alc military meaning of alcon
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Alc military meaning of alcon kaiser permanente pasadena corporate office

Alc military meaning of alcon

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Or was it the track of one of those aetherical creatures born out of pure fire who, diving like a f alcon , plunged from the Sun's sphere to those nesting below? While the rest of the progress fanned out to explore, Tallia dismounted, and he followed her into the ruins where she exclaimed over the carvings on the stone: spirals, f alcon s, people with human bodies and animal heads. People mingled on the wraparound verandah and on most of the b alcon ies, some dancing, some talking, and others pressed close to one another.

Then he leapt to the second-story b alcon y above them and hurried along the banisters until he found Joie's room. Nadreck stayed upon or near Onlo, to work in its frightful environment against the monsters to whom he was biologically so closely allied, while the Tellurian went on to try conclusions with Alcon , the Tyrant of Thrale. Toggle nav Word finder Word definitions alcon. Find the word definition Enter the word Find. Alcon computer virus Alcon , or RSY which is more or less as commonly used of a name as Alcon , is a computer virus that was discovered to be spreading in Europe in Alcon classical history The name Alcon or Alco can refer to a number of people from classical myth and history: Alcon, a son of Hippocoon, and one of the hunters of the Calydonian Boar.

He was killed, together with his father and brothers, by Heracles, and had a heroon at Sparta. Alcon, a son of Erechtheus, king of Athens, and father of Phalerus the Argonaut. Gaius Valerius Flaccus represents him as such a skillful archer that once, when a serpent had entwined his son, he shot the serpent without hurting his child.

Virgil mentions an Alcon, whom Servius calls a Cretan, and of whom he relates almost the same story as that which Valerius Flaccus ascribes to Alcon, the son of Erechtheus. ACBP advanced concepts base program. ACBT air combat training. ACC 1 Army correspondence course, 2 air control center, 3 area control center, 4 artillery control console, 5 accumulator, 6 aft cargo carrier, 7 access control center, 8 [USAF] Air Combat Command created 1 June by merging TAC and SAC , 9 air component commander, 10 airlift coordination center, 11 airspace control center, 12 accumulator, 13 Army command center, 14 Army Communications Command, 15 area control computer, 16 Army component commanders, 17 architecture control committee, 18 accelerated case closure, 19 approval cause code, 20 architecture coordination council , 21 [JP ] area coordination center.

ACCAT advanced command and control architectural testbed. ACCEL automated circuit card etching layout. ACD 1 automatic call distributor, 2 automated call distribution, 3 airlift communications division, 4 assistant command director, 5 administrative commitment document, 6 administrative control desk. ACDI asynchronous communications device interface.

ACEE aircraft energy efficiency. ACEF Ada compiler evaluation facility. ACEWS 1 automated computer-assisted electronic warfare system, 2 automatic communications electronic warfare system.

ACF 1 advanced communications function, 2 alternate communications facility, 3 area computing facilities, 4 alternate command facility, 5 Asynchronous Communications Facility Honeywell , 6 access control field, 7 acquisition career field, 8 air combat fighter, 9 acceptance check flight, 10 [JP ] air contingency force, 11 [AR ] area confinement facility, 12 [AR ] Army Club Fund.

ACFD applied computational fluid dynamic. ACFG automatic continuous function generation. ACFP advanced computer flight plan. ACFT aircraft. ACG [AR ] area coordination group. ACH 1 attempts per circuit hour, 2 automated clearing house.

ACI 1 air combat intelligence, 2 automatic card identification, 3 air combat intercept, 4 alarm control interface tech control , 5 allocated configuration identification, 6 automated carrier interface MTMC , 7 advanced chip interconnection, 8 analytic condition inspection, 9 [JP ] assign call inhibit. ACIAS automated calibration interval analysis system. ACID automatic classification and interpretation of data. ACINT acoustic intelligence. ACIU advanced central interface unit.

