injectors 12 valve cummins
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Injectors 12 valve cummins juniper network connect mac el capitan

Injectors 12 valve cummins

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These injectors are great for moderate performance gains. This includes lower 48 United States only. Excludes products that must ship freight. Have your original invoice at time of phone call to give all appropriate information for return. In order to receive full core credit, your core s must be returned within 60 days from receipt of order.

Cores that are damaged during shipment to Industrial Injection Service are the responsibility of the customer and their shipping company. NOTE: packages that have fuel or oil residue on the outside of the box during shipping will not be delivered by UPS or the postal service which will cause delays. We do not research by customer name, only invoice or RGA.

Pause slideshow Play slideshow Call us: Call Us: Contact Us. Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter. Top-of-the-line Customer Service. Secure payments. Call Us: Contact Us. Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter. Top-of-the-line Customer Service. Secure payments. Shipping calculated at checkout. Horsepower increase of 80HP No core required, keep your old injectors.

Includes 1. Please re-use boxes and bags that parts were shipped in originally. These boxes are UPS approved to reduce damage while being handled in freight. Ask a question Name. Bosch New 5. Quick shop Add to cart.

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