highmark wonton pastry recipe
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Highmark wonton pastry recipe

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Air Fryer:. Cook in the air fryer for minutes check at 6 minutes to see if you like how crispy they are if not put them back in and check every 2 minutes until they are done to your likeness. Enjoy with some this amazing dipping sauce:. Smoked Crab Rangoon. Featured Posts. Easy Smoked Jerky. Baked Pork Ribs. BBQ Corn on the Cob. Limited Time.

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Search By Tags. Does anyone have them at their local supermarket or have they stopped making them? This may be too much of a 'long shot' but can you recall where those Highmark wonton wrappers were made? I'm wondering if they were made here in Christchurch and maybe they're not able to be made at the moment because of the earthquakes??? Where is Stratford? Ok, it just seems that way, but just try the next big centre, I don't think the makers will be missing out on business for too long.

Yes that's them, blue and white pack. They used to just be in the freezers with the frozen spring roll products ,but no one seems to have them now, so thought maybe they'd gone out of production. Will check with the local if they can get them in.

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How to Turn Your Cheesy Tuna Wonton Crisps into an Amazing One