ACK 1 acknowledge character, 2 positive acknowledgment. ACL 1 application control language, 2 Association for Computational Linguistics, 3 Atlas commercial language, 4 all critical learning, 5 access control list [Lotus], 6 Ada Command Language, 7 allowable cabin load, 8 acquisition career level, 9 [FM] allowable combat load, 10 [AR ] allowable cargo load, 11 [AR ] authorized consumption list.

ACLS 1 air cushion landing system, 2 automatic carrier landing system. ACM 1 additional crew member, 2 audio compression manager [Microsoft], 3 Advanced Cruise Missile,AGM, 4 air combat maneuver, 5 Association for Computing Machinery, 6 air combat maneuvering, 7 auxiliary crew member, 8 automated communications monitor, 9 advanced concept manager, 10 allowable cost model, 11 authorized controlled material, 12 automated contract manager , 13 [FM] airspace control measures, 14 [AR ] area club management, 15 [AR ] Americal Campaign Medal.

ACMA 1 acquisition career management advocate, 2 advanced concept manager. ACME advanced computer for medical research. ACMR 1 air combat maneuvering range, 2 annual cost monitoring report. ACN 1 action control number, 2 advance change notice, 3 aircraft classification number, 4 accounting control number, 5 administrative change notice, 6 [JP ] assign commercial network. ACO 1 administrative contracting officer, 2 airspace control order, 3 airspace coordination order, 4 associate contracting officer.

ACofS assistant chief of staff. ACOM 1 automatic coding system, 2 automated centralized operations and maintenance centers, 3 Atlantic Command. ACOR assistant contracting officer's representative.

ACP 1 auxiliary communication package, 2 Army Cost Program, 3 air control point, 4 aerospace computer program, 5 automated communications processor see C S P , 6 airspace control plan, 7 allied communication publication, 8 airspace control plan, 9 airborne command post, 10 airlift command post, 11 alternate command post, 12 Army Capabilities Plan, 13 ancillary control program, 14 auxillary control process, 15 allied communications procedures, 16 Army classified program, 17 automatic communications processor, 18 Army cost position, 19 [JP ] assign common pool.

ACPI advanced configuration power interface. ACQ acquisition core courses. ACQN acquisition. ACR 1 armored cavalry regiment, 2 aircraft control room, 3 airfield control radar, 4 antenna coupling regulator, 5 automatic compression regulator, 6 air control radar, 7 attenuation to crosstalk loss ratio, 8 advanced concepts and requirements, 9 ammunition consumption rate, 10 authorization change request, 11 [JP ] assign channel reassignment, 12 [AR ] ammunition condition report.

ACRES airborne communications relay station. ACRL accessorial cost. ACRN accounting classification reference number. ACRS accelerated cost recovery system. ACRV armored command and reconnaissance vehicle.

ACS 1 accumulator switch, 2 alternating current synchronous, 3 attitude control system, 4 automatic checkout system, 5 automated communications set, 6 auxillary cooling system, 7 auxilliary core storage, 8 [USN] auxiliary crane ship, 9 air commando squadron, 10 Ada compilation system, 11 afloat correlation system, 12 air control system, 13 airborne control system, 14 asset control system, 15 Assistant Chief of Staff, 16 access control system, 17 advanced communications services, 18 asynchronous communications server, 19 access, 20 access control set, 21 acquisition and command support, 22 automated cartography system, 23 Army Community Service, 24 automated conversion system, 25 [JP ] airspace control system, 26 [JP ACSAG advanced composite supportability advisory group.

ACSC 1 association control service element, 2 armament cooperation steering committees. ACSE association control service element. ACSL advanced continuous simulation language. ACSM 1 advanced conventional stand-off missile, 2 advanced composite supportability managers.

