centene vs aetna
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Centene vs aetna amerigroup ga address

Centene vs aetna

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Invested Capital. Free Cash Flow per Share. Enterprise Value. Earnings per Diluted Share. Earnings per Basic Share. Earnings before Tax. Dividends per Basic Common Share. Debt to Equity Ratio. Book Value per Share. Total Assets Per Share. Net Assets Per Share. Cash Flow Per Share.

Revenue Per Employee. Net Income Per Employee. Return on Investment. Operating Margin. Calculated Tax Rate. Receivables Turnover. Inventory Turnover. PPandE Turnover. Cash and Equivalents Turnover. Accounts Payable Turnover. Accrued Expenses Turnover. Interest Coverage. Long Term Debt to Equity. Net Current Assets as percentage of Total Assets. Revenue to Assets. View Performance Chart.

Market Volatility 90 Days Market Risk. Market Performance 90 Days Performance. Current Valuation Equity Enterprise Value. Trade Advice 90 Days Macroaxis Advice. Number of Shares Shorted. Shares Owned by Insiders. Current Ratio. Net Asset. Profit Margin. Current Valuation. Cash Flow from Operations. Retained Earnings. Current Asset. Five Year Return. Price to Book.

Shares Outstanding. Total Debt. Return On Equity. Price to Earning. Shares Owned by Institutions. Return On Asset. Book Value Per Share. Cash and Equivalents. Price to Earnings To Growth.

Current Liabilities. Total Asset. Short Ratio. Last Dividend Paid. Target Price. Price to Sales. Cash per Share. Net Income. Earnings Per Share. Debt to Equity. Gross Profit. Coefficient Of Variation. Mean Deviation. Jensen Alpha. Total Risk Alpha. For example, let's say we want to calculate the gain of a stock for a particular week. We will first compute the average stock price for that week P1 and the average stock price of the previous week P2.

Then we will find the difference in percentage. Access those reports for Aetna Inc. Let us now observe the biggest one-week losses of Aetna Inc. The graph in this section will help you visualize the relative downward price movement.

Volume is a measure of total buying and selling activities combined. Volume is an important metric that many investors use to assess the strength of a trend. Let us check which of the two stocks enjoyed higher volume for different time frames. Dividends are a key metric in evaluating stocks. This section compares the annual dividends paid out if at all any by the stocks. Note: By annual dividends we mean the sum of all dividends usually quarterly paid out during a year. Stock splits are corporate level decisions that split an existing share for various reasons.

For example, if a stock is split in the ratio , stocks held by an investor will be doubled in number not necessarily in price. This section compares the stock splits if any of the stocks Aetna Inc. Analysis, by comparison, is a common tactic used by many investors.

This kind of analysis especially helps at times when someone is confused on choosing one stock over the other.

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