invitrogen highmark protein ladder bio
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Invitrogen highmark protein ladder bio cvs health blood pressure series 400

Invitrogen highmark protein ladder bio

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Full Name:. User Name:. Telephone Number:. What type of issue did you experience with the content on the page? Cancel Submit. Thank You! For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Content And Storage. Number of Markers. Ready to Load. Western Blot specific protein ladders are specifically designed for easy and convenient protein molecular weight estimation directly on western blots or indirectly by using various blotting detection systems e.

The protein markers consists of recombinant proteins with an IgG binding site. The IgG binding site binds the primary or secondary antibody used for detection of the target protein, allowing visualization of the standard on the western blot.

Direct visualization can be achieved through standard staining protocols e. Download: Protein Gel Guide. Download: Protein gel electrophoresis technical handbook.

Download: Western Detection Workflow brochure. All rights reserved. Don't have an account? Create Account. Order Status Sign in Quick Order. Search Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Search All. Protein Standards and Ladders. See Navigation. Broad MW range protein ladders. Western blot proteins ladders. High MW range protein ladders. Low MW range protein ladders. Unstained broad MW range protein ladders.