ACSN advance change study notice. ACSQ airborne communications squadron. ACSR aluminum conductor steel reinforced. ACST access time. ACT 1 advanced communications terminal, 2 analysis and control team, 3 armored cavalry trainer, 4 air control team, 5 algebraic compiler and translator, 6 automatic code translation, 7 armored cavalry troop, 8 active control technology, 9 Automated Circuit Test System, 10 area capability training, 11 acoustic charge, 12 advanced communications technology satellite NASA , 13 transport DARPA , 14 aerial combat tactics, 15 air cargo terminal, 16 air combat tactics, 17 automated control of trainees, 18 acquisition coordination team, 19 [TTPIO-ABCS] analysis control team, 20 [JP ] activity, 21 [AR ] American College Test.

ACTD advanced concepts technology demonstration. ACTO automatic computing transfer oscillator. ACTT advanced communication and timekeeping technology [Seiko]. ACU 1 address control set, 2 arithmetic and control unit, 3 automatic calling unit, 4 access control unit, 5 assault craft unit USN , 6 avionics control unit.

ACUI automatic calling unit interface. ACV 1 armored command vehicle, 2 air cushion vehicle, 3 auxiliary aircraft carriers [later renamed CVE ]. ACVC Army commercial vehicle code. ACW 1 air control wing, 2 aircraft control and warning, 3 alternating continuous waves, 4 anti-carrier warfare USN.

ACWP actual cost of work performed. ACWS aircraft control and warning squadron. ACX advanced combat experimental. ADA 1 air defense artillery, 2 airborne data automation, 3 automatic data acquisition, 4 aerial delivery adapter, 5 air defense aircraft, 6 air defense area, 7 action data automation, 8 advanced delivery alert, 9 [AR ] advisory area. ADACP air defense artillery command post. ADACS airborne digital automatic collection system. ADADO assistant division air defense officer.

ADAF air defense alert facility. ADAPS 1 automatic display and plotting system, 2 automatic data acquisition and processing. ADAT automatic data accumulator and transfer. ADatP [AR ] allied data processing publication. ADC 1 air data computer, 2 airborne digital computer, 3 analog-to-digital converter, 4 automatic data collection, 5 architecture design contractor, 6 AUTODIN display console, 7 adaptive data, 8 add with carry, 9 Aerospace Defense Command, 10 agreement on defense cooperation, 11 [Hayes] automated data collection compression [protocol], 12 actual direct cost, 13 applied direct cost, 14 [FM] area damage control, 15 [FM] assistant division commander.

ADCAP advanced capabilities. ADCCP advanced data communications control procedure s. ADDAR automatic digital acquisition and recording. ADDAS automatic data assembly system. ADDDS automatic direct distance dialing system. ADDER algorithm, description, development, evaluation and refinement. ADDO assistant deputy director for operations. ADDR address register. ADE 1 automated design engineering, 2 assistant division engineer, 3 air defense emergency, 4 application development environment, 5 authorized data element, 6 [JP ] assign digit editing.

ADEN armament development enfield. ADEPT analysis-based data exchange for publications and training. ADEW airborne directed energy weapons. ADEX air defense exercise. ADF 1 automatic direction finder, 2 airborne direction finder, 3 automatically defined function, 4 automatic direction finding, 5 automatic document feeder.

ADG 1 automated data generation, 2 aircraft delivery group, 3 [AR ] advance development group. ADGE air defense ground environment. ADIOS automatic digital input-output system. ADIS 1 air defense integrated system, 2 Association for the Development of Instructional Systems, 3 automatic data interchange system, 4 acquisition and due-in system. ADIT analog-digital integration translator.

ADIZ air defense identification zone. ADLAT adaptive lattice filter. ADLO air defense liaison officer. ADM 1 acquisition decision memorandum, 2 atomic demolition munitions, 3 advanced development model, 4 activity data method, 5 admiral, 6 air-launched decoy missile, 7 advanced demonstration model, 8 administrative surcharge, 9 aggregate data manager.

