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This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico. Selecting these links will take you away from Cigna. Cigna may not control the content or links of non-Cigna websites.

Special Enrollment See all topics Looking for Medicare coverage? Shop for Medicare plans. Member Guide. Find a Doctor. Something went wrong We were unable to load Plan finder tool, please try again later. Loading Plan finder tool…-. This has meant an increase in the number of private language institutions as well as job openings in public schools. Those expats living as non-residents in South Korea for five years or less will pay tax only on locally earned income.

After living in the country for longer than five years, expats will be taxed as Korean residents and subsequently pay tax on both local and international income. Expats with an interest in technology and Eastern culture will definitely consider retiring to South Korea.

The office environment is centered round kibun, with the importance of family, honor and reputation driving corporate behavior. The make-up of business structures is traditionally hierarchical, reflecting the emphasis that society places on respecting elders and those in positions of authority. There are a couple of ways that businesspeople can greet one another in South Korea. Traditionally, people bow on meeting.

Negotiations can be frustrating for those looking for a fast and direct resolution. Discussions therefore can be longer than usual as people attempt to come to an agreement without outward conflict. Most major metropolises are connected via air, rail and road routes. Express trains hurdle from one side of the Republic to the other, often in as little as two hours.

The underground is perhaps the best way to get around the congested big cities, with tracks meandering beneath places such as Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Daegu and Incheon.

While useful for getting around the inner city, routes tend to drop off as they move further and further away into the outer areas and suburbs. Bus travel is cheaper, useful for both short- and long-distance journeys, and also comes in handy for reaching more rural areas. Banking in South Korea is both simple and advanced.

While not prevalent throughout, there are banks with English services, with many incorporating English into their online banking offerings. These cards must be obtained by all those visiting South Korea for more than 91 days. Living in South Korea can be extremely expensive, especially if one is living in Seoul. For foreigners working in South Korea, most employers generally organize their accommodation for them.

This can mean either paying for their rent or giving them a housing allowance. Eating out is definitely affordable if one sticks to the local fair, with most establishments selling international cuisine charging more exorbitant prices.

Public transport is also reasonable. The cost of education may make a dent in the expat budget. The primary choice of most expat families is to send their kids to international schools.

While maintaining high standards and familiar curricula, tuition at these institutions is often extremely high. Healthcare is of an exceptional standard in South Korea, equal or better than many of its Western counterparts. Public healthcare is rolled out via the National Health Insurance. Contributions towards national health insurance are paid by employers.

Those expats who have signed up to the National Health Insurance will receive these prescriptions at extremely subsidized rates but they also sell over-the-counter medication. Sanitation is of good quality in South Korea, with tap water safe to drink.

Those with respiratory issues and the elderly should be wary. Overview Our Plans. Considering changing health insurance provider? Leaving your Cigna group plan? For Members. Health Blog. About Cigna About Us. Member Log In. Country Guides. South Korea An everyday guide to expatriate life and work, in South Korea. Download Country Guide.

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Back to top Banking. Back to top Cost of Living. Health Introduction Healthcare is of an exceptional standard in South Korea, equal or better than many of its Western counterparts. Health Risks Sanitation is of good quality in South Korea, with tap water safe to drink. About Cigna Europe More than 60 years of experience Over million customer relationships globally Delivering choice, predictability, affordability and access to quality care View our health insurance plans.

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