cl.

Kubis, Tillmann C. Miao, Zhenhua; and Charo, Israel Cl. Link, David F. Cook, Charles Cl. Khalid, Saran; and Akhtar, Perwaiz Cl. Singh, Lakhbir Cl. Beller, Charles E. Alles, Matthew D Cl. Chasse, Brenton P.

Nayak, Rajesh C. Chatterjee, Soumitra; Lakshminarasimha, Sunil Vishwanathpur; and Parthasarathy, Mohan, to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP Assigning dependent matrix-vector multiplication operations to consecutive crossbars of a dot product engine Cl. Galan-Oliveras, Magdiel F. Generating investigation timeline displays including activity events and investigation workflow events Cl.

Systems and methods for detecting intrusion while in artificial reality Cl. Architecture for predicting network access probability of data files accessible over a computer network Cl. Rich, Zachary C. Tagged memory operated at lower vmin in error tolerant system Cl. Che, Erjun Dumbbell D Cl. Chee, Mark S. Methods and systems for determining spatial patterns of biological targets in a sample Cl. Automated analysis of cellular samples having intermixing of analytically distinct patterns of analyte staining Cl.

Cheich, Robert C. Fan-folded sheet stock material support for use with a dunnage conversion machine and method Cl. Dunnage conversion machine and method Cl. Cole, Gregory A. Pressly, Eric D. Yoskowitz, David Cl. Information processing device, aerial photography path generating method, aerial photography path generating system, program, and recording medium Cl. Method, system and apparatus for uniformed surface measurement Cl.

Method of fabricating diode structure Cl. Stereophonic devices Cl. Liquid cooling head device Cl. Feeding apparatus Cl. Franke, Gregory C. Chen, Chih-Ming; and Chen, Yen-Chuan, to Wistron Corporation Monitoring method based on internet of things, fog computing terminal and internet of things system Cl.

Systems and methods for generalized multi-hypothesis prediction for video coding Cl. Dynamic wireless network selections Cl. Method for manufacturing an optical sensor Cl. Focusing method and apparatus applied to terminal device, and terminal device Cl. Workflow control method and system based on one-to-one correspondence between roles and users Cl. Microphone D Cl. Whiteley, Samuel J. Substrate structuring methods Cl. Chen, Hao; to Ohio University Method and device for chemical quantification using electrochemical mass spectrometry without the use of standard target compounds Cl.

Whispell, John M. Chen, Honghong Lamp D Cl. Earphone case D Cl. Semiconductor package with shared barrier layer in redistribution and via Cl. Package and manufacturing method thereof Cl. Three-dimensional stacking structure and manufacturing method thereof Cl. Fully self-aligned interconnect structure Cl. Removable data volume management Cl. Video picture prediction method and apparatus Cl. Video data inter prediction method and apparatus Cl. Apparatus and method for preparing a food puree Cl.

Electronic device Cl. Body of electric toothbrush D Cl. Marks, Tobin J. Water timer D Cl. Dynamic adjustment of earbud performance characteristics Cl. Multilayer medical balloon Cl. Chen, Juikun; to Roku, Inc.

Scene frame matching for automatic content recognition Cl. Method for manufacturing touch screen, display device Cl. Display module and display device Cl.

Technology for analyzing images depicting vehicles according to base image models Cl. Method and device for random access and instruction after random access rollback Cl. Video coding with subpictures Cl. Alloy article, method for manufacturing said alloy article, product formed of said alloy article, and fluid machine having said product Cl.

Power head of vertical reciprocating pump with multi-spherical connection, and water injection pump using the same Cl. Chen, Minghan; and Wooley, C. Duoss, Eric B. Method for issuing quantum key chip, application method, issuing platform and system Cl. Chen, Rongjie Socket D Cl. Light-emitting diode device Cl. Diaper backpack D Cl. Shah, Kedar G.

Integrated circuit structure of capacitive device Cl. Touch device Cl. Integrated biological sensing platform Cl. Hinge assemblies with composite neck shafts Cl. Vivanco, Daniel; and Chen, Wenge Cl. System and method for WiFi-based indoor localization via unsupervised domain adaptation Cl. Meiri, David; and Chen, Xiangping Cl. Storage device with detachable capacitor connection structure Cl.

Chen, Xiaoming Cl. Kaul, Himanshu; Anders, Mark A. Chen, Yaohua Wireless digital doorbell D Cl. Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method thereof Cl.