ADM Quail. ADMD administrative management domain [X. ADMN administrative data. ADMP adjusted month program. ADNET anti-drug network. ADO 1 Army Digitization Office, 2 advanced development objective, 3 Army distribution objective, 4 automated delivery order. ADOA air defense operations area. ADPC automatic data processing center.

ADPCM adaptive differential pulse code modulation. ADPE 1 automated data processing equipment, 2 auxiliary data processing equipment, 3 automatic data processing equipment. ADPF automatic data processing facility. ADPLO automatic data processing liaison officer. ADPMP automated data processing master plan.

ADPR automatic data processing resources. ADPSO automatic data processing selection office. ADR 1 airborne data relay [UAV payload], 2 aircraft direction room, 3 address, 4 accident data recorder, 5 airbase damage repair, 6 automatic data relay, 7 accelerated delivery request, 8 aircraft damage repair, 9 alternative dispute resolution, 10 applied data research, 11 [JP ] armament delivery recording.

ADRAC automatic digital recording and control. ADRS analog-to-digital data recording system. ADRT analog data recorder transcriber. ADSAM air-directed surface-to-air missile. AdSAMS advanced surface-to-air missile system. ADSAS air-derived separation assurance system.

ADSC 1 automatic data service center, 2 automatic digital switching center, 3 address status changed, 4 automated data source collection, 5 Adobe document structuring conventions, 6 active duty service commitment. ADSL 1 authorized depot stockage list, 2 asymmetric digital subscriber line. ADSLt asymmetric digital subscriber line technology.

ADSN accounting and disbursing station number. ADSR attack, decay, sustain, release. ADST advanced distributed simulation technology. ADSU air data sensor unit. ADSUP automated data systems uniform practices. ADSW 1 anti diesel submarine warfare, 2 active duty for special work.

ADT 1 airborne data terminal, 2 active duty for training, 3 automatic data translator, 4 application data types, 5 advanced display terminal, 6 alphanumeric display terminal, 7 Atlantic Daylight Time, 8 automatic data transmission, 9 automatic detection and tracking, 10 [JP ] automatic digital tester, 11 [JP ] assign digital transmission group, 12 [AR ] atomic damage template.

ADT 3 air defense tactical training theater. ADTAC air defense tactical air command. ADTL Armywide doctrinal and training literature. ADTU auxiliary data transfer unit. ADU 1 automatic dialing unit, 2 accumulation and distribution unit, 3 air data unit, 4 auxiliary display unit, 5 asynchronous data unit. ADVON 1 advanced cadre, 2 advanced echelon. ADW 1 air defense warning, 2 area denial weapon. ADWC air division warning center. ADWS automated digital weather switch.

AE 1 acoustic emission, 2 aeroelectronic, 3 air escape, 4 airborne electronics, 5 application engineer, 6 arithmetic element, 7 arithmetic expression, 8 [USN] ammunition ship, 9 aeromedical evacuation, 10 assault echelon, 11 above or equal, 12 abbreviate evaluate, 13 acquisition executive, 14 apportioned effort, 15 [JP ] attenuation equalizer, 16 [AR ] architectural engineering. AEAO airborne emergency action officer. AEB 1 aerial exploitation battalion [Army], 2 auxiliary equipment building, 3 aircrew evaluation board, 4 analog expansion bus [Dialogic], 5 area exploration battalion.

AECC aeromedical evacuation control center. AECE aeromedical evacuation control element. AECM 1 active electronic countermeasures, 2 aeromedical evacuation crew member.

AECS 1 advanced entry control system, 2 advanced environmental control system. AECU advanced electronic control unit. AEDO aeronautical engineering duty officer Navy.

AEDS atomic energy detection system. AEE airborne evaluation equipment. AEG 1 active element group, 2 aeromedical evacuation group. AEI average efficiency index. AEL 1 allowance equipage list, 2 [AR ] authorized equipment listing. AELT aeromedical evacuation liaison team. AEMR acquisition executive management report. AEOO aeromedical evacuation operations officers. AEP 1 annual execution plan, 2 allied engineering publication NATO , 3 affirmative employment programs, 4 accrued expense paid.

