juniper networks acquires contrail systems
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Juniper networks acquires contrail systems alcon dailies toric contact lenses

Juniper networks acquires contrail systems

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San Francisco, California, United States. Mykonos Software, Inc. Its Web Intrusion Prevention System uses deception to detect, track, profile and prevent hackers in real-time. Unlike signature-based approaches, Mykonos Software is the first technology that inserts detection points to proactively identify attackers before they do damage -- with virtually no false positives.

Mykonos goes beyond the IP address to track the individual attacker, profile their behavior and deploy counter measures. Leeds, United Kingdom. Webscreen Systems Ltd. Multichannel News. Retrieved April 20, Network World. Retrieved December 20, Electronic Engineering Times. Network Computing. Retrieved April 23, Retrieved December 22, November 15, Thomson Financial. Retrieved January 29, Business Wire.

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