Method and system for enhancing image, and computer readable storage medium Cl. Method for calculating tread frequency of bicycle, wearable device, and storage medium Cl. Step bin D Cl. Script debugging method, device, and computer storage medium Cl. Lu, Xiao; and Chen, Yonghui Cl. Systems and methods for service resource allocation and deployment Cl. Switching method of automatic driving mode, apparatus and readable storage medium Cl.

Tang, Vivian W. Harriman, David J. Chen, Yuqi Decorative glasses D Cl. Attention guidance for ground control labeling in street view imagery Cl. Vertical stacks of light emitting diodes and control transistors and method of making thereof Cl. Contactor Cl. Night vision goggles D Cl. Yu, Cheng-Han Cl. Pulapaka, Hari R. Cao, Jian; and Cheng, Alan Cl. Chen, Liang; and Cheng, Alicia Cl. Cheng, Hong Apparatus, system and method for alarm triggered electrical supply disconnection Cl. Method and apparatus for determining static state of obstacle Cl.

Semiconductor structure and method for manufacturing the same Cl. Skateboard and control method thereof Cl. Cheng, Liming; Wang, Shilong; and Zhu, Rongrong, to Shanghai Tongji Hospital Nano-layered dual hydroxide-biological factor combined system for promoting nerve regeneration to repair spinal cord injury Cl.

System and device with laser array illumination Cl. Mahajan, Rohit; and Cheng, Winnie Cl. Radiation curable compositions with anti-stain properties Cl. Lin, Sixin; and Cheng, Ximing Cl. Chis, Marius G. Nan, Xianghua; and Bai, Qingyun Cl. Song, Li; and Jiang, Zhiliang Cl. Wang, Shilong; and Jiang, Zhiliang Cl. Yuan, De Cl.

Li, Zhiqiang Cl. Ouyang, Qian Cl. Chen, Dazhi Cl. Park, Youngchoon; Sinha, Sudhi R. Metallocene-supported catalyst and method for preparing polypropylene using the same Cl. Cherrington, John Wade; and Jain, Ankur, to Ciena Corporation High performance and scalable multi-layer topology discovery systems and methods Cl.

Bischof, Steven M. Lanier, Elizabeth M. McDaniel, Max P. Shen, Peng; Albertin, Uwe K. Timken, Hye-Kyung Cl. Cheyne, Mark A. System and methods for using role credentials associated with a VM instance Cl. Zhu, Xuelin; and Chi, Danjun Cl. Battery module, battery pack including the same, and method for producing battery module Cl.

Fin height monitoring structure and fin height monitoring method Cl. Chiang, Cliff Hook rack D Cl. FinFET devices and methods of forming Cl. Halo vests and construction methods thereof Cl. Ratchet wrench Cl. Sanders, Seth R. Chiappetta, Mark J. Chiattello, Marion L. Polymer-based antimicrobial compositions and methods of use thereof Cl. Koide, Takashi; and Chiba, Daiki Cl. Screw compressor having a plurality of branch paths with intersects and central axes Cl.

Chen, Chien-Yueh Cl. Bucher, Charles E. Method for the diagnosis and prognosis of neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory pathologies Cl. Allen, Corville O. Perrett, Stephen Cl. Freeman, Gordon J. VanNeste, Charles W. Dorsey, John G. Robertson, Naysen; Chin, Kenneth T. Chin, Taan-Kuan; to T.

Chin Company Ltd. Multipurpose workout chair Cl. Zhan, Sheng; and Seldon, Sam Cl. Zhang, Jianrong; and Huang, Zuoxin Cl. Novick, Scott J. Sanborn, Hanna; Decasa, Jr. Power converter pre-charge with line synchronization Cl. Chishti, Zia; to Afiniti, Ltd. Techniques for benchmarking performance in a contact center system Cl.

Vemulapati, Jayanti; and Chitalwala, Murtuza Cl. Three dimensional memory device Cl. Protective element and a fabrication method thereof Cl. FC engineered anti-TNFR superfamily member antibodies having enhanced agonistic activity and methods of using them Cl. Integrated fan-out package Cl. Chiussi, Fabio M. User interface and content translation system Cl. Method of controlling electronic apparatus and computer-readable recording medium Cl.

Sulfur-carbon composite manufacturing method, sulfur-carbon composite manufactured thereby, cathode comprising same sulfur-carbon composite, and lithium secondary battery comprising same cathode Cl. Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data by relay node in wireless communication system Cl. Leghemoglobin in soybean Cl.

Electronic device having touch panel with main subsidiary electrodes Cl. Cho, Jaihyung; to Locaila, Inc Method for creating positioning support table and positioning using the positioning support table Cl.