AES 1 aeromedical evacuation squadron, 2 application environment services, 3 application environment specification, 4 Acquisition Executive Service, 5 Army experimentation site. AESO 1 advanced engineering supplemental order , 2 Army experimentation site officer.

AESOP 1 an evolutionary system for on-line processing, 2 airborne electro-optical special operations payload. AET Army extension training. AEtP [AR ] allied electronics publication. AETP allied electronic publication. AEU 1 airborne electronics unit, 2 accrued expense unpaid, 3 [JP ] assign essential user bypass. AEW 1 asset evaluation worksheet, 2 airborne early warning. AEWTU airborne early warning training unit.

AF 1 [U. AF-RF audio frequency-radio frequency. AFAMS automated flying and maintenance scheduling. AFAO approved force acquisition objective.

AFAS 1 advanced field artillery system, 2 automated fuels accounting system. AFC 1 area frequency coordinator, 2 automatic frequency control, 3 automatic font change, 4 Air Force Council.

AFCAS automatic flight control augmentation system. AFD 1 automatic file distribution, 2 axial flux density [difference], 3 advanced fullscreen debug, 4 abbreviated functional description, 5 automated file designator, 6 [JP ] assign fixed directory. AFDB large auxiliary floating dry dock. AFDL small auxiliary floating dry dock. AFDM medium auxiliary floating dry dock. AFDO award fee determining official. AFE alternate fighter engine. AFGS automatic flight guidance system.

AFHC Army family housing and construction. AFHO Army family housing operation and maintenance. AFIRM automated fingerprint image reporting and match. AFLAS aviation fuels logistical area summary. AFMR antiferromagnetic resonance. AFMWG acquisition and financial management working group. AFO accounting and finance offices.

AFOE assault follow-on echelon. AFPA automatic flow process analysis. AFRB award fee review board. AFS 1 Air Force specialty, 2 audio frequency shift, 3 combat store ship, 4 [USN] fleet stores ship, 5 Air Force station, 6 Andrew file system protocols , 7 automatic flight system, 8 active federal service, 9 [JP ] aeronautical fixed service.

AFSE automated fire support element. AFSK automatic frequency shift keying. AFSOS automated food service operations system. AFT alert fire team.

AFTI 1 advanced fighter technology integration, 2 automated interchange of technical information. AFV 1 airborne fighting vehicle, 2 armored fighting vehicle, 3 awaiting fix verification. AFVE annual fuel utilization efficiency. AGACS automatic ground-to-air communications. AGADS advanced graphics avionics display system. AGC automatic gain control. AGCA automatic ground-controlled approach. AGCL automatic ground-controlled landing.

AGE 1 auxiliary ground equipment, 2 aerospace ground [support] equipment, 3 aircraft ground equipment. AGE-P aerospace ground equipment powered. AGILE autonetics general information learning equipment.

AGL above ground level. AGM 1 [USN] missile range instrumentation ship, 2 missile range instrumentation ship, 3 air-to-ground missile. AGMS air to ground missile system. AGO administrative grant officer. AGOR oceanographic research ship.

AGP advanced graphics port [Intel]. AGR [JP AGRAS 1 antiglare, 2 antireflective, 3 antistatic. AGT 1 above ground test, 2 advanced gun technology. AGU address-generation unit. AGVT advanced ground vehicle technology Army. AGW allowable gross weight. AGZ actual ground zero.

AH 1 ampere-hour, 2 available hours, 3 [USN] hospital ship, 4 Avalon Hill major wargame manufacturer , 5 alternate headquarters, 6 attack helicopter, 7 [AR ] airfield heliport.

AH-1J Sea Cobra. AHA Apache Helicopter. AHC 1 aircraft handling characteristics, 2 [AR ] assault helicopter company. AHD [AR ] arrowhead. AHE automated history entry. AHEP atmospheric electrical hazards protection.

