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Scoring Leaders You need to be Premium to access this feature. Sign Up. Phil Marinaccio 30 16 22 38 2. Otto Nieminen 35 18 17 35 3. Gunars Skvorcovs 32 16 19 35 4. Trevor Gooch 34 14 21 35 5. Popular League Pages You need to be Premium to access this feature. Free Agent Frenzy You need to be Premium to access this feature. Player Facts. Date of Birth. Mar 14, Place of Birth. Youth Team. Player Statistics.

Tournament Statistics. All Opponents Powell River Kings. Career Highlights. Player Connections. Not Activated Sections. Preferred Equipment. Injury Records. Player Description. Fitness Results. Are you Lucas Baxter?

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Slovakia W. Phil Marinaccio. Otto Nieminen. Lucas is preceded in death by his grandmother Helen Baxter and his grandfather David Baxter. Lucas is also survived by numerous aunts, uncles and cousins that loved him. A private celebration of life service for family members will be held at McDonald and Son Funeral Home. Lucas spent part of every summer since second grade at Camp Glisson. Glisson was always the highlight of his year and something he loved and looked forward to.

You can give the gift of camp ministry every time you shop on Amazon. The family asks that everyone wear a mask. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the National Forest Foundation. For every single dollar you donate they will plant a tree.

Lucas loved everything about nature and was passionate about environmental conservation. He would have loved to know that trees were being planted in his name. To send flowers to the family, please visit our floral store. Home Page. Share a memory. Send Flowers for Lucas.

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He's cold often, so he's taken to dressing in layers, typically throwing a jacket over his usual outfit. The only accessory he wears is a bracelet made from the typical child's beads.

It's an orange and yellow pattern, with the word "bumfuzzle" on it in letter beads. The bracelet is the only thing he gets made fun of for that he refuses to take off. It was an inside joke he had with his sister, and she'd made him the bracelet for his fifteenth birthday.

He missed her often, but looking down at it made him feel less alone. Personality: As he got older, he had to learn how to act much tougher than he was. He acted like nothing got to him, but insults and comments stuck with him longer than he'd care to admit. He's kept himself from showing who he truly is for so long that he's nearly forgotten, but when he's gotten to a safe space and is truly comfortable, he's sarcastic, passionate, and caring.

He'd do anything for those that he loves, though he's unlikely to admit it. He doesn't think very highly of himself at all, and the scars all along his legs are permanent proof of his bad mental state in years past. He's taken to art and writing as a way of escapism. He writes children's books when he finds himself slipping back into a dark place, drawing the illustrations himself as well.

He writes about anything that comes to mind. He's extremely secretive about it, since he's been made fun of for it in the past. He's tried to be vegetarian for the past three years, though in public situations he won't mention it for fear of being teased for it.

Backstory: When Luca was younger, his family seemed ideal. He had always been criticized and looked down on by other people, but he had an older sister that had his back when the world seemed to be against him, and two parents with good jobs that loved them both.

And if his sister seemed to get a bit more attention than him, he didn't mind. She was smart, athletic, and had a more promising future than he would ever have.

So when she inevitably got a scholarship to her dream college, their parents were ecstatic. But there always seemed to be something off about their parents' view of her. They wanted her to have the perfect life; a good education that would lead her to a good job, a good husband, and eventually a good, loving family.

So when she came out as aromantic, they were… not very accepting of the idea. The pressure they began to put on her academics as well as their non-acceptance of her identity pushed her over the edge. Her suicide wrecked the family. Luca was understandably devastated. While his schoolwork and grades were easy to maintain, his social life suffered.

No one seemed to want to know him, and there were a few that made this abundantly clear. His father fell into a depression and turned to alcohol to soothe himself. He lost his job because of it. With his father out a job, his mother took on more hours to make up for it. She was almost never around, and when she was they were fighting. Luca's mental health took an obvious toll because of all this.

Likes: Kids, swimming, berries of any kind, though he's particularly fond of blackberries , sleeping, animals, bright colors, and warm weather. Dislikes: Cold weather and being the center of attention. He won't be obvious about anything he dislikes for fear of being ridiculed about it. Only triggers I have are explicit depictions of self harm of any sort.

In past tense it's totally alright, and even if done in present time in a way that it isn't extremely graphic is okay. Gore of any other kind is okay as well, so don't worry about that. Legit, he's amazing. I cannot wait to see these two interact. I swear, I'm so excited already—. Do we need to establish anything else before I post a starter?

I lowkey thought "What if Luca hits him with his car? What do you think? Ooh, that could totally work! Frankly I think Luca would get attached to anyone that isn't a complete jerk to him, so that paired with the guilt would definitely get him to help out. It's kinda sloppy because it's rushed but I was in a hurry, so I apologize.

Luca can basically hit him with the car whenever because this poor doofus is likely to step out right in front of Luca's vehicle like a crazy deer without even realizing what he's doing. The muffled, distorted sound of rain.

The rough, wet pavement beneath him. The burning feeling of breath in his lungs. The ache in his bones. The chill that ran down his spine. That was the beginning of his life. Or, at least, as far as he could remember. He couldn't remember anything before that moment, couldn't recall having existed before that morning. Surely, he had; people didn't just spawn into existence, right?

Or… did they? Even through the haze over his mind, something about that didn't seem right. There was something off, something he was forgetting…. The stranger ambled along the sidewalk, eyes wide with curiosity and confusion as he took it all in.

The buildings, the trees, the people, the beautiful orange-and-red sunset. It was mesmerizing, somehow foreign and familiar all at once. The stranger spun around to find who'd acknowledged him: a portly, wrinkled, kind-looking old woman sitting on a nearby bench.

