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Chai breaks, long walks around the campus, whatever. I spent about 45 hours a week, usually working from 8 AM to 6 PM and checking emails here and there in the evenings just to look like I was busy. Should you work at Accenture? If not, you still can but it might be out of your comfort zone. Let me know your feedback and thoughts in the comments, if you quit, are still there or debating. Sanjay Manaktala worked in IT for ten years and now does stand up comedy and digital content creation.

Why do schools enroll kids like cattle, or why do planes carry people like cattle? Kids go to school for a completely different reasons. Aeroplane rides have a beginning and end. Sorry, but your analogy sucks real bad. The story above describes an individual with nothing to live for but himself.

Someone absolutely not tied down. Someone who, in fact, could be run over by a bus tomorrow and not be missed. Because his wife was in hospital having their first baby. The company becomes God while their reason for being goes down the tubes.

Companies like that end up owning your soul. Then your partner decides that enough is enough, and you find that all those hours you worked for fun are no longer optional. And you are still broke. Couldnt agree more, Accenture has shaped out to be an oversized glorified version of Indian offshore IT majors in with select few talented people carrying the burden of remainder of the firm.

Think about that for a moment, and worst of all, the other burdensome win all promotions, money, etc while the hardworking get blamed for putting in hard work and earning all brickbats.

Skip to content standup sanjaycomedy. September 30, October 1, Sanjay Manaktala 5 Comments. I started working at Accenture in Share this: Twitter Facebook. That, incidently, is not a negative comment. It took a guy boasting that he had worked from 8am to 1am for me to see the light. Recently Viewed Jobs. Access Application. Work at the heart of change. Discover stories of change from A to Z. View Transcript. Measuring our success by the value we deliver in all directions.

Explore Accenture jobs. Entry-Level Professionals Bring your talents to the forefront of business and technology and go as far as your ambition takes you. Executive Leaders Unlock a world of opportunities to make real, long-lasting, impactful change happen. Accenture Alumni Reconnect with us and harness your breadth of knowledge to reimagine the way we transform organizations. Get ready to start your journey. Learn about our hiring process and more.

Creating a powerful force for change. Setting a new performance frontier: Total Enterprise Reinvention Centered around a strong digital core, it requires new skills and deeper technology acumen, change management and communication. Meet our people. Accenture change in action. A digital strategy for the future comes home.

When you see value in every direction, you add lasting value in every direction. See how. Stay connected. Join Our Team Search open positions that match your skills and interest.

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Headquarters at 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin. Traded as. Professional services Information technology Consulting. Operating income. Net income. Retrieved 27 September Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 12 January Retrieved 17 July Archived from the original on 21 January Archived from the original on 27 September — via Bloomberg.

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Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 12 May Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 6 May The Economic Times. Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 24 January Analytics India Magazine. Australian Defence Magazine. Retrieved 17 December Information Age. Retrieved 2 February Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 2 October The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 6 June Now he wants to kill it". Fast Company. Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 8 April Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 5 July What happens next is up to CEOs and other leaders who are making decisions about work experiences.

Our research surveyed CEOs around the globe and revealed that leaders believe that the pandemic has showed a need to do things differently from an organizational and people perspective, but they are not ready to change. Workers who do not feel they can be productive, healthy or happy in any work location are 7. In contrast, workers enabled to perform their work anywhere are 2. Omni-connected means creating value for people and the business by building a work environment in which people have the trust and technology needed to forge human connections with colleagues, managers and the company.

Workers who benefit from omni-connected experiences create personal and business value, and they also grow their careers because they are more resilient, creative and productive. Productive anywhere workers are more likely to stay with their employer. Omni-connection is key. The future of work is evolving every day. Where businesses go next depends on the choices made now. Approaches that have worked in the past are based on outdated concepts about people and business.

Leaders must reimagine a new model that centers on people and how, where and why they work. Business leaders can begin to change the current trajectory and shape a future of work that benefits both workers and the business. These questions are a good place to start:.

Purpose has been used to attract new talent, not to help existing workers feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. Leaders can make purpose part of culture by embedding it in many interactions, during recruitment and career development. Supportive leadership, organizational agility and work autonomy have increased, but they are not equitably distributed among the workforce. When leaders shed command-and-control models and lead with intent, they give people autonomy to choose their own path to get business done.

Better work experiences rely on omni-connected cultures, where people are connected and feel they belong, regardless of physical location. Digital skills have decreased, especially among key workforce groups.

To build digital fluency and contribute to innovation and better customer experiences, people need ongoing training and digital tools need to be at the center of how people connect, work and grow. No one could have predicted or altered the course of events that have changed work as we know it. We can, however, decide how to respond and improve work for the future. Our Future of Work and research show that productivity and well-being are not contradictory, but complementary.

People need access to resources that support their fundamental human needs, and they should be able to work in a supportive environment, regardless of their physical location.

Those who will lead in the future of work will be the ones who are creating a foundation for healthy, effective workers and organizations that not only survive, but thrive in times of change. An additional survey was fielded with CEOs across the same geographies and industries. Worker-experienced drivers of onsite and remote productivity and key work resources were measured again following a Spring survey, for year-over-year comparison.

Christie Smith. Optimizing the resources that ensure a healthy and productive workforce, regardless of physical location, will produce bottom-line benefits.