AHF adaptive high frequency. AHHQ alternate hardened headquarters. AHM ampere-hour meter. AHMCM anti-helicopter mine countermeasure. AHQ air headquarters. AHR acceptable hazard rate. AHRS altitude and heading reference system. AHSR air-height surveillance radar. AHWG ad hoc working group. Ai Inherent Availability. AI 1 airborne intercept, 2 Army intelligence, 3 artificial intelligence, 4 air interdiction, 5 automatic input, 6 analog input, 7 air interception, 8 assistant instructor, 9 automatic identification, 10 [JP ] airborne interceptor, 11 [AR ] assignment instructions.

AIAAM advanced intercept air-to-air missile. AIAS airborne integrated antenna system. AIASA annual integrated assessment of security assistance. AIB accident investigation board. AICBM anti-intercontinental ballistic missile. AICC airborne intercept command control. AIDE automated integrated design engineering. AIE 1 Ada integrated environment, 2 acceptance inspection equipment. AIFF 1 audio interchange file format, 2 advanced identification friend or foe.

AIG 1 address indicator group, 2 [AR ] address indicating group. AIK aid in kind. AIL airborne instruments laboratories. AILAS automatic instrument landing approach system. AILS automatic instrument landing system. AIMCR alternative internal management control review. AIMD 1 avionics integrated maintenance department, 2 aviation intermediate maintenance department. AIR 1 aerosport information report, 2 air intercept rocket, 3 air inflatable retarder bomb deceleration , 4 air intercept radar, 5 armament integration review.

AIR-2 Genie. AIRS 1 automatic image retrieval system, 2 automatic information retrieval system, 3 AMDF Integration and Retrieval System, 4 advanced inertial reference sphere, 5 advanced infrared imaging seeker, 6 airborne integrated reconnaissance system, 7 [AR ] Aircraft Inventory Reporting System. AISS airborne information systems squadron.

AIST 1 automatic informational station, 2 air intelligence support team. AITS adopted information technology standard. AJ 1 anitjamm ing , 2 assembly jig, 3 administrative judge, 4 [FM] Azerbaijan. AJAC automatic jamming avoidance circuitry. AJCC alternate joint communications center. AJCON automated job control. AJP advanced joint planning. AJUA airport joint use agreement. AKDC automatic key distribution center. AKV aircraft ferry [often old carriers].

AL 1 Alabama, 2 air lock, 3 analytical limits, 4 assembly language, 5 AirLand, 6 acquisition logistic, 7 Armstrong Laboratory. ALACS a la carte system. ALAN aircraft landing authorization number. ALARA as low as reasonably achievable. ALAS asynchronous look-ahead simulator. ALC 1 Autodial Level Converter, 2 administrative and logistics center, 3 Army Logistic Center, 4 automatic level ing control, 5 automatic load control, 6 arithmetic and logic circuits, 7 assured logistics communications, 8 advanced land combat, 9 Air Logistics Center AFMC , 10 Air Logistics Command, 11 accounting legend code, 12 American language course, 13 aircrew laptop computer, 14 [TR] Army learning center.

ALCAM air-launched conventional attack missile. ALCC 1 air launch control center, 2 airborne launch control center, 3 airlift control center, 4 [JP ALCE airlift control element. ALCOP alternate command post. ALCP 1 area local control panel, 2 alternate command post. ALCS 1 airborne launch control system, 2 airlift control squadron, 3 augmented longitudinal control system. ALDP automatic language data processing. ALDT administrative and logistics delay time. ALE 1 annual loss expectancy, 2 Army liaison element, 3 application link enabling [SAP], 4 address latch enable, 5 annual loss estimate, 6 automated link establishment.

