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Conduent work from home jobs background is cigna commercial insurance

Conduent work from home jobs background

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The background check will disclose the following:. Conduent offers work of all kinds, the services it provides for its customers, demands several different facilities. There are various jobs all over the world. Available jobs can be searched for at jobs. Expungement is a great idea! Your state determines what crimes are expungeable, but diminutive crimes can usually be expunged. Stay calm. If the issue comes up, tell the truth.

We exist in a world now where; employers will understand and try to accommodate situations like these. This is one of the actions that will heighten your odds of victory, Voice your concern to your employer. Conduent prefers experienced applicants.

I am a father of two beautiful kids, a husband and a son. I put family first. It is in my nature to stand up and fight for the rights of people. I believe in fair opportunity for everyone. You must be logged in to post a comment. Joseph Hartman. Related posts: Does Staffmark Hire Felons? Staffmark is a recruiting company.

They work with employers and Does T-Mobile Hire Felons? T-Mobile is a cell service company that sells smartphones and The training is terrible and they micromanage everything that you do. The chairs and facility are disgusting and falling apart. Cons Short breaks, lunch.

They rather watch you lose a customer than to help you so that you can "get experience handling difficult situations". Management is limited, irritable, forgetful, and unprofessional. The ones that make it into management are the ones who stayed long enough while others quit or found new jobs.

Numerous times asked for help only to be left high and dry with angry customers for which would not get resolved unless either a spoke to "someone higher" or b got at least closer to what they were looking for for which all options were already declined by the "someone higher" they wanted to speak to.

And then further insult you by telling you to try things that you've already tried after waiting for help minutes into the call doing what you can. The "coaching" they give seems to go over only the negative and not that you were suffering most the time and adds insult to injury.

Systems are insanely slow which adds to the frustration of the customer. You will have to sit there and suffer, with no help when it matters the most and hopefully come out on top. Customers I can deal with, lack of support I can not. Pros Some supervisors are awesome. Cons The one you're stuck with do not help. I interviewed with this company not too long ago, and right after my interview they offered me a position.

I live about an hour away from this company and was still willing to commute to do everything I needed to start. So when I left the office I was told I would be notified of the outcome of my background check. Four days before my start date I received a called from this company stating they would need a few more weeks to receive the background check, therefore my start date would be pushed back.

Two weeks go by and I received a call stating my background check was not accepted and the position was no longer available to me. I find this very unprofessional as a work place to not only offer a position, but to also a start date! I have worked many years of customer service and a year in a call center environment just like this one, but the lack of professionalism on the hiring is not impressive! Definitely a waste of time to even apply for this company! Cons Unprofessional hiring process.

Training lasted 12 weeks long, which you would think is absolutely top notch and thorough, but I was actually mistrained on a great many things such as whether to disclose a phone number active on a customer's account and had to unlearn things that I was taught in training.

Floor support was basically non-existent, or mixed, at best. Supervisors had a job description of providing support to their agents on top of their other official duties, but a great many were too busy to help their agents or just weren't helpful at all. They were also required to take regular agent calls on occasion in order to meet the needs of the business, which meant less opportunity to work with supervisors who actually were helpful.

Customers could be downright rude, and the phone was an excellent way for customers to remain anonymous while hurtling verbal abuse and acting careless to the person trying to service their accounts. I've had many conversations with upper-level management about seeking change within the industry as well as in terms of opening support from supervisors, however these conversations would fall on deaf ears and become cyclical. Promises were made and not kept and ultimately no changes came about.

Conduent is great as a first job or if you don't have any other opportunities. The job itself is easy. The majority of customers are easy to deal with. As long as you have a basic understanding of Verizon Wireless plans and policies and how cell phones work, you should be fine. When hired, you are told over and over again that there is plenty of opportunity for advancement. After working there for over a year, I can tell you that that isn't the case.

The benefits are great and if you're willing to work a mundane job in which you do the same thing day in and day out, you're in luck. Management seems to like play favorites when it comes to promotions. This job is very stat-driven and can cause a lot of anxiety as your quarterly raises are dependent on whether or not you're in goal for your stats.

Overall, it's a good opportunity as far as pay and benefits go, but don't plan on making a career out of it. Pros Benefits, quarterly raises, food trucks, occasional opportunity for overtime. Cons Management, computer systems are frustrating to work with, stats. Got through the weeks of training and hit the floor, was in my second week when my supervisor asks if I've checked the scheduling tool. What scheduling tool?

I don't have a login. So she asks me where I want my hour of manditory overtime every day, 5 hours a week Where'd this come from? First I've heard about this. She said it was covered in the interview and in training. Nope, not mentioned in either. I'd know about this system and have a login if it'd ever been broached!