Encapsulation having polymer and dielectric layers for electronic displays Cl. Kim, Taejeong; and Cho, Kyunam Cl. Maheshwari, Shagun P. Splett, Vincent E. Miller, Jeffrey T. Cleaning device having vacuum cleaner and docking station and method of controlling the same Cl. Spinal nerve decompression systems, dilation systems, and methods of using the same Cl.

Pad printing device Cl. Display device and head mount display device Cl. Display device and method of driving the same Cl. Display apparatus and method of controlling the same Cl. Electronic device including waterproof printing structure and manufacturing method therefor Cl. Lukin, Mikhail D. Newcomb, Bradley A. Block copolymer Cl. Kong, Kiho; and Choi, Junhee Cl. Method for receiving control information for SRS transmission in wireless communication system, and user equipment therefor Cl.

Method for transmitting or receiving sounding reference signal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor Cl. Adjustable support for foldable bed frame and foldable bed frame having same Cl.

Air circuit breaker D Cl. Optical system and wearable display apparatus having the same Cl. Yoon, Sung Wook Cl. Modified conjugated diene-based polymer and method of preparing the same Cl. Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Cl. Composition for producing graphite-polymer composite and graphite-polymer composite produced therethrough Cl. Cover window and display device having multiple radii of curvature Cl. Memory device and operating method of the memory device Cl.

Kim, Ki-tae; and Choi, Woo-jin Cl. Electronic device including flexible display and method of operating same Cl. Pressurizing members for semiconductor package Cl. Electric vehicle battery pack cooling system and electric vehicle battery pack system cooling method using same Cl. Kang, Chih Tsung Cl. Wang, Mingliang Cl. Wu, Chuan Cl. Yan, Yirui Cl.

Qiu, Bin; and Ye, Lidan Cl. Data classification using spatial data Cl. Chouljian, Parsig Pad of dispensable tape segments Cl. Intelligent washing machine and method for controlling ball balancer using the same Cl. Methods and tools for hip replacement with superscapsular percutaneously assisted total hip approach Cl.

Chowdhury, Kaushik; and Naderi, M. Yousof, to Northeastern University Distributed wireless charging system and method Cl. Mustafa, Ahmed; Christensen, Erik J. Jamin, Mathieu D Cl. Gardner, Scott Raymond; Christian, Jr. Johnson, Brandon T. Steemers, Frank J. Christiansen, Ned Forrest Restroom stall firearm receptacle Cl. Ledbetter, Carl J. Christie, Bruce A.

Method of implanting and forming masked intraocular implants and lenses Cl. Sensor interface for autonomous vehicle Cl. Christofferson, Frank Christian; to Quantum Radius Corporation System and method for low latency distributed image compression and composition Cl. Accessing listings in a data exchange Cl. Cong, Zhepeng; Chu, Schubert S. Process tracking pulse generator Cl. Method and device for queuing and executing operation commands on a hard disk Cl. Method for manufacturing memory device Cl.

Chuang, Kuo-Jung Cl. Chuang, Kuo-Jung; to Chuang, Hsun-Jen Enhanced non-coplanar double winding reinforcement method, structure built by the same, and crosstie for the same Cl. Auxiliary circuit Cl. Ruike, Yoshinao; and Kuramochi, Taichi Cl.

Tanizawa, Akiyuki; and Chujoh, Takeshi Cl. Chang, Chi-Tsai Cl. Customizing user interface controls around a cursor Cl. Display module and manufacturing method thereof Cl. Lamp for automobile and automobile including the same Cl. Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same Cl. Chung, Shu Hung Henry; Liu, Chun For; and Lau, Wing Hong, to City University of Hong Kong Method of diagnosing an electrical energy storage apparatus, an electronic device for use in an electrical energy storage apparatus and an electrical energy storage apparatus Cl.

Conjugate of finasteride with peptide Cl. Display device including a filling pattern Cl. Kuznetsov, Gleb; Lajoie, Marc J. Church, George M. Saucer amusement attraction and method for making the same Cl.

Gocal, Gregory F. Tomkins, Robert Kevin Cl. Herman, Carrie L. Bakos, Gregory J. Riestenberg, Paul F. Shelton, IV, Frederick E. Talbert, Joshua D. White, William J. Ciolfi, John E. Robison, Andrew; Ciraula, Michael K. Fojtik, Shawn P. Bytheway, Jared; and Monson, Brian Cl. Goergen, Joel Richard Cl. Best High-Volume Penny Stocks. Best Stocks to Day Trade. Best REITs. Yield How to Buy Corporate Bonds. How to Buy Treasury Bonds.

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KeyNote Speakers for the 2022 elegancegroupe-49.comtival, 12 - 14 October, Cape Town.

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