ALERT 1 aircraft low energy retrieval technique, 2 automated extraction and retrieval technique, 3 air logistics early requirements technique. ALF 1 air lift forces, 2 auxiliary landing field. ALFS airborne low frequency sonar. ALFT annual long-range airlift requirements. ALG [AR ] advanced landing ground. ALGM air-launched guided missile. ALH 1 active laser homing, 2 advanced light helicopter. ALI automatic logic implementation.

ALIC aircraft launcher interface computer. ALM airlift loading model. ALMAG air launched missile analysis group. ALMS analytic language manipulation system. ALN asynchronous learning network. ALNF application of limited nuclear forces. ALNOT alert notice. ALO 1 authorized level s of organization Army , 2 air liaison officer, 3 Army liaison officer, 4 at least once, 5 airlift liaison officer, 6 [FM] artillery liaison officer. ALOC 1 administrative and logistics operations center, 2 airborne visual laser optical communication, 3 air lines of communication.

ALOTS advanced lightweight optical tracking system. ALP 1 Army Long-Range Plan, 2 assembly language preprocessor, 3 allied logistics publication, 4 assembly language program, 5 approval for limited production Navy , 6 [AR ] ambulance loading post. ALPS 1 associated logic parallel system, 2 automated library processing system, 3 automated logistics planning system, 4 Advanced Linear Programming System Burroughs , 5 aggregate level simulation protocol, 6 automated logistic publishing systems.

ALRAD airborne laser rangefinder and designator. ALRAR annual long range airlift requirements. ALRC airlift logistics readiness center. ALRE aircraft launch and recovery equipment. ALRI airborne long-range intercept. ALRP Army long-range planning.

ALRS alternate landing strip. ALS 1 advanced logistics system, 2 approach-light system, 3 Ada Language System, 4 advanced low power Schottky, 5 airlift squadron, 6 action lead sheet, 7 [AR ] air logistics service, 8 [AR ] azimuth laying set. ALT 1 alternate mode , 2 administrative lead time. ALTAC algebraic transistorized automatic computer translator. ALU 1 arithmetic logic unit, 2 airlift unit. AM 1 acquisition manager, 2 amplitude modulation [modulated], 3 auxillary memory, 4 ante meridian [before noon], 5 asynchronous mode, 6 air manifest, 7 air movement message, 8 amplitude modulated, 9 active matrix, 10 acquisition management office, 11 armament and munition, 12 asset management, 13 [AR ] Air Medal.

AM-CW amplitude modulated continuous wave. AM 3 affordable mullet missile manufacturing. AMA 1 automatic memory allocation, 2 automatic message accounting, 3 area management activity, 4 [JP ] American Medical Association, 5 [AR ] air materiel area.

AMARC aerospace maintenance and regeneration center. AMB 1 aviation maintenance battalion, 2 Airways Modernization Board, 3 aircraft maintenance branch, 4 ambulatory, 5 [FM] air mission brief, 6 [FM] air mobility breach, 7 [JP ] ambassador. AMBIT algebraic manipulation by identity translation. AMCAQ acquisition and contracting.

AMCC ashore mobile contingency communications. AMCD 4 advanced medical diagnostics communications for combat casualty. AMCM 1 airborne mine countermeasure, 2 advance mission cost models.

AMDP aircraft maintenance delayed for parts. AME 1 amplitude modulation equivalent, 2 airspace management element Army , 3 auxiliary mission equipment, 4 alternate mission equipment, 5 [JP ] air mobility element, 6 [JP ] antenna mounted electronics, 7 [AR ] aeromedical evacuation. AMEDP allied medical publication. AMES automatic message entry system. AMEWS automated mobile electronic warfare system.

AMFB acquisition management functional board. AMG 1 Ada management group, 2 architecture management group. AMH 1 automated message handler, 2 automated message handling. AMHA Army management headquarters activities. AMHS automated message handling system. AMIC aircraft mishap investigation course.

AML area medical laboratory. AMME 1 Army multi-message exchange, 2 automated multi-media exchange. AMMH annual maintenance man-hours.