I was holding the printed schedule they gave me which was 8 hours, and it turns out they really want 9 and resort to "oh, it's on your schedule from workforce" as a way of getting it? Pros All the overtime you could ever want. Cons The fact they tack on overtime you didn't want. The job itself was nice except it is a call center. The customers were not always nice which management cant control. However the GM was awesome, but the management team kinda sucked.

They werent very supportive and you had to wait for long periods of time for any kind of help. You would get in trouble if you couldnt handle a bad customer and you would also get in trouble if you had them on hold to wait for a manager. They reviewed you every week which i thought was pretty awesome but the standards are super high.

If you got even a somewhat bad review 3 times they would right you up. Even angry customer reviews that you were nice to and did every thing right you would still get in trouble for it. Its very stressful and unorganised. I would only recommend to people who are good at beig yelled at, stressed out, and honestly have an i dont care attitude.

Only because it is the only way this job will not effect your personal life. No set schedule and policies change day by day. They rarely promote in the business and no one seems to have the same understanding. For example, my personal belongings were taken from my work station from one of the upper management and I was told that they would search my belongings without prior notice, without suspicion nor my consent.

I had to ask multiple higher ups about the policy that wasn't even made in the first place that allowed them to do that and most managers didn't even know about it.

I also find it ridiculous that they don't allow purses and cell phones in the business unless you put your phone in a locker and they don't provide locks. They also have whited out windows, metal detectors and security guards. I rather not feel like a prisoner at work.

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We are actively seeking full-time agents to work from home and deliver excellent technical customer service on behalf of our client - a world leader in technology and innovation. In this role, you will not only be there to help customers with their account issues, but also provide them with exceptional service. You will be working independently from home and will be expected to collaborate with management and co-workers in a remote setting.

To be successful in this role, you should have the ability ensure call resolution in a timely manner, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, maintain the highest standards of quality, guarantee customer satisfaction on every call, provide product solutions, and perform other duties as assigned.

People with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to apply for or compete for employment with Conduent may request such accommodation s by clicking on the following link, completing the accommodation request form, and submitting the request by using the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

For those using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox please download the form first:. You may also. All Jobs. Apply now. Job Description Do you like to help others solve their technology issues? Do you get a sense of satisfaction from sharing your knowledge to help people? Vijay conduent. Do you like to help others solve their technology issues?

Tel Optional. Location Optional. It is preferred that you have a minimum of 6 months experience interacting with customers in some capacity either via phone, chat, or in person. The shifts are flexible, but you must be available to work an hour shift between the hours of 7am and 11pm CST. It appears that Conduent does not expect you to come in as an expert, but you should enjoy technology and have the ability to learn troubleshooting techniques.

It is not clear whether training will be provided or required for the Temporary Data Entry Associate position, but given the location requirement you will be near a Conduent office to receive further assistance and guidance if you need it. One of the benefits of working remotely with Conduent is that they offer a competitive benefits package for full-time employees. They also offer dental, vision, and k plans along with paid time off.

Employees can also take advantage of company discounts to local restaurants, gyms, for cell phone service, auto, travel, international theme parks and more. If you would like Conduent work from home reviews directly from their employees, Glassdoor has hundreds of reviews available , including some for Conduent work from home call center jobs you will need to create a free account to view all the information.

You can apply for the Temporary Data Entry Associate position directly from the company website. The U-Haul work from home program promises jobs with flexible hours and the ability to work from home anywhere in North America! If you want to work. You do not need to be an experienced travel agent for this position.

If you want to work remotely and make a difference, Aira may the perfect company for you! Aira defines itself as a visual interpreter for the blind. I am in the process of being hired. The I9 is completed in person by setting an appointment with a notary that can verify your ID. Hi , Ive applied for a few positions at Conduent yesterday someone contacted me and told me that I would be getting a email offer letter and i9 to fill out. However this is for a work from home job, was my call legit?

Can anyone help? Thank you very much and tell me id it was a real member of your company? The I-9 form is used to verify identity and employment eligibility, so an employer requesting that you complete one is not out of the ordinary.

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*IMMEDIATE HIRES* Conduent (no experience!) - Online, Remote Work From Home Jobs March 2019

Healthcare Call Center Associate (Work from Home!) Starting pay rate is $ an hour - after training the pay increases to $ an hour! Plenty of career growth opportunities within the. WebAt Conduent, we understand the connection between employee experience and customer experience – and the tools, methodologies, and processes that enable high-performance cultures, agility and savings. “We want to set an example for all the vendors if they want more business, they have to do as Conduent does.” – High-Tech Client. WebWork From Home Customer Service Associate. United, WV 21d. $ Per Hour (Employer est.) Conduent. Remote Data Entry Associate. London, KY 5d. $ Per .