For the first twenty-four hours or so after he woke, the stranger found himself unable to understand anything people were saying to him. Several people he didn't recognize approached him shortly after he stumbled out of that dark alley, but their words were all gibberish to his ears, and he fled from them, overwhelmed by the confusion.

Finally, though, it wore off— and since then he'd tried to make conversation with multiple people. Strangely enough, none of the conversations lasted long, and he had yet to figure out why. Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that he looks rough as heck and acts like a confused alien.

The woman looked him up and down. You don't have any shoes, and your clothes are all ripped up. You look like you've been in a fight.

Are you homeless? He glanced down at himself. His feet were bare or, technically foot , since one of his legs is replaced by a metallic replica from the knee down , covered in dirt and a little bit of blood though there were no open wounds to be seen. His pants were only knee-length, not to mention a bit tight for normal streetwear. His shirt had several holes in it.

All of his clothes were wet and dirty, probably would've been stained had they not been jet-black. But he couldn't find anything abnormal about the way he dressed.

The woman's concerned expression intensified; she stood up, leaning heavily against her cane. There's a Drug Rehab Center just a few blocks that way. The stranger blinked a few times as the old lady hurriedly hobbled off. He had no frickin' clue what a Drug Rehab Center was, but if that old lady thought it might help him figure out what was going on— "Thank you! You mentioned in the original post that this could become romantic.

It isn't really important, but did you want them to stay platonic or end up in a slow-burn romance eventually? I'm cool with wherever their relationship goes but since this whole plot was your idea, I wanted to check in and see what you were thinking. Luca didn't know where he was going. He knew that his mother wouldn't be home for another good few hours and his father barely noticed when he left or came back anymore, so he just left.

It wasn't unusual for him to just drive for a while- it helped soothe his nerves, especially when the weather was like this. As much as he loved the warm weather during spring and summer, he also loved this kind of weather- the sky was cloudy and dark, and rain could start pouring down at any moment.

The sun was setting over the skyline of distant buildings, steep hills, and trees, painting the world in a soothing orange color. He almost hoped that it would rain. The soft pitter-patter on the windshield and the fog in the distance made Luca feel as if he was the only person in his tiny world, which consisted of his little car, and that was it. Soft music was playing over the car speakers, filling the silence with gentle melodies of guitar and piano.

It was nice to have this time to himself, away from anyone who might try and make fun of his music taste, or what he was wearing. He didn't exactly look good- he'd basically rolled out of bed and left. He was dressed in an old t-shirt tucked into baggy black trousers with a faint crisscross pattern on them. He'd thrown an oversized, green jacket over everything. A considerable amount of his clothes were oversized since he liked how cozy they were.

He hadn't bothered with shoes, knowing he wouldn't leave his car. As light rain began to came down, he smiled gently, nuzzling further into his jacket. The outside was rough, but the inside was lined with a softer, warmer fabric that he loved. He allowed himself to relax, something he didn't get to do often. He hummed along to the music softly, tapping out the rhythm on the steering wheel. The road ahead was smooth and empty, so he wasn't completely paying attention until a figure stumbled onto the road.

By the time he saw the silhouette tripping onto the street, they were already too close for comfort. Luca slammed on the brakes, but was unable to avoid contact. The figure was shoved to the ground. It couldn't have been too hard, but Luca's heart was still pounding. He threw the door open, rushing out onto the damp pavement. The figure slouched on the ground was still breathing at least. He held out a hand, offering to help him up.

It all happened so quickly; one minute, he was on his merry way, and the next, something big slammed into him and knocked him back. He let out an ungodly yelp— moreso out of surprise than pain— as he fell back hit the pavement.

It wasn't nearly a hard enough blow to kill anyone, but it was certainly enough to bruise and bang a person up. Well, a normal person, that is. But this boy was not quite normal. He grunted and sat up slowly, blinking a few times as he glanced up at the headlights.

It took a moment for his dazed brain to register what had happened— and that the driver was now kneeling next to him with their hand outstretched. Probably the former. He glanced down at his hands, flexing his fingers, as if to make sure they all worked properly. He flexed the cybernetic one first, then the one made of true flesh. If there are any typos or gaffes, it's because I'm in bed and half asleep XD As for platonic or romantic— I vote we let their relationship flow naturally and see wherever their dynamic takes us.

But I do think these two are gonna make a great duo and get along splendidly ;. Luca blinked a few times in confusion, trying to process this strange encounter. His nerves were still buzzing under his skin, and he was near uncomfortable with how unphased the boy in front of him was.

Maybe he was in shock? People who've just undergone stressful situations sometimes refuse to acknowledge that anything has happened for a time.

He remembered reading that somewhere, probably in class. He looked relatively young, probably around Luca's age. What was he doing all the way out here? He was a mess, too; had he run away from home? Upon the display of the stranger's hands, Luca's eyes widened. Luca's relationship status is single. Check all background information that MyLife has gathered. Check Full Reputation Profile to see possible family members, friends, co-workers, and associates found from multiple government records, social and public sources.

Check Full Reputation Profile to see possibly who they are and full class lists found from school records and public sources. Post or read reviews for Luca Baxter below. Reviews help people learn more about others, just like Yelp does for businesses, and does affect the Reputation Score. Refine Search. Court Records Found! Check Background. Trusted Connections, Since Not the right Luca? View More. Add Rating Anonymously. Reputation Score Range 1.

View Actual Score. This is me - Control Profile? Are you Luca Baxter? This is me - Control Profile. This section can be locked, requiring permission to view.

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