AMMO ammunition catalog. AMMT advanced minehunting and mapping technology. AMNIP adaptive man-machine nonarithmetical information processing. AMO 1 air movement designator, 2 automation management office, 3 [AR ] aviation medical officer. AMOC aircraft maintenance officer course. AMOP amplitude modulation on pulse.

AMP 1 Army Modernization Plan, 2 Army Materiel Plan, 3 associative memory processor, 4 automated data processing system master plan, 5 amplification message, 6 automated mission planning, 7 aviation modernization plan, 8 Avionics Modernization Program USAF , 9 Army Mobilization Plan, 10 asymmetric multi-processing, 11 adjusted month program, 12 average month program, 13 [JP ] amplifier, 14 [AR ] allied mining and mine countermeasures publication.

AMPE 1 automated message processing equipment, 2 automated message processing exchange. AMPH amphibious. AMPLG amplidyne generator. AMQP aircraft maintenance qualification program. AMR 1 automated management reports, 2 automatic message registering, 3 Army management review, 4 absolute maximum rating, 5 [AR ] Atlantic Missile Range.

AMSDL 1 acquisition management system s data list, 2 acquisition management source data list. AMSDS automated management supporting data system. AMSL above mean sea level. AMSOE automated mobility schedule of events. AMSSA assured mission support space architecture. AMTBF attack management testbed facility. AMTFT actine matrix thin film transistor.

AMTI 1 airborne moving target indicator, 2 area moving target indicator. AMTP Army mission training plan. AMU 1 aircraft maintenance unit, 2 antenna matching unit, 3 atomic mass unit, 4 auxiliary memory unit. AMV armored maintenance vehicle.

AMW 1 air mobility wing, 2 [JP ] amphibious warfare. AMWG architecture methodology working group. AMX 1 air mobility express, 2 automatic message exchange. ANDF architecture-neutral distribution format. ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal. ANE aeronautical and navigational electronics. ANFE aircraft not fully equipped. ANI automatic number identification. ANL automatic noise limiter. ANLOR angle order.

ANMCS anticipated not mission capable supply. ANO 1 alphanumeric output, 2 air navigation order, 3 [AR ] above named officer. ANOVA analysis of variance. ANP allied navigation publication. ANRI automatic net radio interfacing. ANTC 1 antichaff circuit, 2 advanced network test center.

ANWC alternate national warning center. ANWD alpha numeric wall display. Ao 1 operational availability, 2 availability. AOA 1 angle of attack, 2 airborne optical adjunct, 3 amphibious objective area USN , 4 angle of arrival, 5 abbreviated operational assessment, 6 [TR ] Army operational architecture.

AOB 1 air order of battle, 2 advanced operations base, 3 alternate operating base, 4 annual operating budget, 5 [JP ] aviation operations branch, 6 [AR ] approved operating budget. AOC 1 area of concentration, 2 Army operations center, 3 automatic overload control, 4 Army Occupational Code, 5 advanced operational capability, 6 adaptive optical camouflage, 7 air operations center USAF , 8 airlift operations center, 9 area operations center, 10 Association of Old Crows, 11 assumption of control message , 12 aviation officer cadet.

AOCE Apple open collaboration environment. AOCI accredited off campus instruction. AOCM advanced optical countermeasures. AOCP aircraft out-of-commission for parts.

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Parts of speech for Alcon noun. Full grammatical hierarchy of Alcon. Most Europeans know this English word. All definitions of alcon alcon pronunciation. Words starting with a Words starting with al Words starting with alc Words starting with alco Words starting with alcon Words ending with n Words ending with on Words ending with con Words ending with lcon Words containing the letters a Words containing the letters a,l Words containing the letters a,l,c Words containing the letters a,l,c,o Words containing the letters a,l,c,o,n Words containing a Words containing al Words containing alc Words containing alco Words containing alcon.

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